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  1. It's the year 2020. Technology is booming. Cancer treatments and cures, cybernetics, androids, computers, vehicles, you name it. Chances are, if you've heard of it before, it's been improved or invented. That's the problem; humans did too much.
    In an attempt to discover ways to travel faster through space, to make travel between planets easier and faster, scientists experimented with inter-dimensional prototypes. The objective was to open a wormhole through another dimension that lead to another location, as a sort of 'warp travel'. It was working, and a wormhole was opened.
    But it wasn't a wormhole. It was a portal.
    Thousands upon thousands of monstrosities poured out. Nonhuman creatures, things that were grotesque and powerful. Demons.
    They poured out of the portal in a seemingly endless stream. They tore through the lab, out into the city, and virtually overnight the entire country of Sweden (where the experiments had been taking place) was wiped off the map. Shapeshifter demons learned how to invade boats and airplanes, to carry demonic troops all over the world, and within a month, most of the world had been taken over by the demons.

    But it wasn't only demons that were expelled onto Earth.

    There was a virus, harmless to humans. Beneficial, even. It made them slightly faster and stronger, smarter, virtually improved in every way. It wasn't enough to make the small amount of humans that contracted it able to stand up to the demons, but it didn't matter, they weren't looking to take back Earth yet.
    The humans solely lived in the shells of old cities, barely surviving.
    It was this survival that created Them. Women who had contracted the virus, and had children with men whom also contracted it had greatly enhanced children. They had the same attributes as their parents, aside from one thing; elemental powers.
    These few children with powers were easily able to kill demons, even at young ages. The small pockets of civilization trained them to be fighters, to take back buildings and cities. They were sent out into the world, to retake their planet from the demonic invaders. Few survived.

    In the ruins of an old city, there were traces of the old world. Dogtown replaced the city's true name. Nothing but dogs and wolves lived here, and occasionally hellhounds (dogs infected with the demonic virus, though not evil. Just bigger, and occasionally sprouting flames or other odd physical characteristics) . It was a perfect place to start rebuilding. Ten years after the demons invaded, it was empty, save for the dogs and the occasional salvager. Fastforward another few years, and a few small tribes of humans moved in, rebuilding the upper levels of skyscrapers, making them homes and bases to wage war on the demons.
    Spread by word of mouth, small tribes of humans would move to the outskirts of the city, trying to rebuild. Dogtown became an area many people called home, and it was safe, relatively speaking. Many merchants and traders were located in Dogtown, creating a population boom. A few buildings were restored, small gardens and even a farm or two cropped up, and the formation of an organized militia all contributed to Dogtown becoming the first 'real' civilization post-demon invasion.

    Throughout all of these events, the demons were always present, though many met their end at the hands of Dogtown's militia. The citizens thought themselves safe. Even when scouts reported a horde of demons numbering in the hundreds approaching Dogtown, they felt safe. The militia set up perimeters and ambush points in preparation for a fight. They won against the initial wave.

    Then the waves kept getting bigger and bigger, until hundreds became thousands. Throughout it all, Dogtown endured. Citizens and guards alike fought side-by-side to defend their homes. Though they didn't feel safe, they felt that they could hold against the demonic forces.

    Until the Greater Demon showed up.

    The monstrosity appeared alone, landing on top of a skyscraper and emitting a roar that shook the city. Some of the smaller demons fled. A lot of citizens hurriedly packed up and ran, too. None of them made it. The fifteen-foot tall Greater engaged the human forces head-on, it's scorpion-like tail and wicked black claws making short work of human flesh, while it's powerful legs, armored red scales, and giant bat wings made it impossible to land a damaging blow. The chieftain of the first tribe in Dogtown set out with his finest warriors to fight the demon. None of them survived. It seemed like the demons were finally wiping out every last human, and there was no way to stop them. Among the panicked and desolate remnants of the population stood a nonchalant teenager in a black, hooded coat. The details of what happened aren't really known, but whoever the boy was, he contained immense power. The Greater Demon's constant, terrifying roars just ceased suddenly, and when the first few survivors poked their heads out to see what happened, they were greeted with the sight of the Demon pinned to the side of a building, dead. The boy wasn't seen again. After that, a strange radio broadcast started popping up in the area, over any open frequency.

    Humans got cocky again. They make a new civilization in the ruins of an old one, and it takes a couple weeks to topple it again. One of those demon sonofabitches takes out an entire city? You kidding me? Heh, whatever. You wanna see more of 'em dead, come find me. Don't bother if you're weak.

    There's a rumor floating about Dogtown that the mysterious broadcaster is the same as the unknown teen in the black coat. The first child of the elements to be seen in months.

    Then, is his call to arms for humans, or for children of the elements?

    Okay, so this is a little half-assed, but a more vague version of this written by a twelve-year-old is what interested me in roleplaying, so I thought, "What the hell?" and decided to remake it. Basically, demon apocalypse, teenagers/kids with special powers roam around and kick the shit out of them. There's more, of course but y'know. I don't really do character sheets if I can help it, but if you want to post them, go ahead. Standard roleplaying rules apply, no godmodding, no cybering in the forum (what you do in PMs is your business), and no Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Hell, nobody is gonna be perfect in an apocalyptic world. Be realistic, even though this roleplay isn't.

    Any other questions, fire away.
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  2. Oh, for those of you interested, I'd prefer there to be around three people to be ready before I start it (also please post in here if you're interested so I can get an approximation of how many people are interested)
  3. Interested.

    Woo! No character sheets. xD
  4. I feel that character sheets are counterproductive, but if anyone wants to post one they're welcome to. They aren't required by any means though.
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  5. Interested as well!
  6. Count me in.
  7. All right, cool. I'll have the thread up soon. I'm still accepting, though.
  8. So we can play as either children of elements or plain humans?
    How old would the children be?
    My tummy hurts.
  9. Normal humans and children are acceptable. The children are, at the oldest, 19. I'm starting the actual thread as I type this, so give me a few minutes and it'll be up.
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  10. I should also mention that if anyone wants to use light/dark as an element they need to message me first.
  11. I'm most definitely interested. I may not post a CS but I will probably post at least a name and picture of my character if that's okay. Does it matter what sort of element our character has? Can we have more than one?
  12. characters can only have one element. If your character's element is water, they can use it both as liquid water and ice. just make sure the area your character is in makes sense with what they are using. No icicles on a tropical island.
  13. Devyne Lidiya Slane (open)

    Black thick and wavy hair, Blue eyes, 5'2" pale porcelain ivory skin.
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  14. I'm interested
  15. Also could you give a list of elements you find acceptable?
  16. Fire

    Light and Dark need to message me first.
  17. There's not an IC up yet is there?
  18. So my character uses electricity to supercharge himself making him much faster and stronger than most people and also giving him enhanced healing abilities. Not overpowered healing like wolverine just fast healing. He is able to manipulate electromagnetic fields within a half of a meter from his body. There is a bit more but the point is that he specializes in melee/physical and cannot use ranged abilities like lightning bolts and or any long ranged electromagnetism abilities.
    Just making sure that you approved it before I start pulling out big moves and such.
  19. It's cool. A lot of the characters in this should be super powerful. Since there's very little player v player conflict, it's fine to have characters be strong as hell. For example, Epsil tearing the arm off of a demon and shoving it through its chest.
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