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    So, hotshot, you want to join the nightlife? In that case, I'm gonna have to see
    your Nightlife License, yeah? ...What's that? You don't have one? Well, then you'd
    better start filling out some paperwork, friend. Here, these are the forms you need
    to get your Nightlife License. There's a pen on the table over there, take your time.
    Just turn 'em in to the front desk when you're done and then we can set you up
    with the best party pass in town.

    Name: [Your full birth name. Nicknames, too.]
    Race: [Your species.] - Can be anything, within reason.
    Age: [How old are you?]
    Residence: [Where do you live?] - Feel free to make up district names, but you can also check the atmosphere section for pre-placed locations. If you make something up, be sure to add a small description so I can add it to the list.
    Occupation: [Where do you work?] - Can be anything that fits a magical-modern fantasy city. If you work for Solis Corp. or are a part of The Eclipse, you'd denote that here as well.
    Personality: [What are your strengths and weaknesses? What quirks do you have?]
    Bio: [What's your history? What made you the person you are today?] - No rules on length here, but keep it within reason. No one-liners or walls of text.
    Powers: [What sort of mystical powers do you have, if any?] - Optional
    Appearance: [What do you look like?] - Can be description or image or both; if image, please put it under a link. Images can be anime/art or real life/photo, just make sure it's not some bland "model photoshoot" picture; give it some personality!
    1. Arts District: Sundown City's center for art, music, and all things creative.
      • Sunset Lounge: Smooth jazz club.
      • Galleria Magnifica: Constantly changing showcase of local artists' work.
    2. Business District: Where all corporate affairs are handled.
      • Solis Corp. Headquarters: Where Solis Corp. operates.
    3. Mystic's District: Holds everything from magic schools to fortune-reading booths.
      • Sedgewick Mage Academy: Most prominent magic school in Sundown City.
      • Moonshine Club: Eclipse-affiliated bar and lounge that serves as The Eclipse's base of operations.
    4. Downtown: Where most of the hustle and bustle occurs.
      • Sundown Square: Large town square centered around the clock tower; holds most of the general businesses like restaurants and such. This is where most city-wide events take place.
      • Wellson Park: A large, peaceful park that winds around the city; perfect for a stroll, be it by yourself or with a date.
        • Sorcha Sanctuary: A haven for half-human creatures; is somewhat of an orphanage.
      • Club Alley: A long street famed for its multitude of nightclubs ranging from dance clubs to lounges to bars of all kinds.
        • Akumajo: Small bar that serves as an info house for The Eclipse. located at the end of the alley.
        • Dante's Inferno: Largest club in Sundown City, has two floors for different experiences.
    5. Commercial District: Most of the shopping and consumerism happens here.
      • Searchlight Superstore: Famous mall center; chances are if you want it, Searchlight has it.
      • Food Court: Located within Searchlight Superstore, the Food Court houses a wide array of restaurants of all types.
      • Sundown Stadium: Home of the Sundown City Reapers!
    6. Residential District: Where most of the upper-class housing is located.
    • Magic is widely accepted and practiced as a part of life in Sundown City. It isn't unusual to see magic-assisted homes or "street mages" performing tricks.
    • Though there is a residential district, homes are scattered all around Sundown City and are not limited to just that area.
    • Towns and cities other than Sundown do exist, but upon approaching Sundown City, the visitors' perception of the time of day will gradually change to night.
    • Businesses and stores aren't limited to only their designated districts; there are stores and restaurants littered throughout Sundown City, and some corporate offices may be outside of the business district.
    • For the most part, residents of Sundown City are open-minded and harbor no prejudices based on race, sexuality, or personal preferences. Exceptions always occur, however. Sundown City may be a hot spot, but it is no utopia.
    • The greater public has at least heard of the Lunar Eclipse and does not know anything about Solis Corp's "grand scheme", if there is any.
      • Whether Solis Corp actually has a grand scheme or not depends on whoever plays the president of the company.
    • Executive offices for the city do exist. Sundown City is not owned by Solis Corp, despite how heavily they have influenced its growth.
    What's that? You're finished? Alright, alright, give me a second to look it over...
    Well, looks like everything checks out. Here's your official Nightlife License! Have
    fun, but don't cause too much trouble.
    *the plot is in the RP thread*
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  2. Name: Renard "Ren" Hewlett
    Race: Half-Elf
    Age: 20
    Residence: Arts District
    Occupation: Sunset Lounge - Musician
    Personality: Ren is fairly laid-back and doesn't let much get to him. He just tends to groove his way through life, and as such can come off as uncaring and aloof at times. However, once he gets into a funk it's rather hard to get him out of it. Only time and sweet grooves can pull him from his melancholy, and once he's out it's as though he was never depressed to begin with. He suffers from a slight insomnia, so he's out and about more often than others.
    Bio: Ren had a fairly uneventful childhood; his parents were avid jazz musicians and as such their vibes found their way into him. His inherent magical ability manifested itself the first time he blew a sax. He simultaneously learned how to control his magic and how to play the saxophone, thanks to his parents being rather knowledgeable in both aspects. As he grew older, Ren got better at both, and soon enough he ended up getting a part-time job as a jazz player for the Sunset Lounge. He transitioned into the Nightlife License phase rather well, compared to many other folks, and honestly doesn't see the fuss "those Eclipse fellows" are trying to stir up.
    Powers: Ren's powers are channeled through his saxophone. Depending on how he plays, he can cause different things to happen. If he plays softly and melodiously, he can heal injuries. If he plays harshly and aggressively, he can inflict damage.
    Appearance: Ren wears simple clothes, eschewing the "modern fashion" for something a bit more "renaissance". He wears a red tunic with a tan undershirt and dark pants most often, and his goggles are almost purely for show. He has short, slick black hair, pierced by his half-pointed ears, and a thin goatee traces around his mouth where one can almost always find the reed of his sax. Even when he's not playing, he keeps the reed (and only the reed) in his mouth like how some men keep a toothpick in their mouths. Ren's reasoning for this is to keep the reed wet so he doesn't have to wait to put on a jam, which is as good an explanation as any.

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  3. Name: Name's Lifira Flutterfire, chief!
    Race: Harpy! Check out these wings; aren't they awesome?
    Age: Meh. No idea. All anyone needs to know is that I'm legal, though.
    Residence: Wellson Park, at the Zoo! I mean, uh, "Sorcha Sanctuary." You know, that shelter for half-human monsters and the like? Noisy as all hell, there, and everything's always in short supply, but I like the buzz; you'll never be bored at the Zoo.
    Occupation: Delivery girl! Even in the age of instant teleportation and magic-assisted pneumo-tubes, you still need someone to take your crap to where it needs to go.
    Personality: People say I never stop smiling, and I don't! I'm just happy, peppy, and cheerful all the time! Lotsa folks get angry at me for some reason, though; I don't know what's their problem. I don't really like people, anyway; they're so full of issues and are just plain confusing...
    Bio: *shrugs* Spent all my life at the Zoo. I got abandoned as an egg; my mom was one of those "teen pregnancy" kids you hear about all the time in the news. Grew up in all that buzz, earned my spot delivering stuff and getting other people's errands done. Never made many friends; they aren't as convenient or fun as books, comics, and video games.
    Powers: I can fly, but I guess you already guessed that?
    Appearance: ((look left, remove bat ears)) I got this picture of me! It doesn't quite capture my shortness, or my "wild" wings, or my chicken scratchers, but you get the gist of it, yeah?
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  4. [MENTION=5736]ruff1298[/MENTION], looks good! I'm waiting to gather up a few more players before we begin, so hang tight!
  5. So what's the deal with The Lunar Eclipse and the Solis Corps? Who are these people?
  6. Ah, the plot is actually on the RP page; I kind of do things a bit differently. Sorry for the confusion!

    ...Unless you were referring to something else, in which case I'll answer your questions as best as I can.
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Nah, I understand now.
  8. Has anyone gotten the role of the Solis head yet? I wanna be his right hand man. ;_; This RP is awesomesawce. Or the City's main Pimp. Cause that would be fuckin awesome.
  9. The only profiles we have are the ones you see in this thread. :\
  10. :3 (What is that gif from btw. It's funny for some reason.)

    Name: Ophidia Jacobs.

    Nicknames/Aliases: "The Queen of the Night." "Little Miss Scare-All". Jokingly called "CB" amongst a select few.

    Race: Vampire

    Age: 1500, 23 at time of turning.

    Residence: Dante's Inferno, Upper Floor "Purgatory"

    Occupation: The owner of the biggest club in the city, Dante's Inferno.

    Personality: Strong willed and gives off an aura of confidence. People mistake her for a succubus for how promiscuous she is, even though isn't exactly easy to win over. She's kind to people she hasn't met, but you have to earn her respect in order to be able to do anything past idle conversation and dealings. One more thing: Don't piss her off. It'll be the last thing you'll do.

    Bio: Let's see....I was born in the time of Caesar, into a life of slavery. I do not know my parents, but I have found out that they were Egyptian. I was turned after I was bought by a mistress. Here name was Selene. It was by force. I still remember the words said before she bit me. "I will bite you hard, putting the mark of my ownership upon your soft flesh," Selene's ivory fangs flashed in the light as she said it, "and you will thank me." I awoke with unfathomable power. I could sway any human to do as I wished. Sleep with nobles and dine on the finest 'wine' you will ever taste as a walker of the night. We parted ways after the fall of Rome, and I've been living how I want ever since. The night life of Sundown was like a godsend for me, what vamp couldn't resist being a queen over both Mundane and Mystic blood? So I opened up Dante's, and the rest is history. What else can I say......oh! I hate women's clothing. With a passion. I will never wear it. I actually think it would kill me. It's probably one of the 2 things that can. That and the blade of an Angel. And even that has a hard time doing so.

    Powers: Too fuckin' many, I can tell you that much. Mainly uses Hematokinesis, Umbrakinesis, shapeshifting, and seduction related powers. Also her saliva and blood are narcotic in nature, the saliva having a weaker effect than her blood does. It's effects are different depending on the person, from vivid hallucinations to heightened senses. To most, it simulates the effects of Ecstasy.

    Appearance: A young 23 year old woman. She has light brown skin and white hair, far from the usual black or red you see on other Vamps. Her neck has a large mark, similar to a tattoo, but it's the magical symbol left from a pureblood turning. Her eyes are purple and glow slightly. She is almost never seen in anything other than her suit. Of high make, her suit is a dark purple, with a white undershirt and tie. Her build is wiry, but the slender look of her body hides her inhuman strength and agility. She mainly wears a suit due to the multitude of scars she has, whether it be from burns, cuts, bullets, stakes, etc. The most prominent scar she has is the one on the right side of her face, going through her eye. It's white, vehement glow intensifies when Mystic blood is near. Or when she's angry. Or aroused. just glows a lot, ok? She always has a piece of Pocky in her mouth, or a cigarette.

    (I feel like an asshole for getting a pic of this but here. I found one. :/)

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  11. Lookin' good! I'm looking forward to seeing how you use her powers in relation to the city. :)
    If you have a picture for her, go ahead and send it along so I can make a frontpage icon out of it; otherwise I'll just use a placeholder image.
  12. I can't find a pic, nor can I draw one. T~T
  13. Okie-dokie, I'll throw up a placeholder then.

    Edit: Alright, your profile's been added! I'd say we should wait for at least two more people and then we can get started.
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  14. Count me in! Sadly, you stole the sax man position (I've played sax for like 10 years) but I'd like to make another musically inclined character, if'n you don't mind solReaper. :)
  15. Name: Hiruma AKA "Redd" AKA "Redd Devil"
    Race: Half Demon
    Age: 60
    Residence: Akumajo, at the very end of Club Alley
    Occupation: Owner of a small bar and jazz club, Akumajo, where he plays from time to time. Also serves as a hidden front for The Eclipse, helping them as an information broker and as a smuggler for anything The Eclipse may need for it's campaign.

    Personality: The namesake for his bar fits his personality well; very mischievous and trouble-making. He's as fiery as his hair, being loud and personable. Also very devious in nature, he'd do anything to get the upper hand in any situation. He's also a certifiable genius, which doesn't help whoever he's dealing with. He doesn't physically harm anyone per se, but he's got his fingers in all the pies, so he's someone you wouldn't want to make an enemy of, or be indebted to. He DOES have a soft spot for most women, acting like an actual gentleman around them. He's also a completely different when he performs music, almost zen like, think of nothing but the music and it coursing through him. He's also a chain smoker (both legal and illegal kinds) and a rather heavy drinker, usually bartending when it gets busy at Akumajo.

    Bio: Born from a male demon and female human, he lost his mother in the birth, and his father never gave a damn and left him at birth. Being an orphan, he grew up in an orphanage like any other orphan, but found that he was different, being a demon and all. He was constantly teased for his red hair and devil tail, and tried his best to be a good little boy, despite being loathed. He was adopted by a family looking for a quiet, well mannered boy, and he fit the bill. Around when he was in high school, though, something ticked in him after being ridiculed just like in the orphanage. He became wild and devious, pretty much ruling over the high school within his two years left. His foster parents had enough, though, and kicked him out soon after graduating. He didn't have any problems, having been taught music by the only person he respected, his high school band teacher, and his self reliance saw him in charge of a small bar in Sunset City at the ripe old age of 22. Within 5 years, he had just about every connection you could name, with at least 100 people he could call for just about any favor you could think. He made a killing as an information broker, and was scoped out by Lunar Eclipse soon after their inception. He secretly gives out any info he comes across about Solis along the runners, and has recently started smuggling high end magical items through the bar, working as a supplier for them as well. He loves to play baritone sax, trumpet and piano in the bar whenever there's a lack of musical guests.

    Powers: Pyrotechnics hold a close place to Hiruma's heart, able to snap and light his cigarettes with his fingers, and also able to sling fire from his hands. He also has learned to teleport short distances (maybe 20 yards max, but he couldn't do it continuously) and his soul pours into his music, allowing a hypnotism effect when he plays, but it doesn't last but for maybe half an hour, and it only allows him to ask just about anything he wants from anyone who's affected (letting him gather info from anyone who hears his music much easier) and it only works with his horns, like his bari sax and trumpet.
    (Just treat his tongue like a cigarette, his only demon tells would be his demon's tail and his blackened eyes and red pupils)

    Theme Song:
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  16. SoTN? You cheeky bastard. <3
  17. I initially put a jazzy song there, but this played on my Ipod and I just thought
    "Holy shit this is perfect for Hiruma!"

    And brownie points if you can get where his name Hiruma came from. <3
  18. .......don't fucking tell me you got that from Yoichi Hiruma. O_O'
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