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    It had sounded like such a good idea before but we had forgotten the risks of going on this quest... To board an unknown ship called the Nightingale after being promised a better life in a new world was foolish from the beginning. You would have to be insane to even believe in such nonsense. But desperate times call for desperate measures... When your world is turned upside down by a fearful enemy running a dictatorship where everyone is forced to work every day until exhaustion or death, you begin to crave the feeling of breaking from the chains that bind you. So when you are offered freedom, you grasp it with every ounce of strength you have left.

    On the other hand, what would life be without difficulties?

    During the time you are on the vessel, small but dreadful mistakes trigger a key clue. You realize that half the people on the cruise aren't exactly who they seem to appear to be on the outside, they are outlaws or delinquents, people with hidden pasts and/or objectives. This is a big problem, especially considering the amount of young children and weaker adults on board. There could be several outcomes to a situation such as this.

    To make matters worse, four days after being at sea, the ship crashes into uncharted rocks sticking out of the water causing any survivors to make for the circular shaped island in the distance. Once on it, you realize many things;
    • Not all the criminals died in the crash, you are stuck with them. Then again, just as many citizens have died as well...
    • 40% of the island is stone, 50% of it is jungle and only 10% is land or dirt to plant things on (if you have/find seeds). There is little food and no water sources to drink from except the sea.
    • Strange plants coexist with the trees in the jungle, some of which are carnivorous.
    • Every animal on the island has adapted themselves to be dangerous in some way, shape or form.
    • The island is guarded by a mysterious white beast called Bruno, who won't let anything leave without a price.
    • Lastly, as soon as Their masks are ripped off... Rape, murder, theft, lying and chaos begin before two sides are formed; Zilla (the outlaws) and Anthony (the citizens).
    With no trust among the people, what can you do?

    Important Notes:
    Click (open)

    In the beginning;
    • You will not have a lot of supplies brought onto the ship. You will only have what you could quickly grab from your living quarters before fleeing.
    • You of you had it worse with the dictator than others, you might have even been one of his main servants. You may or may not be traumatized (or have PTSD), You won't really care and instead will move on from it quickly.
    • Because of the above, you will have an easier or harder time trying to escape.
    • Not everyone will know there are outlaws on the ship. The experience is different for every character.
    During or After the Crash;
    • You could have almost died, made someone else die (NPC's), had gotten away easily by yourself or had played the "hero" and got more than yourself out.
    • Based on who you were before you boarded the ship, you will only have certain supplies and even then you might lose all of them here or most of them.
    • Not everyone will find out about the forest's dangers as quickly as other. The same goes for Bruno.
    • You can become a outlaw here but not everyone.

    Big No's, Facts and Rules:
    Click (open)

    • No Playing Killing unless it was your plan from the beginning or the other User has agreed. You can still kill NPC's. <One main character at a time max. You can still play your family members but they can't be the focus.
    • When it comes to the crimes, rape is the biggest.
    • No Gary Stu or Mary Sue's. No one is perfect! Sure you're character can be pretty but not the prettiest with everyone loving them instantly.
    • The name of the island will be decided among the OC after the crash and right before the division. The best one will win.
    • It is Elementary; if you post a sentence as a post, I will ask you to add more. <This drives me insane!
    • You can be an outlaw from the beginning but there must be more citizens at the start than outlaws.
    • No incest, tentacles or critters. Sorry, with this plot idea, I'm not up for it.
    • No technology like computers, cellphones, etc. Compasses are welcome for navigators.
    • Any LGBTQ is welcome.
    • While saying all this in notes... Be reasonable.
    • Be realistic to a sense.
    Idea Based On (open)

    • This was based on my friends dream but only 30 percent was from it. The part about fleeing for some reason (which I made a dictator) to a ship that crashes on an island (the description of the island is hers and mysterious disappearances <which I made man-eating plants and dangerous animals) to the part about rape, murder and robbery breaking out on the island were hers. The names Nightingale, Bruno (the creature was her idea but he was slightly different <didn't trap them) and Anthony were hers. Nightingale was actually the island and Anthony was the person who helped them escape. Except, you can only escape through death in my RP. Sorry but not really.
    • Most of the rules are common sense so...
    • Have fun. :banghead:
    • and Follow Iwaku rules. :valentine:

    That being said... Anyone still interested?

  2. I am definitely interested! Just wanted to stake my claim before trying to go back to bed. Do our characters have to be teenagers, though? I'd rather create someone who was in her younger 20's for a roleplay like this.
  3. I'd totally be into this as a criminal if you'd let me take that on x)
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  4. I think for this roleplay in particular my character will have hybristophilia as long as I'm allowed to take on a young woman...
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  5. Nope, in this rp you can be anyone except children. So the characters can range from age 14/15ish (I dunno) to early thirties. Just an example.
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  6. Nothing below 13. So teenagers and young adults, gotcha. Well then I'm all for this! :)
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  7. Name [-]
    Age [15+]
    Gender [Cis-gender (male/female), trans, two-spirited, etc]
    Orientation [Usually I hate to put this but it seems like in this rp, it might be needed.]
    Birthday [d/m]
    Family [Who died by the hand of the dictator? Who came with you? Who died in the crash (or are still alive)?]
    Occupation [-]
    Supplies [What did you bring with you? Max 6; related to above]
    Escape [How did you escape? Was it easy? Hard? How close did you work with the dictator?]
    Clothes [What are you wearing when you escape? Can be a picture]
    Mental and/or Physical Illness [PTSD? Depression? Phobia? Disability?]
    Outlaw or Citizen [Before]
    Villa or Anthony [After]
    Key [If Citizen, did you figure out that there are outlaws on the ship? If so, how. If Outlaw, what mistake did you accidentally commit?]
    History [-]
    Appearance [Outfit? Beauty marks, tattoos (can be a slave mark), scars, etc? Height, figure, coloring? Picture?]
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  8. The mistake an outlaw would commit is during the boat trip, right? Or is it before that?
  9. Yes, it would be something the citizens might or might not notice like a small slip up in casual conversation or like in Japan where tattoos are always associated with the Yakuza.
  10. Okay, thanks for the confirmation! She's coming up soon after I have her history laid out! The history is before the cruise, right? :)
  11. Yup.
  12. Name: Victoria Austin

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Birthday: July 16th

    Family: Her immediate family, mother, father, and two siblings, came with her, as well as her boyfriend. Her father and mother died at the hands of the dictator and her siblings both died in the crash.

    Occupation: College Student

    Supplies: First Aid Kit, Matches, Pocket Knife, Dagger, Sleeping Bag, Compass

    Escape: The escape was quite hard, as she wasn't in close terms with the dictator, but rather, more independent if you will.

    Clothing (open)

    Besides this pretty basic outline of her clothing, she also has a baggy gray hoodie that was her boyfriend's and your simple black tennis shoes.

    Mental and/or Physical Illness: Amnesia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Outlaw or Citizen: Outlaw

    Villa or Anthony: Anthony

    Key: She accidentally killed her boyfriend.

    History: TBA

    Physical Image (open)

    She has a small café au lait birthmark on her left hip, as well as three faint scars running down her right side from the bottom of her shoulder blade curving a little around to stop on the side. They're similar to slash marks, if you will. She has an hourglass figure and stands at about 5'3" tall, an average height for a French-American citizen.

    (I will put the history in when I have time and when I can actually think of something decent, especially connecting to her accidental crime! xD)
  13. Hi! I know it's late but this seemed rather interesting. Are you still planning on proceeding?
  14. Actually, it's not late at all and yes I am planning to proceed after a few more people catch interest in this. :)
  15. The occupation is during the rule of the dictator so she wouldn't be able to be studying anything if he made everyone work somehow. This will also affect what she brings with her.
  16. Can you please give me some examples of occupation that would be suitable? Would studying and working fit? Or would that only be working?
  17. Hmm... Examples...

    Usually in a dictatorship, you aren't given any freedom (no freedom of speech -> you get killed for it, strict to no schooling -> the dictator wants you stupid and easy to manipulate, harsh jobs). Basically anything to "better" the nation.

    So construction workers, engineers, painters (of the dictator; usually with him looking down at you), tailors (bland clothes of shades [gray, white, brown, black]), soldiers (lots of them), any jobs that are war related, citizens working with machines to make war tools/weapons, etc.

    With this there is also; starvation, tons of deaths, fear, etc.

    If you want better (real life) examples of how the situation would look like... Stalin, Hitler and Michelini were all dictators.
    I hope that helped...
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  18. Okay, well I'm definitely interested in joining! I'm on my phone at the moment, (and it's being a dickwad) so i can't fill out the skelly. As soon as I'm home, I'd like to sign up :)
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  19. Name [Grayson McArthur]
    Age [19]
    Gender [Male]
    Orientation [Straight]
    Birthday [11/03]
    Family [All had been dead before the dictator even began ruling.]
    Occupation [Soldier]
    Supplies [A dagger in a scabbard, cork carried over the shoulder on a leather strap, tin cup, dried deer (jerky), and a fire starting kit.]
    Escape [It had been easier than Grayson thought it would be. All he had to do was knock out the guy he had been patrolling with and grab his already made up bag before fleeing for the ship.]
    Outfit (open)

    Mental and/or Physical Illness [
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder]
    Outlaw or Citizen [Citizen]
    Villa or Anthony [Anthony]
    Key [He was made a child soldier when the dictator took over, those tend to become suspicious easily and are guarded.]
    History [Grayson was bought by a wealthy man as soon as he was beginning to walk. By the age of four, he already had a slave mark on his back and had learned how to take orders from his Masters. When he was eight, he began sleeping with the man's wife whenever she was lonely against his will. Nothing changed until he was twelve when the man who bought him gave him to the new dictator as a child soldier to appease him. He was then trained to kill and become an object with no feelings. Now at the age of nineteen, he wants his rights back and thirsts for freedom. The Nightingale was the perfect opportunity at the right moment.]

    Appearance (open)
    Gray has scars all over his back and upper arms, as well as his thighs. Some long and jagged while others slim but noticeable. He stands at six feet tall with a lean but muscled figure.
    The slave mark given to him as a child.
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