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  1. The sign out front read: Welcome to the Circus, don't be scared. Almost all is quiet in the circus, the wind blowing through the wind chimes that are hung outside Lucifer's tent was a sign that is was late Autumn. Ib bounded into the ringleaders tent jumping onto what seemed to be a pile of blankets. "Master" the cat said in it's calm voice that seemed almost eery "it's time to get up." The pile of blankets adjusted under Ib causing him to slide of of the mound. Lucifer sat up the blankets falling down revealing a blue haired man, he looked at the cat with his emotionless eyes simply asking "What time is it Ib?" Ib looked up at his master his ears twitched "It's nine o'clock sir, just as you requested." Lucifer nodded, when Lucifer wasn't doing shows he used his powers to hide his horns, and claws, he hoped it would help the others at the circus feel less intimidated. Lucifer climbed out of the round floating bed and walked forward his long blue hair flowed as he did. He walked over to the desk picking up a small hair tie, he used it to pull his hair up into a pony tail leaving his bangs out, it made very little difference considering the length. He walked over to his closet his hair tickling the middle of his bare back. He slowly took of the sweats pants he'd been wearing and pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans, then pulled a white v-neck over his head once he had it on he pulled his hair out from inside the shirt. "Ready for the day master?" Ib asked cocking his head to the side, Lucifer looked over at his cat Ib he walked over and lifted the gray cat up. "You know you don't have to call me that." Ib allowed his dear friend to pick him up and put him against his chest one of Lucifer's strong hands braced Ib's back the other arm wrapped around the bottom of him. "Don't touch-" Ib's words turned into purrs as Lucifer scratched just be the cats ear. Lucifer smiled at Ib softly, Ib pushed him away running out of the tent. Oh how Ib hated when Lucifer did that. Lucifer chuckled then wiped away his happiness and walked over to the desk, a few applications were sitting on it. Lucifer took a seat in the chair crossing one leg over the other as he picked the first application up.
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  2. "Eve....I really don't think that's a good idea..." Genith spoke from his perch on the bed, watching the brunette witch fiddle around an old fashioned bathtub. The thing wasn't even hooked up to a water source, just kind of sitting out in the middle of the room. "Eve...." He tried again, starting to creep back towards the pillow behind him. "You remember that you're supposed to be studying blood and healing...why're you tampering with fire again?" He asked, finally bumping into the pillow, causing him to halt. The brunette finally looked up, chalk still in hand.

    "Because." She bent back down to what she was doing. When tampering with new magic, it was best to actually do the ritual or recite the words for it in until one knew how to handle that parituclar type of magic. So, she was being cautious...sort of. she had the appropriate circle drawn around the tub, and she had set up a protection ward on the tent. (Something she'd learned to do after the last time she tried to play with fire)

    "Eeeeve" The spider all but pleaded at the girl, his fur was starting to tingle. He just knew something was going to explode. again.

    "It'll be fine, quit worrying" The woman waved the poor spider's pleading away. A moment passed in silence, for the brunette, it was a moment of focus as she finished up the circle she was working on, for the tarantula, it was the chilling cal before the storm. "There, I've got both circles done. Time to recite!" Eve chirped, reaching for two books. Genith froze.

    "What do you mean BOTH?!" The spider, if possible, squealed and jumped up onto the pillow. "Why do you need TWO circles?" He demanded, starting to all but quiver. his witch was going to be the death of them, he just knew it.

    "I need one for each element, duh. How else am I going to take a bath without fire and water?" The brunette turned to the spider, one eyebrow quirked.

    "By going to the tent set up for that?!!!" The spider demanded. "You have NO experience tampering with water, and fire hates you! Remember? This is so many different levels of dumb!" He went into full on panic mode and dove under the pillow.

    "Ice is made out of water, so how hard can water be?" The witch asked before she sighed a little bit and picked her chalk back up and backed away from the other two circles. "C'mere, I'll draw a circle of protection since you're so worried." Another trick she'd picked up after screwing up. The spider peeked out from under the pillow.

    "You'll be in it to, right?" He asked wryly. Eve paused and tilted her head.

    "Do I need to-"

    "Yes!" Genith interrupted before she finished her question.

    "Fine." The woman finished up the third circle and stepped inside of it, before dropping back down to her knees, careful not to mess with the circle. Genith didn't need to be told to get into the circle. He dove right into his witches lap. After a few seconds, the chalkline of the protector circle glowed into activity. The witch glanced at her books. technically, there was already a spell to conjure a bath. But it was under house care magics and was called from a different source than the elements themselves. But that was too easy. Eve wanted to conjure a bath using only pure elements as the source magic. There wasn't actually a spell for it, so the witch had drafted one, about five hours ago. At four o'clock in the morning. After waking up at nine the previous morning and not sleeping since....She was pretty sure it was going to work. She hoped. She'd only put protective wards on the tent, her magic supplies, her books and kindle. Everything else in the tent was liable to experience some sort of harm. "Here we go..." The witch pulled up the magic within her being, and her eyes seemed to flash silver for a brief second as her hands extended towards the two inactive chalk circles.

    The room began to fill with the sound of her speaking in latin, calling on the elements of fire and water to heed her call and bend to her will. The two circles glowed to life and the air seemed to crackle with power as the spell continued. Thirty or so more seconds passed. Then there was an explosion of heat, and then a geyser of boiling water erupted from the center of the circles, steam immediately rose into the air and Eve lost control of the spell. Hot water quickly filled, then exploded any crevice it could find int he tent, sending out mini geysers into the space around tent number seven with a loud crashing boom.

    Eve coughed, she was protected from the boiling water itself, but some of the heat still penetrated her protection circle, and caused an instant sweat to rush over her skin. Genith had dove behind his witch as soon as he tasted the magic going haywire, using the woman as a shield from the blast of heat. Chaos ensued for a few minutes while Eve tried to recall the magic. Finally, the chaos quelled and the water dropped to the earth, still steaming, but no longer boiling.

    Silence passed between the two in the circle as they both absorbed the calm and quiet, a stark cotnrast to just minutes before.

    " noticeable do ya think that was?" Eve asked breathlessly. At least she didn't destroy her tent this time. Or put a crater in the ground. But by the noise, she was fairly certain a good chunk of everything around her tent was fairly soaked. Genith, if possible, would have glared at the witch.

    "Oh, I dunno...." he answered, heavy in sarcasm.

    "heh?" Eve tried, pulling up one side of her mouth into a wry smile "heh?" She just hoped no one got hurt.
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  3. Ib had made his way to the stream near Lucifer's tent he laid down on the edge his paws dangling into the water as he took a drink. Ib saw the explosion of steam course out of the tent he was walking passed, he walked over to it peeking his head in he asked "Eve? Are you alright?" as he walked into the tent. Lucifer heard the commotion and was quick to stand up his horns, claws, and for the first time in quit some time a pair of black demon wings. He ran out of his tent and jumped into the air quickly making his way to Eve's tent, he dropped to the ground with a thud. "Is everyone alright?" he asked looking inside his voice still calm and unsettling. Ib looked up at Lucifer he stared at him then after a moment back at the two in the protection circle.
  4. Eve glanced up as first Ib, then Lucifer spoke. A blush sprung across her cheek as she glanced to the side and pulled her robe tighter around herself. She was, of course, wearing a nightshirt under it. But still. She cleared her throat a little bit, pulling herself out of her rush of shyness, before glancing back at the two males briefly before speaking.

    "Yea, we're okay." she spoke aloud for the two of them in the tent, she rose to her knees and then to her feet as she spoke. Genith didn't "talk" much around others, he generally switched over to telepathy. Leaving Eve the sole voice for the pair. She cleared her throat again and shifted awkwardly, again pulling the robe tighter around herself. This time she kept her arms wrapped around her middle to keep it from fluttering open by accident. "No one else got hurt..." She started out in a normal tone before it grew quieter, more concerned, "did they?" Genith, still feeling a combination of smugness for being right, and irritation from not being listened to, crawled up his witch's back and nuzzled his furry spider head against her jaw. Even when he was mad at her, he still cared for her greatly.

    The brunette shifted her foot next to the inside of the chalk circle before swiping her foot through the lines to disrupt the magic. She felt the whoosh of air as the magic cancelled deep in her being. As she waited for an answer, she glanced around the soaked confines of her bedroom. Everything was drenched in there, save for the books and the kindle laying on the drenched bed. However, the old metal tub still glowed red hot, a lingering effect of the fire magic that had been called on...or perhaps a sign of the ire of the source of that magic.
  5. Lucifer nodded "No one else was hurt I assume considering the only other person here's tent is behind mine, and I only heard it." Ib nodded to reassure them "I'm glad your okay." Lucifer said his demon like features disappearing leaving only his very pointy ears behind. "So what were you working on, If you don't mind me asking." Ib rolled his eyes "Lucifer it's probably in your interest if you stay away from magic, your barely-" the cat stopped when Lucifer glared at him with a slight pout "Fine do what you want not like you care what I say.... master." the cat said then walked out. Lucifer turned his attention back to the girl and spider, then noticed her holding her robe around her he blinked then looked away "I'll give you some space." he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he walked out of the tent to give her room.

    He walked over one of the bridges to find his self face to face with something, someone he hadn't seen since his childhood. Ib in his human form. "Ib? What's wrong? Did I really make you that mad?" Lucifer asked the boy with shaggy black hair and the same bright blue eyes, his left on covered by his hair. "No you didn't make me mad, just wanted to stand on two feet for once." Lucifer nodded.
  6. Lue really needed to properly organize all his belongings. Perhaps making a checklist was in order -as it currently was, finding any one specific thing was a horror. He'd just managed to convince himself that no, this cannot 'wait another day' and got ready to start seriously packing when a booming sound rang out, in front of his tent. It wasn't particularly close by, but Lue jerked upright all the same, ears twitching to pinpoint the exact location of the sound. It was a rather futile attempt -he could tell that it was at least one tent away, generally northwards of his own tent, but nothing more than that- and so Lue stood up instead, abandoning his boxes and chests for the time being. He could organize -he hated the world, really, why did everything need to have a proper place anyway?- later. Ducking out of his tent, making a conscious effort to stop his ears twitching, Lue headed towards the general direction of the noise.

    It's getting colder out here, Lue noted distantly, gathering his hair together as he walked. There was no screaming or panic of any sort, so he gathered that the situation was much under control. This was just to satisfy his own curiosity; his pace could be leisurely if he wanted it to be. Lue pulled the gathered hair over his shoulder and ran his fingers through it, nose wrinkling at all the knots. Why did he keep it so long again? He couldn't recall. Oh well, Lue would cut it sooner or later, once it got far too annoying. As it was, he tossed the lot of it over his shoulder once again, deft fingers pulling the strands into a long braid. That would keep it in place, more or less.

    Lue made a circle around Lucifer's tent -he could locate the source of the sound, now that that tent was out of the way. What had Eve been doing? Or, actually, who was Lucifer talking to? In all the time that he'd been here, Lue had never seen that child around. Then again, it wasn't as if he'd spent, what, even a decade here. He supposed it could just be a new member? Or maybe a veteran he just hadn't seen around before.

    Finishing his braid, Lue called out to them when it seemed as if there was a break in their conversation, 'What happened in Eve's tent?' Honestly, though, it couldn't have been anything too bad. Lucifer and the child seemed too calm for that.
  7. Lucifer turned to Lue "Ah Eve was trying fire magic again." Ib looked at the Lue he quickly shifted sitting on the ground on top of pants, Lucifer reached down picking them up. Lucifer folded the clothes carefully "You didn't stay like that wrong, I have nothing against it Ib." he said looking down at the cat who then stood on his hind legs "I don't take this form for you!" he said with sass soon falling back down on all fours. Lucifer shrugged "If you say so." Ib rolled his eyes and ran off to the forest. Lucifer directed his attention to Lue "How are you?" he asked with his unsettling calm face.
  8. Ah, and thus the identity of the boy was ascertained. Lue was glad, in a way, that the child hadn't been a regular circus member and he'd simply never seen the other around before -that wouldn't speak very well for either of their social skills. It took a while to process Lucifer's question and the fact that Lue was the one he addressed -he'd been watching Ib run off curiously- but Lue nodded slowly in response. It wasn't an elaborate bow of any sort, but it would have to do. 'I am quite fine, thank you. I also apologize if I happened to be interrupting anything between you and Ib. If everything is fine in Eve's tent, I shall take my leave now. Perhaps you could recall Ib to have a proper conversation?' Lue had almost definitely interrupted something, after all, judging by how fast the bojang had run away. Or perhaps that was just because animals in general didn't seem to like him. Foxes don't have many friends in the wild.

    Slipping into the simplest bow that courtesy would allow, Lue nodded once more to Lucifer before turning around, back towards his tent. He'd hoped something interesting was going on, but oh well. Perhaps he'd go back to arranging his belongings.
  9. Eve had watched the two beings duck out of her tent. Their words lingering in her mind and causing her curiosity to spike. Well that wasn't cryptic at all... The witch thought to herself as the tent came to a close behind her ringmasters back. Her ehad tilted to the side as she stared at the tent flap that, from within the tent, looked like a massive wooden door.

    "Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong..." Genith pipped up from his place on her shoulder. Eve would've tossed a glare at him if she wasn't worried about knocking him off of his perch. The bug did have a point, whether she wanted to admit to said point or not was another story. "Eeeeve..." Fine, she'd listen to him this time. The brunette huffed a little at the spider on her shoulder before turning on her heel and stalking towards the wardrobe standing in the corner of her bedroom. It was beautiful, massive oak piece. Pulling open the doors, she peered into its depths for a moment at the deep hued colors.

    "hmmmm" The sound escaped her lips unconsciously as her head tilted lightly. After the tub cooled down, she'd move it back to it's appropriate place and use an easier spell. Glancing over her shoulder, she decided to take a shortcut. Eyes flashed silver as she called on ice and filled the red hot tube full of the frozen substance. She felt secure enough with the element not to go through any of the incantations or rituals for it.

    When it came to magic, she had different level of comfort with what she knew. Depending on her comfort level and confidence she had in her control over it, would dictate how often she used it and whether she'd invoke it on will or through safer means. She was very confidant with the basic witchcraft, which included a bunch of smaller sub categories, such as household magic. She loved illusion magic, to her, that source felt playful and it was the main magic she used in her act because of the comfort level she had with it. With Ice magic, she felt comfy enough to invoke most of its use with will alone. This magic tasted calm to her, it wasn't confusing and it didn't have a ton of different undercurrents. When she used wind, she was comfortable, but she preferred to keep movement in the act of calling it, this source felt active to her, not as playful as illusion, but nowhere near as calm as ice. Wind magic was also a source she used in her act, not as much as illusion, but hen shemoved around in the air alot, she felt safer having it close at hand. Blood magic, she didn't quite know what she thought of it's feel or taste. Healing was too...goody two shoes, even though she wanted to grasp the sweet specialization...she couldn't quite connect with it. Fire, fire was hot, it tasted like adrenaline and excitement to her. But it was volatile and, for her, not easily tamed. Water, felt cool, not as calm as ice, but cool.

    "I might try water next." She murmured aloud as she finally quelled her thoughts on magic and pulled out a costume for the day. Genith kept quiet, keeping half an eye on her thoughts as he finally scuttled down his witch's body and crawled into the wardrobe himself, peering into his own collection of costumes. Yes, he head some to, after all, he couldn't leave his witch alone on that stage with all of those humans lurking about. While he dove into his pile of tiny hats and bow ties, Eve walked back over to the now steaming tub of water. Cautiously, she touched her finger to the surface then pulled it back with a hiss, still a bit too hot. Eye again flashed silver as she refroze a small chunk of the melted water. She stood patient as the new ice chunk melted before she again tested the water's surface. Much better. With a flick of her hand, she "locked" her tent. The last thing she needed was someone barging in while she bathed. With that, she stripped and slid into the perfectly warm bath and began to get ready for the day.
  10. Lucifer rubbed his chin slightly he nodded at the boy after he spoke. Lucifer wasn't going to bother with Ib at the time, he knew he'd only bring Ib stress. Lucifer walked towards his tent once he was there he grabbed a jacket then headed towards the big top. Once inside the wondrous place, small yellow lights were hung on the ceiling. Lucifer allowed his wings to appear, he jumped into the air and with one flap he was able to land on one of the trapeze bars. He held the rope swinging slightly then allowed it to slowly stop. He let out a sigh his claws, horns, and tail appearing. 'I can do this' he said focusing on the shadows being cast onto the tent walls. Soon the shadow he was focusing on began to move and morph into something. It soon took the shape of a black dragon it flied over to Lucifer hovering in front of him. As the dragons wings flapped their powerful gust made the bar Lucifer was sitting on swing.

    Ib was hunting down a mouse bonding through the forest trying to catch the small jumping mouse. Ib caught it under his paw he leaned down to bite the mouse, his ears twitched as he felt something like a headache enter his mind. He looked up trying to clear his mind, the mouse wiggled it's way from the cats grip. Ib began running the other way he went into Lucifer's tent looking around trying to find something. He changed into his human form taking a moment to put on the black skinny jeans that were on Lucifer's bed. Ib ran to Eve's tent "Ms. Eve I hate to interrupt you but where's Lucifer?!" he asked talking quickly his eyes glowing brighter then usual.

    Lucifer reached his hand out to the dragon, the dragon leaned forward his nose touching Lucifer's hand. The dragon sniffed Lucifer's hand it's eyes turned red it backed away letting a low growl out. Lucifer's eyes widened before he knew it the dragon had used it's long tail to hit him off the bar. Lucifer began to fall but his wings caught air causing him to be jolted up the dragon flew towards him. Lucifer didn't even think, he looked down noticing that there were a few swords in a barrel he flew down the dragon on his tail as he did. Lucifer grabbed the handle of one of the swords quickly flying up the dragon flowed. He turned to face the beast sword in hand. The dragon didn't have eyes, well not that could be seen it had three slits on either side of it's head. Lucifer watched as the dragon swung it tail towards him like a whip Lucifer dodged the first time but he was slammed into the tent wall by the second one because he tried to cut it's tail. It's tail was more like a solid stone whip.
  11. Lue needed to bathe; he hadn't had one yet. Setting down a curious little box that he vaguely remembered obtaining from some wintry place, Lue stood up and surveyed his work so far. Two drawers full of things catalogued and set neatly back in place; just three more drawers to go and he'd have finished an entire... what was the word? Lue couldn't quite recall if there was a particular name for what he just referred to as his collection of chests. He supposed that most of them weren't chests, actually. Well, that's a mystery for another day. As it is right now, it seems a bath is in order. Brushing off his kimono -Lue had an entire set of clothing, from ancient to victorian to modern, as well as his performance clothes, but preferred to stay in a kimono, as it was what he wore when he was young- he gathered his things to set off for the showers, stepping into the cooling autumn air for the second time that morning. Lue rather detested the signs of a coming winter, nearly as he despised winter itself. It could very well simply be his fire reacting to an element entirely opposed to its own, but Lue rather suspected that it was because he'd spent most of his childhood in a slightly warmer climate and, after that, in one even warmer still.

    Well, he tried not to think about his childhood very much.

    Quickening his pace as he felt the chill begin to set in, Lue's ears pricked up again -for the second time that morning, he noted with no little exasperation- and he begun to frown, slowly, at a muted sort of commotion coming from the direction of the showers. Or- no, this was a little in front. The Big Top? Whatever was going on in there? It couldn't be another experiment gone wrong, could it? Lue had enough of that for one morning, and he hadn't even been involved directly.
  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]Waking with a start Cerise jumped to her feet searching with ears as her eyes darted from one place to another she had been woken by a huge bang. After seeing a huge cloud of smoke coming from one of the tents that scattered around the big circus tent, she quietly whispered to the young feline beside her. One she favors the most out of all the wild animals, which is due to her being friends with the feline first before the others had came into her life. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“ Interesting, think we should see what that's all about?” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]she absent mindedly scratched the female leopards ear as she continued to stare as the smoke began to slowly settle. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“if that is what you wish”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Nala replied as she leaned into Cerise’s hand. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nodding her head in agreement with the Nala, she began walking down towards the commotion Cerise decided it was time to get moving so she would have time to find her tent that was given to her. [/BCOLOR]
  13. Eve, now dressed, jumped about a foot in the air as an unfamiliar man barged into her tent. Wind rushed around her in protective whirlwind as her beat thudded in her chest. However, she halted before calling any more magic up as the dark haired one spoke. She blinked, the voice was familiar. Her heart rate slowly dropped back down to normal as she continued to stare quietly, the words themselves not registering for a few more moments. The wind died down some to, there was still enough surrounding her to make her hair and clothes dance.

    "No, he just left a bit ago." She answered. Genith seemed to almost magically appear on ehr shoulder. In truth, he was just pretty quick and had crawled up her back. He was still bristling at the abrupt appearance of the stranger. Clinging to Eve protectively, he reared back, flashing his fangs in warning at the human Ib. Eve took a step forward towards the man as the voice and eye color clicked in ehr head. "Ib?" her voice was slightly skeptical. Staring for a moment longer, the brunette shook her head just slightly before letting her footfalls ebcome a bit more buisness like. "I'll help you look for him if you like."
  14. Ib shook his head "It might be dangerous Ms. Eve, thanks anyway." Ib said quickly running through the circus "Lucifer! Lucifer please not here!" Ib yelled he was between extremely mad and worried sick. Lucifer tried to get up the beast tail getting ready to swing again Lucifer stared at the dragon this time fearless, angry, dominating. The beast lower it's tail landing in front of Lucifer as it's eyes turned back to their original silky black color. Lucifer stood up jumping over a few rows of seats landing just in front of the dragon he rubbed the dragons nose. The dragon laid down in front of him, Ib ran in stomping over to Lucifer. "Lucifer! How dare you attempt this again you could have been sent back to Hell!" Ib yelled his face red. "I demand you unsummon this dragon and get down here so I can yell at you!" Ib said furiously, Lucifer laughed extremely hard causing Ib to get even madder.

    Lucifer mumbled something under his breath the dragon faded into the shadows, Ib climbed into the stands walking up to the row where Lucifer was. Ib stood in front of Lucifer crossing his shoulders over his chest. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Ib asked Lucifer rolled his eyes "I said, what do you have to say for yourself!" his voice echoing in the big top "No one got hurt right?" Ib looked Lucifer up and down his anger turned to worry "Lucifer... your stomach," Ib reached forward touching Lucifer stomach "it's bleeding." Ib's fangs appeared Lucifer moved away from Ib's hands. Ib brought his fingers to his mouth licking the blood off, Lucifer backed up some more. Ib covered his mouth and nose and ran away running as far away as he could get from Lucifer. His body healing already he took his shirt off to check on it.
  15. ... Well. That certainly was something interesting. Leaning against the side of the Big Top, standing at the face that was directly opposite the showers, Lue listened until Ib's footsteps had pattered off. He wasn't usually a sneak by any means, but when Lue had gotten closer to check on what was happening, he rather got the hint that the situation wasn't really something that he wanted to be involved in -or, not directly, at least. Lue wasn't exactly a paragon of virtue by any means; he wasn't above casually listening in. Whatever relationship Lucifer shared with Ib wasn't something Lue had any intention of barging into -he didn't even intend to acknowledge it, really. Let them settle their own problems, he wasn't particularly close to either of them. Lue had simply been curious -it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to witness secret dramas like this- and it would take a greater man than himself to pass up the chance of adding some entertainment into his life. Shame it was over so soon. Lue didn't think he'd ever get the opportunity to find out what was going on.

    Lue considered going into the Big Top, pretending to have just arrived, but then dismissed the thought. Even curiosity had a limit, and Lue didn't feel like pretending be all innocent that morning -all I saw Ib running out, what happened? and the like. Lucifer had no reason to disclose anything to him anyway. No, Lue would just go on and finish what he'd came out for. He went for the showers, pausing when he noticed no one in there -weren't there usually more people in the mornings? Perhaps he was too late to have caught anybody- and then decided that he'd rather not think about it. 'Too many mysteries for one morning, I think.' Lue murmured to himself, ducking into a stall.
  16. The Lord of the Freaks, darkred Always, always with the noise. Requiem sighed, rolling himself out of bed. He glanced around his tent briefly, noting that nothing seemed to have been disturbed in the explosion. The sound of Ib and Lucy arguing could be heard fairly clearly outside, and he expected that he wasn't soon to get any more sleep. As a result, he did the only thing he could, and got ready for the day.

    When he stepped outside, he tried to make note of where everyone was, and, upon reorienting himself, he figured he'd best go see what the hell Eve had done this time. It only took him a minute to actually get to her tent. When he arrived, the air was still warm from the steam. "Oi! Eve! What the hell happened this time?" He complained, stepping through the locked door. One of the joys of being a Djinn, incorporeality. Locked doors meant nothing to him, and all things considered, had she been naked, he wouldn't have been particularly phased. A few thousand years of existence kind of takes the thrill away from most things, seeing a woman naked included. There was a certain amusement however in surprising her however. "Always with the explosions! What does that make this? The sixth time this month?"
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  17. Eve started, as yet another man just waltzed through her door.

    "There's a thing called knocking." she growled under her breath, mostly at herself. she wouldn't admit it but Ib declining the witch's help made the brunette a little down. Of course it could've been dangerous. Had the cat man not seen where they live or who their boss was? If she wasn't confidant in her abilities to take care of herself, why on earth would she have joined up with the Nightling Circus in the first place? Sp she was a little irritable. As such, the newest outlet just happened to be the Djin who waltzed, quite literally, through the door like he owned the place. Turning, the brunette crossed her arms a little bit and schooled her features into an expression of politeness, something she'd picked up in her childhood.

    "Well, Lord Requiem," Something she'd taken to calling the lord of freaks. She wasn't sure why, she just liked the way it rolled off of her tongue perhaps. "I was trying to conjure a bath using some of the more primal sources." She waved her hand and conjured a seat for the Djin. "Care to sit?" She inquired.

    She was never quite sure how she felt about Requiem. He was friendly enough, and she didn't dislike him. On the contrary, she got along with him quite nicely most of the time. However, the ease in which he used his own brand of magic spiked her competitiveness, but at the same time she realistically knew that she couldn't outmagic a creature made of magic. This, of course, caused a certain sulkyness.

    "And it's only been five this month! That other time was so not an explosion!" She defended, a pout crossing over her lips as she half glared at the man. For now, the ire at being thought of as weak left her mind.
  18. Blood hell I didn't want this to happen, Ib's craving now and I'm going to have to deal with that.... at some point. Lucifer sighed throwing the bloody shirt over his shoulder. He walked quietly to the bathroom walking into one of the showers and taking the rest of his clothes off. He watched as the water washed over his body raising the crimson blood from his stomach. Once he finished he dried off and put his pants back on. He walked back towards his tent he took a few deep breaths, as he enter his tent he noticed Ib laying on the bed sleeping. Oh boy, I should probably find somewhere else to do some work. "Lucifer~" Ib said hungrily "I'm going to go insane." Lucifer sighed his eyes dropping to the ground. "I'm sorry Ib, you shouldn't have come after me." Ib looked over at Lucifer "I was worried about you Lucifer." Ib looked at Lucifer with his blue longing eyes. Lucifer rubbed the back of his neck and walked to the door shutting it and locking it. Before Lucifer could even turn around he felt Ib's sharp fangs press into his neck. A white flash of light flashed before his eyes as Ib began to suck his blood.
  19. Someone else had entered the showers after him, and left soon after. Meanwhile, Lue struggled with a damned tangle in his hair. He really ought to find a pair of scissors one day; there should be one somewhere among his belongings. Finally getting it sorted out, Lue rinsed off and changed, exiting the showers with a pile of dirty clothes in his arms. He passed the Big Top of his way back and paused at the entrance, sneaking a peak inside when it didn't sound like there was anyone still there. As expected, Lucifer had left, although there was a little mess left behind. Namely, little marks on the sides of the tent, drying blood near the stands, and -was that his trapeze bar? It didn't look damaged or anything -oh gods, if the string got damaged, Lue was going to fall to his death the next time he tried it out- but was swaying slightly, settling back into its previously still position. Lue watched it for a moment longer before turning around, continuing back to his tent. He'd just be extra careful the next time he used it.

    Folding his clothes as he was walking, Lue passed between Lucifer's -and Ib's- tent and Requiem's tent without incident, finally ducking back into his own. He wouldn't have put it past Lucifer's tent to spontaneously combust, even, giving how the morning was going so far. Well, everything seemed to have settled down at last, and for that Lue was glad.
  20. The Lord Of The Freaks, darkred Requiem obliged her and pulled a chair over with a wave of his hand. "Only five huh?" He asked with a lazy laugh. "Well, that's still five to many I'd say." He remarked casually, slightly less annoyed. She'd always had a somewhat calming effect on him. He expected it was her recklessness with her own magick that reminded him of his own youth, even though it irritated him at the same time.

    "You know, you'd have less problems if you'd just accept my help. I know a bit about witch magick after all. But nooooo, Miss I-Like-Making-Things-Blow-Up is too good for my help" He teased. "Much rather just cause everything to blow up and give me a hard time sleeping." He pulled a kettle from across the room over, waved his hand over it and snapped his fingers, causing it to heat up rather quickly. In the other hand he conjured a glass and poured some tea.

    Upon completing the task, he shook his head, still smiling, "In any case, I'm glad to see that nobody got hurt. You most of all." He said, a touch of sympathy etching through his voice, before he caught himself, "I've no idea who I'd tease if something were to happen to you." That was the way the two were. He didn't get along with anyone else really at the camp as well, excepting perhaps Lucy, who was, as with most people, kind of a unique situation.

    Suddenly he stopped and realised he was being somewhat rude, "I don't suppose you'd like some, would you?" He inquired, proffering the floating tea kettle to her.
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