Nightmare Fuel

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  1. I have an addiction. Not a physical one, but something I love to do... sometimes, without even knowing that I'm doing it.

    I love to scare myself.

    My imagination runs wild in the darkness, to where I find myself too frightened to open my eyes (for fear that something might be staring back), but too afraid to close them (and be unknowing to what might happen).

    A while ago, I went searching the internet for bits and pieces of whateverdom to frighten myself... and though I've found a few gems, nothing that sparked my imagination.

    What of you, Iwaku? What frightens you?

    (Note: 'Your Mom', 'Your Face', etc. are not proper answers, Darkness.)
  2. Maine
    "Holy crap that God you're still alive," Maine said, panting a bit from his sprint. Lucien barely looked fazed considering the fact that he was just covered in some crimson goo. Like always he was still smoking cigarettes with a smile. Maine couldn't help but smile as well that is until he asked about Alkura. "Um.... I actually don't know to be honest. I haven't heard from her since training. Maybe the others have seen her," he replied, hoping that his answer did scare Lucien. He knew that Lucien was very sensitive when it came to Alkura, willing to risk anything for her safety, so anything could happen if he didn't know where she was. He did his best to downplay the situation even though he didn't have all the facts.

    Maine quickly tried to change subject. "So how are you doing? You look like you're holding up well," he asked as Maine began to walk back in the direction he had come from. Walking slowly, he noticed the carnage left behind after the attack. Bodies were strewn everywhere in various states of deaths. Even during his times on the frontlines, he never saw so much carnage. What happened here?
  3. I'm actually not a big fan of scaring myself. o____o Not a feeling a like! So I avoid looking at or watching anything that I know will really give me nightmares.

    I am afraid of supernatural things. Ghosts, demons, etc. x__x I know the likelihood of getting hurt by any of those things is slim to none, but if it DID happen... How do you FIGHT something like that! Can't kill what's already dead. I'm just a human. c_c

    The thought of a zombie apocalypse is pretty scary too.

    Actually, death itself really scares me too. .__.; I get queasy and uncomfortable when I think seriously about it.
  4. [​IMG]

    All those headless mannequins killing hapless teenagers then fighting over their heads...