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  1. Grace Horton had a very punctual alarm clock built into her brain. It served her very well whenever she fell asleep after her little... excursions. She always woke up just in time to go home and have hot food on the table by the time her husband arrives; she was a good wife, excursions aside. Doesn't everyone need a hobby?
    This time she was especially glad to wake up. She had been having a nightmare so awful that her mind refused to remember any details, and that must have been for the better. Nice to be back in the safe real world, even if someone's toast was burning really, really badly - by god, it smelled like burning tires, or something. Gah... That's probably Charles, and as fun as Charles is under the sheets, the man should never be allowed within ten feet of any kitchen appliance.
    She rolled a little to her right, and her body hit something... gruesome, in places hardened, in places sickly soft, like the rotten spot in an apple. A cloud of stench flew from it as she knocked it, the smell of open sewers mixed with that of meat gone bad and intensified a hundredfold, and her eyes immediately flew open, a gurgle escaping her throat as she tried to scream and throw up at the same time, neither quite succeeding. At that point it seemed for a moment that she would choke, and that would perhaps have been kinder. It was quite hard to escape the fact that she was in bed with a corpse that was rotten beyond recognition.
    For the time being at least it quite took her mind off the fact that she was also lying in a room that was destroyed beyond recognition. The only thing relatively unharmed was her conventionally pretty body, though now covered in soot, mildew and god-knows-what-else that stuck to her from the sheets and marred with the stream of vomit she finally managed to expel. But maybe she'd think that fitting. She had always believed in dressing for the occasion.

    Simon Chance was enjoying a well-deserved day off. The saplings he had ordered arrived this morning, and he spent the entire morning working on his garden. He opted for an afternoon nap before taking Bobby running, not a good idea, considering the dreams he had... Bobby was his dog of no particular breed, adopted from one of his friends when the dog of that friend - also of no particular breed - unexpectedly answered Nature's call to multiply. Speaking of Bobby, it was rather suspicious: the dog was never this quiet for such a long time in the daytime, except if he had been bad.
    Time to get up. He had forgotten to close the windows, and why on Earth was the mosquito-exterminating car going around in the daytime, and in autumn, anyway? He hated that smell.
    He opened his eyes and ascertained immediately that not only were the windows open, so was the ceiling. The room around him looked like it had suffered an explosion. He blinked a few times to make sure that this was what he saw when awake, but apparently it was. Was it the gas? No, he hadn't used the kitchen all day, except for making a few sandwiches for breakfast. Was it the boiler? Unlikely, the corner of the room closest to the boiler wasn't damaged any worse than the rest. Was it a deliberate attack? Possible, but he didn't hear the burglar alarm going off...
    Wait, that's just it. He didn't hear anything. His house had exploded and then probably been on fire for an extended time, and he slept right through it. Granted, not very peacefully, but shouldn't that have woken him up? Furthermore... He looked at himself. Underneath the torn mess of a T-shirt and boxer that he had been wearing to sleep, he himself was intact and in a perfect condition. Not exactly clean, but that comes with lying on the sofa, which was in horrible shape.
    How on Earth did the sofa get burnt right through his untouched body?
    Simon decided he needed more information. He staggered out into the remains of the garden through a missing chunk of wall. A thick yellow blanket of fog covered the town, making it look and smell like a particularly revolting swamp, only allowing him to make out the silhouettes of the nearby houses. Some of them looked to be in as bad of a shape as his, some seemed at a glance structurally intact. A corpse lay in the middle of the street right across his home, in a position where it would certainly be run over if there was anything left to run over it, but he doubted that. A bombing perhaps? Which he also slept through unharmed; no, that won't work. Was that a leg in his driveway? It looked like something that had been a leg once, weeks ago.
    Finally Simon came to a conclusion and announced it to the dilapidated neighbourhood.
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  2. Smoke, an all too familiar scent that brought back a few stashed away memories, these didn't mix well with the remnants of a terrible nightmare that still lingered faintly within his mind. Another sharp intake of breath, and still the overwhelming stench remained. Yes, definitely smoke, the smell of it made Keith raise up with a jolt, in the process knocking his head on an opened drawer above.

    Where the hell was he? He tried to recall how he had ended up on his kitchen floor, then it hit him.

    He had gotten a glass of water to spill down something to soothe one of his skull bashing migraines. Since he had trouble swallowing pills whole he always crushed them and mixed them up with some water. Just after he had dumped the liquid down his throat everything went black.

    Had he overdone it with the pills? He took quite a lot lately, damn those headaches.

    Just then he took notice of his surroundings. „What the..“ he huffed, taking a few steps back, not really sure he wasn't still passed out and dreaming.

    The kitchen was scorched black, pieces from the ceiling above had fallen to the ground, the walls were practically ripped open. What the hell had happened? He turned around and walked down a short hallway, which didn't look any different than the kitchen, and made his way to the front door, shocked to see what the world held in store... utter chaos, this was surely the perfect scenery for an end of the world scenario...


    Lora didn't know if her mind had finally given in to her crazy thoughts, or if the world she saw in front of her was actually real. It looked as though a tornado had swept through town, well, it actually looked much worse than that, not even counting the bodies littering the grassy field ahead.

    She had fallen asleep in the town's small park, inside a pretty little pavilion, which had collapsed all around her due to whatever had happened whilst she had gone to la la-land. No matter how hard she pushed or pulled she couldn't manage to lift the debris surrounding her. Luckily she hadn't been crushed, through some kind of miracle, but she just didn't have the strength to get out of her own private prison.

    Hello, is anyone out there? I kinda need some help...“
  3. Grace finally composed herself enough to try to take in her situation. It didn't seem better than at first sight, and she was hardly used to it, but at least she was more or less able to take three breaths without an urge to vomit, which was good because she didn't have anything left in her stomach.
    Walking outside naked wasn't a very good idea, but she couldn't stay in here, couldn't find any of her clothes - not that they were even in one piece, most likely - and she didn't care anymore. As soon as she gets home she will take the longest bath ever and she won't care how late dinner will be. And she won't care how much everyone will stare at her if she comes out looking like this. She won't care if she gets arested for indecent exposure. She just wanted out.
    Except she immediately found out that outside wasn't any better.
    Still, she didn't stop going. She wanted to go home, and hoped completely irrationally that home was still a safe place and a good place and she will never cheat anymore, she won't even leave the house anymore, she just wanted to be there.
    Unfortunately though, home was only a few blocks away. And though it wasn't entirely unrecognizable, it would have been better if it was. Because this way she knew for sure that home was gone forever. She had nothing to combat that sort of problem with, so she did the only thing she could think of.
    She sat down in the middle of the road and started to cry in huge, ugly, wailing sobs, like a little kid, her tears slowly washing clean paths on her face.

    Simon didn't bother going back into his house. He still thought of it as his house, but there was obviously nothing there. Maybe one of the ones that were in a better shape would hold something useful. Especially answers. As much as he needed clothes and something to eat - even through the increasing nausea he could tell that he was hungry, and he would need his strength if whatever did this were to come back and the need to escape were to arise -, he needed answers with a much more immediate urgency. That was also something he didn't find at home, and as bad as it felt to leave the place that was his by all rights, that bad feeling wasn't logical and wasn't helping him.
    As he went on, there were more dead bodies and some burned-out shells of vehicles. Quite a lot of both around the grocer's - just like it was a normal day and they had gone shopping when they died. Inside a sick place within himself, he chuckled. No surprise here: this is where corpses come to buy their mouldy bread and spoiled milk.
    He was probably going mad.
    The town greens had more corpses. From what he could tell by the remains of their clothes and instruments, a brass band was playing when whatever happened to the town came to pass. The pavilion had become a pile of rubble, of course, and the flower-beds didn't have any living flowers anymore, one had a crater in it instead and half of a bench was sticking out of the one opposite.
    That was when he heard the voice. It was asking for help, but that didn't register at once; more important than what it said was the fact that it was a human voice. The first living being aside from himself that he heard, saw or otherwise knew of since... well, since what? He hoped that finally he would find out. This person had to have been here when the pavilion collapsed. So he had to dig her out (her? he was pretty sure it was either a female or a young boy, from the high voice, distorted as it was through the rubble). Then they would help each other.
    "I'm here, I'll get you out. Don't move."
    Well, that was stupid, she hardly could if she wanted to. This whole thing was getting to him. But he had to make haste, in case it happens again, so he sat about dismantling the pile.
  4. The stench was even more overwhelming from outside, now it wasn't just the crisp scent of smoke hanging in the air, but also the smell of hundreds of rotting corpses lining the streets. Keith had been wandering around town for a while now, not really sure where he was going, he guessed he hoped to find another human being, someone who could tell him what the hell had happened here.

    He was now walking along the sidewalk of a street located a few blocks west from his former 'home'. The picture stayed the same here, everything destroyed, fires still burning, death everywhere. Just then he heard something, it sounded like someone was crying.

    His heartbeat quickened, immediately he broke into a run, heading towards where the sound was coming from. When he finally reached the source he stopped dead in his tracks. This was surely not what he had expected to see. A woman was sitting in the middle of the street, crying her heart out, the strangest thing though was that she wasn't wearing any clothes.

    Keith immediately averted his eyes, taking off his army jacket he held it out to the woman as he walked a little closer. „Ma'am,..?“ He didn't really know what to say, so he just waited for her to register his presence.


    Had she really just heard someone's voice? Again she wondered if her mind had finally lost it, but then the rubble around her started moving. It took some time to make a hole big enough for her to fit through, but she was so glad when she finally got out of the crashed pavilion.

    She looked up at her savior and immediately recognized the face, she just couldn't recall a name. „Thank you so much, I wasn't even sure there was anyone alive out there.“ She sighed, staring out at the surrounding town. „What happened here?“
  5. Grace was so surprised by the voice that she stopped crying. She looked up at the man - vaguely familiar, he must have been from around here somewhere, but not an acquaintance. She was suddenly very ashamed of her naked state, strangely even more so due to the fact that the man politely looked away and offered her a jacket; she wasn't one to analyze herself, but one could say his behaviour turned her back into a civilized being all at once.
    "Thank you," she said, as a civilized being does, and quickly put the jacket on to cover herself. "I was just... I had been sleeping and I couldn't find my clothes and... what's happening? Why is everyone dead? Are we going to die?"

    "I wish I knew what happened, I was hoping you would tell me. I'm Simon, Simon Chance, and you are the girl from the flower shop, right? Let's see if I remember. Lora, wasn't it?" It felt momentarily relieving to find something he was still competent about, even if that something was just an introduction. He took a deep breath of the none-too-sweet air, and looked around. It didn't change while he had been working. Whatever did this didn't come back, which was good. He felt like a witness in a murder mystery, in that he was sure he knew something - in fact they both had to, they were there (even if he was asleep when it happened), they must have some information, they just don't realize its importance until the detective solves the case, or until the murderer finds out they know too much. But now it seemed they were the only ones still living, so they had to be detectives as well as witnesses.
    "I think we both know something, we just don't know we know. Let's try to put it together. This all has to make sense somehow."
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