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    In the bustling Sundown City, people from all walks of life make their homes and livelihoods. Be it the cool night air, the bright city lights, or the smooth, soulful atmosphere, the nightlife of Sundown City just can't be beat. In fact, the nightlife is considered top-notch by nearly everyone in the city. So much so that many of the higher-ups and fat cats in power decided to capitalize on it. Using various types of magic, the head honchos of Solis Corp. have managed to permanently turn off daytime, keeping Sundown City in a perpetual state of nighttime. Not only that, but Solis Corp. has also instated the "Nightlife License" program, an identification program that gives residents of Sundown City a license to party on as much as their hearts desire. The only requirements are proof of residence and some source of income. As long as someone lives in Sundown City and has a job of some sort, they're free to explore what the nightlife has to offer. For most folks, this is the opportunity of a lifetime: A virtually free pass to every attraction the city has to offer, regardless of age.
    Some people, though, think Solis Corp. is up to something more sinister. Enter the Lunar Eclipse, an organized rebel faction who are labelled anarchists by the city leaders and even many of the citizens. The Eclipse, as it is shortened by its members, believes that the Nightlife License program, along with the magical permanent nighttime, is an attempt by Solis Corp. to gain total control over Sundown City and its inhabitants. Their claims have so far gone unproven, but even so, Solis Corp's true agenda remains a secret to everyone. The Eclipse has taken to distributing propaganda of sorts in an attempt to educate the masses about their views on Solis Corp. since any attempts at public communication have been shut down.
    Whether you're comfortable with what Solis Corp. is doing, a part of Solis Corp. yourself, part of The Eclipse, or just don't give a damn either way, we'd like to formally welcome you to the Sundown City Nightlife!

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  2. "Next up, Sundown's own: Renard Hewlett!"

    The introduction was hardly necessary. Almost everybody who frequented the Sunset Lounge knew or knew of the half-elf sax player. His tunes were groovin' and smooth; a perfect pair with the jazzy Arts District. Ren bounced the reed in his mouth a few more times before taking it out and locking it to the mouthpiece attached to the sax hanging from his neck. Looking back at his bandmates, who gave him the thumbs-up, Ren nodded and stepped through the curtain onto the medium-sized stage. It wasn't too big or too small; it was just the right size for all manners of performance, from small stage plays to orchestra recitals. As it were, it was already set up with a drum set and a keyboard, for two of his band members to play on, and a mic stand with a wireless microphone for a vocalist when they performed with one. Ren's band was more of an instrumental jazz band, but they didn't turn down a chance to perform with any number of singers, from famous to upstart. Ren was well known for that reason, if not for his nightly performances. He played with his band on weekends, and played on his own informally during the week, if nobody else was playing. Even with Sundown City in the state of eternal night-time, there was still a "primetime" to be had where all the big performances would happen and everybody was relaxing and unwinding after work. The rest of the "day", the Sunset Lounge put on the radio, keeping in theme with their jazz club style.

    "Showtime," he whispered to himself as he stepped out onto the stage, to the cheers and applause of the audience who had gathered to listen. Ren grinned as his gaze scanned the audience. They had a decent showing, but nothing too overpopulated. As the waiters and waitresses shuffled between the guests, delivering orders and refilling drinks, Ren walked up to the microphone and looked back at his bandmates, who were settling into their usual positions. Ren's band were a talented group, and a couple of them could even play multiple instruments, which allowed them to give the club a bit of variety in their performances. As all the band members looked up in turn, nodding at Ren, he turned back to the microphone. "Alright, ladies and gents; we've got some smooth tunes for you this evening. Just sit back and relax; we'll take care of the rest." He stepped back to take his place beside the trumpeteer and nodded to the drummer, who led into the song they played. The whole time, Ren was stepping and gyrating slightly to the rhythm, and bobbing his head when it wasn't his time to play. The song lasted a few minutes, and near the end, both Ren and his trumpeteer partner stepped down off the stage to play their respective solos whilst mingling in with the crow. Leaning back with his last trilling note, Ren struck a pose as the keyboardist finished out the tune, to much applause and fanfare. Smiling with that precious mixture of pride, accomplishment, and exhaustion, Ren and the trumpeteer jumped back up onto the stage to rejoin their band for the rest of the set.
  3. What is the ideal image of a great game? A cheering crowd, not even one empty seat, not even a single hooligan and thousands of people who cheer for their favorite team.
    Nolan Vale, or Nova how he prefers to be called, was one of the latest players of the Sundown City Reapers. He got this job a little too fast in his opinion. All he did was chasing after a thief after he tried to steal his wallet. Just because he did so in less than 10 seconds, even though the thief was around a corner already, a talent scout talked to him afterwards and offered him this job.
    He figured that his speed would come in handy, but this was of course surprising. Without a second thought, he accepted and became one of the star players in record time.

    In the Changeroom:
    Nova listened to some music on his old MP3 player. Nothing made him relax before a game as Smooth Jazz, to get excited he heard metal, and to focus while working on something nothing was better than alternative rock. While listening to his music, one of his fellow players came to him and tapped his shoulder to get his attention.
    "Yo Nova. Time to go."
    Nova nodded and put his MP3 player back into his locker. This was the last moment that he had to organize his mind and prepare mentally for the game. With his football gear in place, and his helmet on his head, he moved out with his comrades and gave the people the entertainment that they paid for.

  4. She bowed her head to the gentleman leaving her shop, he took his book and stationary which he purchased from the Library in his brown paper bag. His figure coming through Maiya's mind as figments of light and outlines of glistening lines. Although her white eyes appearing to stare off into an abyss of something in mid air. She waved back in reply to her regular customer, and followed him to the door which she opened for his leave. An exchange of goodbye's took place before the door came to and the sign was turned around to signify the closing of the establishment itself. Turning on her heel she was quite quick on her feet to dash around and put all open books back on their shelves in their correct order, even had some time to dust down the shelves before lock up.

    Her satchel was placed on the clean mahogany desk, the zipper making it's way to close when she proceeded to throw it onto her shoulder. Before making her way out on to the city sidewalk, she turned down the main lights, and shut the blinds of the place, then locked the door. A light skip in her step reflected her content and happy mood. She couldn't wait to get back to her apartment and rest her feet up with a hot drink and awe-inspiring novel.

    A moment of pity struck her mood when she looked up and saw her own interpretation of stars. However, she knew that for the other people around her, the city lights took over the night sky so much that not even the Pole star would shine through their obstructing rays. But then again, she wouldn't wish blindness upon anybody. In fact although most would find how she saw the world, beautiful, but this was never how she pictured it. She shook the thought from her head when a woman walked past her with a long coat on, and a dismal expression on her face. Taking a moment to glance over at the woman, who looked a little horrified when she saw the blind eyes turn towards her unexpectedly. Although that quickly sipped into a calm, and rested state of mind, even a smile showed on her face when Maiya said, "good evening, Madam." The woman left their brief encounter feeling light, airy, and satisfied. Maiya felt a moment of comfort leaving the stranger with a delighted state of mind.

    She never did any good act for herself, none of her "good deeds" were for selfish reasons. She just had a pure nature about her, one that wanted to genuinely be of help to other people. The sound of cars begun to fade when the traffic lights turned red at the end of the avenue, she took this moment to quickly run across the wide spaced road to the other side, avoiding the wait later on down her path at the lights. When she crossed over and begun to take her usual route she heard the faint sound of Jazz music coming from the nearby club. She stopped outside of the window and looked through from the outside to see the large crowd on the inside swaying with the sax too. She even swayed a little herself, her long pure white curls coiling their way around her back and shoulders, and then springing back the other way. She smiled and then continued her skip-like-step down the rest of town with a sigh of content.
  5. Lifira never asked questions about the packages she was asked to deliver. More business that way, they paid better, and most of the time, whatever was inside didn't affect her in any real way.

    Note "most of the time."

    The harpy flapped as fast as her wings could take her, dodging and weaving through signs, fire escapes, and buildings; under the "Gud Fudz!" ad, in and around the revolving figures of the "New-U" installation, straight through the ghost out for a smoke--it was a miracle she hadn't crashed.

    Her lungs burned, her heart was beating faster than it had ever before, her mind screamed at her, "STOP!"

    Lifira willed herself faster and faster, through more and more dangerous maneuvers and labyrinthine turns. The harpy clipped her left wing on a sign, the feathers, the bone, and the muscle sheared off ugly, but she didn't have time to scream. Tears streaming down her eyes, she took a quick glance behind her.

    It was still following her, hopping through the urban jungle gym with ease and efficiency. Closer and closer, the thing of metal and magic came, its dim eyes full of cold, unfeeling determination.

    Lifira had always kept a pack of Red Hot Rockers in her pack--the extremely illegal, extremely awesome firecrackers--for when she was off duty, blowing up random crap in the Pits for the hell of it. Lifira had always been careful never to use it around other people, or something that might explode in a lethally epic way. Lifira had always used them with strict accordance to the warnings and rules on the pack, way back when they still came in those gaudy little boxes.

    But, tonight was going to be an exception.

    In one swift, practiced motion, she takes out a Rocker, ignites it, and tosses it straight at her pursuer. The little magical firecracker explodes in a great big ball of fire and sparkles, far more "Boom" than anything that small should ever have. The harpy summoned another burst of energy, to take her far and away from here.

    Then, it burst through the flames. Its ugly, metal claws outstretched, it latches onto Lifira's other wing, nearly tearing it off.

    They crash in the Sunset Lounge's alley, straight into the trash. The sheer force of impact causes a gigantic ruckus, bottles getting obliterated, the metal dumpster screeching and bending, and one great, big "THWUMP!"

    There was little chance whoever was inside didn't or couldn't hear that.

    The harpy lays in the wreckage, motionless. It swiftly digs into her messenger bag, pulls out an nondescript package, and disappears into the eternal night.
  6. Silently, Neerin made his way towards Sundown, the nearest city to Chagford. Neerin had heard of the hustle and bustle of the Sundown, and the omnipresent nighttime caused by the magic of the Solis Corp.

    Book-bag in tow, Neerin walked into the city of night and tossed his watch into a bin, he wouldn't be needing the time here, anyway. With most of the businesses seemingly closed, Neerin decided he would begin reading the notes and books belonging to his creator. He would begin searching around for work once the traffic increased.
  7. Ren and his band had long since finished out their set, exchanging goodbyes as they parted. Most of the band members packed up and headed out but a couple stayed behind, including Ren himself. Being one of the most popular performers in the club, Ren and his crew got free drinks on the weekends when they played. Nothing really unusual happened at the Sunset Lounge, especially on the weekends, so Ren was naturally surprised when he heard a huge crash outside in the alleyway. Most of the club-goers dismissed it as an alleyway brawl, and that the police would get to it, but Ren stared at the source of the crash for a few seconds before finishing off his drink and handing it back to the bartender. "I'm gonna go check out that noise, Jack. Keep the place clean for me, eh?" he asked of the bartender with a chuckle, striding up to the stage to grab his saxophone. Some of the club members got understandably excited, but Ren waved down their applause. To the masses, he was just a saxophonist. The only reason he'd need his saxophone was for making music. Which was true, but Ren had a secondary use for the brasswind. The only people who knew of his mystic's powers were his parents and Jack, to whom Ren had to explain his powers after an accidental slip-up during a performance. "Alright, Ren. Just make sure you don't get in trouble." The bartender quipped back. Ren nodded and strode out the door, sax strapped to his neck.

    As he turned the corner, he saw the remnants of a scuffle, and an unconscious girl laying in the wreckage. Trotting up and kneeling beside her, Ren checked the harpy-girl's pulse. It was there, but she seemed to be out cold. Looking around, there were a couple of other stragglers who had followed him, keeping their distance but otherwise curious and in one case, concerned. "She's out cold, but otherwise alive. She's got some nasty cuts and it looks like one of her wings nearly got torn off." Ren explained. "Should we get a doctor?" One of them asked, looking at their partner, who nodded and started off, to which Ren shook his head. "Nah, I can handle this." He answered, standing upright and backing up a little, motioning for the others to stay back. Ren stretched his neck and took hold of his sax, placing the mouthpiece at his lips. Rather than immediately begin playing, Ren closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He searched within his mind for the power he had pushed back, and as soon as he did his eyes started glowing through his eyelids, giving his eyes an eerie, pupil-less appearance. Despite having his eyes closed, Ren could now see through them, but his vision wasn't of the material plane. He could certainly see everything around him, but it was all a light blue haze, except for live beings, which were colored from green to red, indicating physical damage. The people behind him were mainly green, but the girl in front of him was a pale green with some dark orange on her injured wing, some orange-red on her clipped wing, and yellow on her body where she crashed. This ability allowed Ren to see the energy of the world, a trait shared by almost all mystics. The harsher colors were where that flow of energy was the most disrupted. Injuries were the most common source of this, but other sources have been documented by mages old and young. The only things that didn't give off an energy signal were the Instruments, tools that mystics used for their powers as a sort of focus. In Ren's case, it was his literal instrument: the saxophone he now held in his hands that glowed a soft gold in his vision.

    Taking in a breath, Ren started to play smoothly. Soft, gentle notes echoed out of his horn, which manifested in his vision as light green soundwaves. To the outer world, it would only appear as distorted air coming out of his saxophone. As Ren continued to play the song, the waves started to emanate towards the injured girl, binding themselves invisibly around her wounds and healing them a small part of the way. The longer Ren played, the more the soundwaves bound their healing properties to the girl, and after a few minutes of playing, Ren emerged from his quasi-trance slightly light-headed. The music wouldn't have been enough to heal the harpy girl completely, but Ren was able to at least patch up the damage. She'd need to see someone far more competent to heal her injuries completely, however. "Hey, you alright?" he asked, kneeling down again.
  8. Neerin had made quick work of his 'father's' notes and would settle down and finish off the rest of his work later. He grabbed his things, destroying the notes attemting for a few minutes to use his fingers, sparking a flame and walked onward, careful to make sure the ashes were completely extinguished. Then he headed to explore the rest of Sundown City. He passed an alleyway near a club and continued on, hearing a loud crash once he was a block or so over, he rushed back and heard music of all things. Unsure of the town's disposition on non-humans, he put on a hat and scarf, tightening it around his head and made his way around the corner.

    "Is... is everything alright?" Neerin asked, his metallic voice was barely muffled by the thick scarf. He saw the girl with wings, or they once were; as well as a point-eared man hoisting a large saxophone.
  9. Song Playing in Akumajo

    The black candles in Akumajo flickered, as the band played, a sole pianist and a decent sax player Hiruma found on his way through Sunset City played on the small stage in the corner. Funny story, about that sax player. He was actually a patron here first, when he came up after Hiruma played, and asked if he could play here. Whenever it came to music, Hiruma was a completely different person than how he acted, so he said sure, why not? It later came to be that he was here looking for a specific magical artifact, one Hiruma happened to have access to. He struck a deal with Cid the saxophonist instantly, having him play here free for the rest of his musician's life, once a week, every week. He didn't feel bad, of course. It was all business, and his business was good.

    Hiruma calmly washed a schooner behind the bar, listening to Cid and the pianist, thoroughly enjoying Cid's playing, placing the glass in the cooler rack under the beer spigots. "Hey, girl. I'm done for today, look after things." he told the other girl, dressed in a lovely black cocktail dress, with a form well suited for it, the small fake devil's tail bouncing slightly as she walked up and down behind the bar. "Why won't you ever use my name, Hiruma?" the girl haughtily said, her chest jiggling slightly as she stamped her foot on the floor.
    "I'll learn your name when you interest me, girl." he said, as he fell through the floor, a bit of black smoke billowing from the floor where he once stood. The same smoke formed near the front door as Hiruma rose from seemingly nowhere but the solid floor, standing there for a second. He reached into his back pocket, pulling out a pack of hand rolled cigarettes he smoked whenever he went for a walk. He popped one in his mouth, and without missing a beat, a SNAP went off, his index and thumb holding a flame as he lit it, walking out of the door at the protest of the buxom girl behind the bar.

    Hiruma walked along, his cigarette slightly lighting his face in the perpetual darkness of the town. He liked it this way. Dark, with bursts of light all up and down his alley. His alley. He had at least 15 people down here that he could call at a moment's notice for anything. He smiled to himself, lingering on that thought as he made his way towards Moonshine Club, needing to talk with the owner there; it was about time for Hiruma to get back to work.

    He made it to the Mystic's District after a bit of walking, already on his second cigarette, walking down the street with his hands in his pocket. He had his head down for the most part, having his MP3 player in, listening to some of his performances, looking for mistakes. He was so focused, he didn't see a girl in his way. His shoulder bumped into hers, her bag coming loose and clattering to the ground. His earbuds came loose as well, turning and looking at the girl. The first thing he felt was that they were polar opposites, the girl as white as the driven snow. "Excuse me, madam." he said, not showing that he was a bit irritated. He didn't like people touching him from nowhere, but he guessed he could forgive a cute girl like her. He usually gave most women courtesy, barring those that irritate him or bore him to no end (much like the girl at his bar). This one, though... He thought that neither would apply. He bent down to help her put her things in her bag, overlooking a book having fallen behind him, below the lip in the road out of his sight.

  10. Lifira starts to twitch and writhe. The harpy starts to moan out a word, louder and louder, but still incoherent.

    Her wings start batting around, searching for something, as does her claws, scratching up the area around her. Whatever it is she's looking for, she's desperate to find it.
  11. When she travelled down the rest of the avenue, leaving the dancing lights of sound behind her she lost her focus on what she could see and started to hum the tune to herself. Sometimes the music played at that jazz club was recognisable. Other times it altered between improvisation and songs she had never heard before. Fortunately this time she had heard this one, and could continue singing it when all the streets were quiet and she was presuming to be on her own. That was before she heard the laughter and other voices from down an alleyway. Keeping her head down she kept her blind eyes out of vision so that they didn't target her at all. Under the pressure she was, her visions were blurry and she couldn't tell the next happenings of what she was about to undergo.

    Because of this, her focus was gone all together and the next thing she knew, she was colliding with the gentleman coming from this group of people, and seemingly failing to stop herself from falling backwards. With a heavy thud and a strike of pain up her back, Maiya had to take a moment to realise just what had happened. She looked around with a dizzy mind, and fuzzy lights and couldn't make head nor tail of anything. She heard the male voice say, "Excuse me Madam" and nodded in agreemant with it, her own melodic tone replying to the apology. "It's quite alright.." Her eyes were appearing to stare off behind the man, the white covered lens of her eyes matching the pale white of her hair.

    She got to her feet and brushed her skirt from specks of gravel, and smudged the dirty water temporarily in till she could get home and clean herself up. Not realising she hadn't quite collected all of her items when her back came off of her back, she continued forward with her fuzzy vision, even tripping a little bit when trying to regain her steps. She paused and took a moment to herself for composition, and when she found her track, set off walking again without any trouble.
  12. Hiruma was a little worried as she walked, or closer to staggering, away, wondering if he really hit her that hard. He didn't noticed at the time, though, that when they bumped into each other, his cigarette flew off somewhere. "Shit..." he exclaimed, that having been one of his last hand rolled, only having two more until he got back home to Akumajo. He looked around for it, pulling his feet up, and turning around where her and the snow girl had met, his eyes scanning the dirty ground of the sidewalk. He didn't really care about being sanitary; he'd ingested enough tobacco and booze and other drugs to kill at least 10 people by his age, he didn't think a sidewalk cigarette would be his downfall. He stopped though, seeing something under the lip of the sidewalk, almost completely missing it. "A book?..." he said aloud, crouching and picking it up, brushing the dirt off of it, and turning it over in his hands. It gave him a bit of a surprise, though, at the sight of the title: Demons : Everything You Need to Know.

    He wondered whose it was, racking his brain, thinking of who would need or want to read a book about demons. He knew most of the demon and demon offspring in Sunset City; there weren't many to speak of, and none in prominent places of power. Nothing came to mind, until it just floated along in his mind. This must be hers... he thought to himself, taking it in hand. He went off the direction she went to, but stopped. He had a job to do, and needed to see the Eclipse leader as soon as he could. He toyed with the idea in his head, back and forth...

    "Screw it..." he said, as he melted through the ground, smoke spewing out as it reappeared farther down the street as he popped from the ground into a run, towards where the girl tottered off to. Hopefully she doesn't have a way to go faster than he did, he thought as he disappeared again after a minute, reappearing in front of a couple, making them shout out in alarm and anger. He ignored them and continued to chase after that pure white girl in this pure dark city...
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  13. [​IMG]

    Her head lowered, so that her chin was almost at her neck. Her vision reflecting the upcoming uproar that was about to come. She quickly ran under a nearby hotel entrance, the ones with canopy's around the doors. Almost in moments passed, rain started to heavily fall onto everybody on the main street. She smirked a little cheekily to herself, and a couple of people looked at her under the canopy, 'how did she know that?' She had heard them say through thought. Taking the time to locate her umbrella on the hook of her bag, she shook it off and propped it up over her head as a shield from this horrible weather. Her step now quickening as the passing cars and taxis were going down the street, causing the water in the puddles to uplift and hit her pale green skirt, and white tights. "Agh" she grunted, when another passer by really drenched her. Passing her bag to the other side so that the book, she thought, she was carrying didn't get wet.

    Within moments did she finally get to her street, a familiar essence blew over her like a wave. She started to walk forward and grab her keys to the little bungalow she shared with a friend in class. Putting the keys into the lock and twisting it she stepped foot into her home and happily lowered the umbrella to the side, for the water to slide off of it's surface and dry out. "Home!" She called up the stairs to what was deemed as an 'attic room'. Although, there was no call back, so Laura must have gone out, maybe to that moonshine place.. She threw herself down on the couch never the less, and then blinked to what her mind was showing her.

    Lights waved over in a form of smoke, and she was seeing a strange image appear at her front. Somebody was coming to the house. Dangerous? He seemed like it, but what was it he was holding... Her book?! She dropped it?! "God damnit!" She cursed and kicked her foot on the side of the sofa as she got up to pace in thought about how it could've happened. But, this face she didn't remember seeing, was this the man she bumped into? Her thoughts were hazy at that time, and she couldn't quite remember seeing anything but fragments really. She sat once more and began to pick at the image she thought she saw when she fell over and already got herself dirty, prior to the side walk splashings.

    Before she knew it there was almost a wave of energy bursting in front of her. Within the energy was the figure she saw in her vision, she lowered her panic and was more focused on if her book was now wet at all. She stood still for a moment and took in the mans face, her white eyes glancing over every part of him. To her he just looked like a tall male, but how did he teleport into her home?! Not wanting to cause alarm she offered out her hand and said, "I hope you didn't get it wet..."
  14. Ren stepped back, rising to his feet again. She was clearly alive, but something was irritating her. It sounded like she was trying to speak, but nothing coherent was coming out. Furrowing a brow in concern, Ren aimed his gaze around where she was looking. "Lost something..?" he asked, trying to find out what it was she was so desperate to retrieve. Soon, his eyes spotted an official-looking messenger bag at her side; Of course, she was a courier. Which led Ren to assume she lost whatever it was she was delivering. The crash was certainly large enough, and all signs point to a struggle of some sort. Apparently something had been chasing her, and got what it wanted. The only question was what was it she was delivering that would warrant interception? The only thing Ren knew was that it seemed to be gone, and there was no point in fretting about lost time. "Hey," he called, trying to rouse the harpy girl from her frenzy, " I dunno what it was you were delivering, but you look right messed up. Wouldn't do you any good to be chasing after any monsters in that state. Come inside and a rest a bit; the Sunset Lounge's real good for traveler types." Ren aimed to try and calm the girl by letting her relax in the club, but it wouldn't do much about her lost package. 'Baby steps, right?' Ren thought as he extended a hand to help her up.
  15. She bats her wings at him. Frantically, she cries, "Mail, mail! Mail must get there on time! Neither rain, sleet, nor psionic storm!"

    The harpy digs into her pack, and the wreckage, desperately searching for something. "Gotta find it, gotta find it, gotta find it..."

    Lifira doesn't seem to notice Ren's words.
  16. Hiruma coughed a bit as he took the book in question out from his vest jacket, placing the demonology book in her hand, the book as dry as could be. Hiruma himself, was also dry. He had gotten used to running around Sunset in the rain, living here for almost 30 odd years now. What kind of smuggler/courier/informant would he be if a little rain dampened his messages or products? He didn't say anything to her questions, for the moment at least, as he paced around, toiling things in his head. In front of her eyes, he took one step, two step... and on the third, fell through the floor as if he'd stepped into water instead of wood, thick plumes of black smoke where he disappeared. Just as he fell, he rose from the ground next to the couch and landed onto the couch with apparent ease, kicking one foot over the other, laying on the girl's couch.

    "Well, now that I've answered your question, miss... I have more than a few for you." he said, scratching his head slightly, looking at the girl hard and long now. She was certainly interesting to the eye, but there was something else... Something special that made him want to know more. Who knows, maybe she could be of use. He already figured she was psychically inclined, having known what she dropped and that he had it, without a word uttered. "Why are you studying demons, young miss?" was the first question that came to him, seeing as how that would be the most important one, mainly due to self preservation. Demons were unpopular to begin with. Hiruma? There were at least 30 people off the top of his head that would love his head on a pike next to their morning paper. They didn't call him "Redd Devil" just for his attire.
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  17. She stopped square, looking at him laying on her sofa like it was property that he owned. "I don't believe I invited you to sit..." She said, not trying to be rude but noting that this man was a little arrogant, and obnoxious. She placed the book face down on the mantle piece, and looked back around towards him. Although it was obvious that she was blind due to the lack of colour in her pupil and iris, her head eyed the man up and down for any peculiar features, she noticed a tail coming out from the side of crease between the sofa cushions and narrowed her eyes. Her head lifting up as her own mind connected with his thoughts briefly to pick up on why he was so curious to what she was reading such literature for. "You're one of them aren't you, a demon?" She said, and turned her head the other way, envisioning no harm coming to her or the household, much anyway. With that her rear placed itself on the plush chair facing the man, and they sat in relatively dim light as the bulb flickered due to her paranormal capabilities interfering with the electrical signals in her home.

    "I am reading the book for my own personal use... See, the title.. 'everything you need to know' does not quite tell me enough, it does not tell me what I want to know." She paused momentarily before continuing. "However, I'm not even sure what I want to know either." Rubbing her chin momentarily she felt she had shared enough information and stood up to walk towards the door and open it. "Would you care I showed you out, or are you quite capable of doing that yourself?" She said observing him with an obviously impassive and indifferent expression. Even giving a slight tilt of her head to the question.
  18. "Half. At least in where it counts." he jested, seeing that the girl was rather defensive, realizing he must've struck a nerve somewhere along the way. He looked her dead in the eyes, a talent of which he liked quite a lot; he never shied away from anyone or anything. He wouldn't call himself arrogant, but it wouldn't be far off. The dim lights didn't do much to tone down just how bright the girl was. She was almost like a doll, one of those you'd see behind thick glass and told never to touch. Fragile, is the word that came to mind. He'd have to be a bit more careful, and use some finesse to get info from her, because it worried him quite a bit at her next words, not having found what she wanted from the book. However, that devilish little light bulb went off in his head as he thought deeper.

    "Oh, no need to open the door for me." he said, getting up like a normal person this time, standing up. "What do you want to know?" he simply asked, walking towards the door, hands in his pockets. "I might not look it, but I have information that would put most any book on them to shame. And then some." he told the blind girl, his lips curling into a toothy smile as he finished the sentence. His blackened eyes were a staunch contrast to the ghost white eyes peering back at him. He wasn't lying to her; he researched his own heritage extensively as a child and teenager, having read countless useless books, and finally going to the source and getting the info he wanted to know. That's how he became interested in information brokering; books can only take you so far when you're seeking info on something.
  19. She thought back to when she said she didn't know what she wanted and then tilted her head the other way. "I don't know what kind of ladies you find yourself speaking to, but I, for one, do not just openly speak to strangers who suddenly appear in my house due to whatever supernatural capabilities they have.. I would prefer it if you left now, Sir, and were on your way." She spoke sternly, her feet firmly planted in a ballerina like manner, touching at the ankles with the wind from the opening door blowing against her skirt causing it to reply with a ripple effect. Her eyes stayed narrowed and the picture of the man in her living room stood still with the specks of lights she would see in her own form of 'visuals'.

    Absent mindedly her foot tapped in waiting for him to leave and after there was a pause of silence she nodded towards the door in an encouraging manner. Giving a noise in the back of her throat which signalled 'go on then!' She took a glance outside to see if anybody was watching their embarrassing encounter, when at that moment her room mate was pulling in to the drive. She quickly turned her head back forward to the man with her eyes wide and then with more of a heightened voice, once more, a little harsher this time, asked the man to leave. Laura can't know about this, about me.. Her room mate discriminated the 'gifted' ones. However, Maiya loved her company, and even though she had to hide a huge part of herself away from the girl, would do so to avoid losing her as a friend.

    Once more she pulled a wide eyed expression to the man in her living room.
  20. That did it, he thought, as the girl haughtily asked him to remove himself from the house. He was interested. He could tell that she was dying to know whatever it was that she was looking for, but wouldn't really admit to it. He grinned widely again, his toothy grin going from ear to ear, almost wicked looking. He reached into his vest pocket, and pulled a small black card out, flipping it between his fingers in front of the girl. On the card read:
    End of Club Alley
    He aimed, and artfully flew the card, it finding it's mark between the pages, the black card sticking out just enough to see it in there. "You're welcome, madam." he said a little forlornly, still wondering if she'd ever thank him for running the book to her house. It mattered little; he had a good feeling that she would seek him out soon enough. Her eyes told him all he needed to know; her roommate would flip if she saw him lingering. And with that, he made his way out of the door, and past the girl getting out of her car; on his way down the street, headed for Moonshine Club, well past the time he was supposed to show up. "Oh well. They'll live." he said, pulling a cigarette out and lighting it with a SNAP and a huff of smoke...