Nightmare Fuel

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  1. I have an addiction. Not a physical one, but something I love to do... sometimes, without even knowing that I'm doing it.

    I love to scare myself.

    My imagination runs wild in the darkness, to where I find myself too frightened to open my eyes (for fear that something might be staring back), but too afraid to close them (and be unknowing to what might happen).

    A while ago, I went searching the internet for bits and pieces of whateverdom to frighten myself... and though I've found a few gems, nothing that sparked my imagination.

    What of you, Iwaku? What frightens you?

    (Note: 'Your Mom', 'Your Face', etc. are not proper answers, Darkness.)
  2. Good 'cause I was gonna say vaginas scare you, homo. >:(

    Personally though, I don't see the point of scaring yourself and all that stuff, don't even like horror movies because they're all the same to me.

    But I think you'll love some of these links.

    And uh, I've got nothing else, you can check 4chan's /x/ and ask for creepypasta if you're feeling like it though.
  3. Lucius patted Melody's head.
  4. "Lyra got bigger."