Nightfall, Children of the Elements (apocalyptic/elemental)

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  1. The street was deserted. Eerily silent. Soft, but deep footfalls echoed off of the walls of abandoned buildings. Cockroaches and mice scrambled underfoot to get away from the large newcomer. He stopped as the vermin scuttled away. "Damn, this place did go to hell," he observed. "Can't leave for a few months without getting infested, I suppose," he continued on. His voice was deep, and slightly raspy. Certainly not a voice that would belong to a seventeen-year-old. However, this was precisely the case.

    The boy's name was Epsil. He was tall and semi-muscular, being much stronger than his lean appearance showed. His skin was oddly pale, his eyes a glowing, predatory amber. A pair of dark jeans and black boots, a white shirt, and a grey trench coat were all that was visible on his person. His hair was wavy and jet-black, pushed away from his face and cascading down his shoulders. Slightly crooked teeth were visible behind a mischievous half-grin. He slouched slightly, his body language very nonchalant. The fact that he was so young, yet alone and still alive in fair health was a clear display of how able a fighter he was. It didn't matter how good at hiding and surviving you were, the demons could always sniff you out. So you had to kill them, which is what Epsil did.

    A few paces later, the boy strode out from the alley he'd been in, into the middle of the street. A few rays of sunlight poked through the grey sky to light the desolate and wrecked shell of the city. Once, it had a name, but that was long forgotten, all traces marked out by graffiti or scavenged or just simply destroyed.

    Epsil sighed loudly, stretching his arms towards the sky. "'S nice to be home, I guess," he said to himself, letting his arms drop. His eyes scanned the street for a few moments, looking for anything that was moving towards the sound. Nothing, aside from the standard vermin, and a few crows moved. He sighed again, groaning. "I was really hoping someone'd come on out to play," he drawled on.

    "No need to be shy, 'ol Epsil isn't a bad person~" he called out, strolling on down the street with his hands in his pockets. He'd heard rumors of an odd broadcast in the area and appeared to track down the creator of the message. Perhaps he would be a Child, too. Well, if the stranger took down a Greater Demon, like the rumors said, he had to be a Child. Nothing short of an army of normal humans could take on a Greater and actually kill it.

    A third sigh escaped the boy's lips as a gust of brisk autumn wind ruffled his hair. He closed his eyes and lifted his face to the sky, letting the scarce beams of sunlight that pierced through the clouds warm his face. "Mmm...It's so lovely out. It'd be a shame if it rained," he remarked, mostly to himself. Though Epsil had a habit of talking to himself anyways, he decided that his habit would be beneficial in finding anyone else drawn to the broadcast. Or the broadcaster himself.
  2. A girl sat in an old, abandoned building, facing a wall and humming an eerie tune to herself. Her long, raven black hair glistened in the small amount of sunlight that creeped through the cracks in the ceiling and fell over her pale skin. She wore a torn, white dress that flowed down to her ankles, although the dress was smeared with dirt.
    She heard a voice in the distance and crawled across the floor to peer out a boarded up window and survey the street. She held her breath trying to focus on the distant footsteps though all she could hear is her heart racing in her ears. Slowly getting up off the floor she walked over to what once was a doorway but now could be better described as a 'hole in the wall'. Her bare feet almost silent on the rubble that littered the floor she reached the hole and peeked her head around the corner and upon spying the figure in the distance she quickly pulled her head back in hoping whoever or whatever it was did not see her. Pressing her back against the wall she steadied her breath and closed her eyes hoping they'd pass and leave her undiscovered.
  3. Ruin and desolation. That was all he saw before him as he walked through what was once supposed to have been a great civilization. At least that's what they had told him. Now, it was just like everywhere else, rundown, abandoned, and teeming with insects and rodents.

    He leaned back and stretched, the sleeves of his loose black sweater slid down his arms revealing more than a few scars on his arms. Silently he began walking down the street. He'd been lucky to find the new pair of black boots he was wearing, as well as the nicely fitted pair of jeans both of which had been in decent condition. His golden blond hair rustled in the wind, and striking blue eyes pierced the horizon. He wondered if he would meet anyone on these roads, and if he did hopefully they'd be friendly. Killing demon's was easy, killing humans on the other hand was easier. Easier but also harder.
  4. imagesWEH9UDE6.jpg
    She looked out at the city she use to call home and sighed it was time for change to her. Grabbing her crossbow she wiped the blood that dripped slowly from her mouth on the arm. Looking down at the red smug she smiled with an evil grin. "Game time." She whispered as she looked away from the window of her room. The town was dead it was broken it seemed in half. Sighing she turned around to look at her bow and quiver leaning up against the wall next to the front door that was half way torn off the hinges. Making her way to the door she grabbed the quiver throwing it on her back. Leaning down she snagged the bow lightly tugging on the nock point she smiled. "Still firm." She said pulling the string across her body allowing it to drape at her side. Thinking for a bit she ran back to her room she needed to leave her home and travel fast away from this place. Opening her closet door she pulled a large rectangular box from the top shelf. blowing the dust off the gloss finishing of the box she sneezed as the dust floated into the air. "I guess I needed to use this more often." She said opening the case slowly. Looking down onto a black sheath she gripped the back wrapped hilt and pulled the katana out of the box. "Hello my darling." She said running her hand up and down the sheath before pulling the sword out. Smiling at the glitter of the weapon in the setting sun's light she could see the folds of Damascus that it took to create the sword. Standing up she pushed the sword back into the sheath and tied it around her waist. Turning around she nodded at herself. "Time to go."

    Making her way outside she looked up into the setting sun and looked down and up the street to see if she could see anyone. "No one." She smiled as she ran across the street and into the neighbors back yard. Jumping the back fence she landed silently next to the main strip to the town. "No need to be shy ol' Epsil isn't a bad person." was what she heard from the man around the corner from her. Ducking close to the fence she peaked around the corner at the slim muscular man. Pulling her head back she softly pulled her bow out from around her neck. Not pulling an arrow out she made her way quietly to the other side of the fence. peaking again around the side she was going to get behind the man. Again nobody was there. Making her way down the street she paused a moment scanning the buildings around her making sure she was in fact alone on this street. Seeing nobody she turned another corning now again on the street she lived. Well at least once lived on. Making her way down the road she peaked around to see the man still walking forward into town. Stepping out she pulled an arrow out from her quiver. "Don't take another step." She said pointing the arrow straight at the man's back.
  5. More voices?
    It was difficult not to hear them after all this town, if you could even call it that now, was dead, literally.
    Are they demons? Should i kill them?
    She fell to her knees and fumbled around, finding her daggers hidden under a few small rocks before clutching them to her chest tightly and listening, hoping they would kill each other and be on their way.
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    Devynne wandered past the last of the trees in the overgrown park. She was scouting for demons as she did most days. To anyone else she'd look like a very petite teenager with long black hair, torn skinny jeans, black converse, and a white tanktop with a black belt slung halfway down her hips, a holster with a gun attached to the belt. Walking along down the road towards where she stayed, she hummed slightly to herself. She wasn't really worried about getting attacked, she knew she could hold her own against human or demon. She may have been a small girl, but she was a little fireball. Chuckling slightly to herself she headed down a side alleyway. She kept one hand on the holster of her gun, just in case.
  7. "Don't take another step"

    Zayne froze. He looked towards where the sound had come from and saw a young girl aiming a very deadly looking bow at a boy around his age. Realizing he was not the target of the threat Zayne smiled to himself. Looks like he had indeed run into people, though whether they were friend or foe he was not sure. Looking at the guy Zayne winked, and put a finger to his lips as if to say be quiet.
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  8. The somewhat less-than-sane smile of Epsil didn't change a bit. "Well hello there, sweetie," he called out, spinning on his heel and twirling around to face the girl that was pointing an arrow at his chest with his arms open wide. His golden eyes glittered dangerously. "If you wanted to kill me, you should have done it by now. You missed your chance." The boy's superhuman reflexes allowed him to catch many things. Maybe even an arrow. There was a sliver of doubt, but he wasn't going to let the girl know that. "Besides, if you kill me, someone else might attack. If you haven't noticed, there's quite a few of us around," he remarked.

    Epsil refrained from bringing attention to the other boy in the alley, instead jerking his thumb towards a girl that was literally just walking into the alley. Obviously the teen's senses were as ridiculous as his ever-present smile. He stuck his hands in his pockets and took a single step towards the girl. "I took a step forward. Dear me, I'm such a rebel. Now we'll see what happens," he drawled on in a sing-song voice. He laughed to himself, sounding quite a bit insane. His manic smile seemed absolutely batshit insane at this point. "Your move." His amber eyes were bright with excitement, his whole body tense as he waited for the girl's response. Maybe he'd even get a chance to show off a little bit.
  9. Keeping her eyes on the man she laughed at his sweet words of respect to her. "Aww should have killed you?" She asked him with her arrow head still pointed at him. "Who are you." She watched as he took a step toward her. She grinned at him her face now glowing with happiness and excitement. "Wrong move." She said letting the arrow fly into their air at him. He caught the air which didn't really surprise her what so ever. Taking her voice under breath the arrow became red as fire and spit flames at her opponent. Putting her bow back around her shoulders and grabbed the hilt of her blade. Drawing the weapon she points it at the man. "Who are you?" She demanded again this time her voice rang louder throw the street. Looking at the girl walking down the road she smiled for the girl meant no harm. But... She stopped and smelled the air there was someone else. Smiling at the man she started to laugh. "You hide so well young one. " She said in a joking voice. "Come out and tell me what you are doing in my city." She demanded as she gripped her blade tighter. She could feel the wound at her mouth still dripping slowly of blood.

    Biting at her lower lip she didn't need blood running down her face at this moment in time. "Damn lip." She said quietly under her breath. Looking back up at the man she glared. He had to have the answers for what went wrong here for what happened to her city. Watching his foot work she stood still with her blade ready to chop him down when he made is first attack. Looking at the corner where the other boy hid she growled under her breath. Pussy she thought to herself as a smile crept across her face.
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  10. The old warehouse was chilly and poorly lit but not dark enough that you can't see your own breath exhale away then disappear. It has long been abondoned by its owners who were probably already dead in a ditch somewhere. But that didn't matter to Carlos at the moment.

    "You've got to be kidding me," Carlos bended his knees and leaned back in exhaustion. There it was, several feet in front of him: a twelve-foot creature with four folded legs on the bottom of four more thinner and longer arms. All limbs, he knew, were sharp enough to slice a human being in half. A spider demon with a nasty aim. In the quiet, a couple of the legs clinked much too loud on one of the metal crates that littered around the room. Instinctively, he felt his muscles tense, his fingers ready.

    "How many more of you are there?" he asked the monster as if it would answer. It didn't. Rather, it cocked its long crow-like skull to one side, confused. Carlos could only imagine what it's thinking: Strips or whole?

    "Oh, why am I even talking to you?" The air around him found fuel in his annoyance and with rapid whips of his arms, waves of air followed suit. Every blow was strong enough to cause serious dents on the metal walls but they all missed the sonuvabitch by a hair. This one was way faster than the ones he fought earlier, plus his hits were getting sloppy. This was the sixth spider demon he encountered today, and although demons this low hardly needed effort, killing five of them in one day was taking its toll.

    Crates were exploding from his blows. The raining metal scraps and dust were making it hard for Carlos to see. A sudden lounge came from behind him. He barely dodged the attack. "Darn it." He caught sight of the demon only a second and saw that it was starting to create a hug ball of silkweb from its butt. Only a matter of time, he thought. I gotta get out of here.

    He kicked a full force of air on the dented wall which blew up instantly. Not waiting for the rest of the warehouse to collapse over him, he ran outside where a dark empty street welcomed him. A dared look behind him told him the demon was just one horrible, piercing arm away. "Aaah!" he followed the road as fast as the air carried his legs, hoping for an opening, when lo and behold some idiots were standing around as if the world wasn't ending. He waved, "Run! Cause I ain't saving your sorry butts!" This must be his lucky day; the heavens just handed him the perfect distraction.​
  11. "Well shit, today's gunna be a long day ain't it" Zayne said while slipping on a pair of spiked knuckles. "If you ladies and gents don't mind setting aside your little, uh, conflict I wouldn't mind a little help here" Sparks started to travel across his fists, and body, he took a step towards the giant spider demon "totally optional of course, you don't have to help" Faster than most people could react he dashed in towards the demon. It was definitely going to be a long day, he just hoped that by the end of it the demon was the only thing he'd have to kill.
  12. She had taken one step too many. At the end of the alleyway she could see a girl and a boy. The boy standing in front of the woman, who was pointing an arrow at his chest. She rolled her eyes. You have GOT to be kidding me. That's when she heard pounding footsteps coming from her right. She had just enough time to sense the clinking of spider demon legs before a boy burst out of the road beside her. "Run! 'Cause I ain't saving your sorry butts!" On his heels was just what she'd expected, a spider demon. In a fraction of a second a second boy had slipped on brass knuckles and sprinted toward the creature. Swearing softly under her breath, Devynne reached for her gun with one hand. The other flickering with electricity. Knowing it wouldn't do much more than distract it, she pulled the trigger on her gun, the bullet hitting the spider demon smack dab in one of it's numerous eyes. She didn't even give it enough time to roar in pain before she pointed her other hand towards the creature, palm facing out. There was the smell of sulfur and burnt air and with a loud crack, a lightning bolt shot out of her palm and struck the spider in it's abdomen. "Take that you son of a bitch." The petite teen chuckled under her breath.
  13. Epsil feigned a yawn as the arrow flew towards him, snatching it easily out of the air. He snapped the shaft with his thumb and tossed the halves away, batting the flames away with his other hand. He stopped for a few seconds, violently shaking off flames before speaking. "My, my, we have such a fireball here," he said, his grin widening. "Oh I do so hope you enjoy that pun," he began, "but it's not that nice to threaten people you've just met. I mean c'mon, you don't know my strengths, and you've already revealed your trump card. I'll keep going if you reeaaally want to play this game."

    Obviously, Epsil ignored the girls demand, instead opting to anger her more without actually starting a fight. However, before much else could happen, another person came hauling ass out of a warehouse, followed by a massive spider demon. From the looks of it, the bitch was the queen. Epsil sighed. The newcomer girl and boy instantly attacked it. The boy smashed the hell out of its chest with electrically charged punches, while the girl fired two shots--one from her gun, the other a giant lightning bolt from her palm. A laugh rang out from Epsil's lips as he spun around and leaped into action, completely ignoring his aggressor. The demon was drastically weakened, but to make sure it was dead (and to show off a little) the dark-haired teen was going to finish it off. The demon swiped at him with a razor-sharp limb as he approached. Epsil only grinned and raised his hand, catching it with ease. He sent his other fist flying towards the joint, and with a sickening sound that was somewhere between crunching metal and a splattering watermelon, the bladed appendage was torn free. Blood spewed all over the alley, and before the demon had time to counterattack, Epsil had already sent the limb flying back through the its chest.

    Epsil dusted his hands off, turning around so he could face everyone. He placed his hands on his hips, giving everyone a careful stare as the demon writhed and bled out on the ground. "Good work team," he called out. "Except you, missy. You're focusing on the wrong targets," he said, pointing at the girl that was still brandishing her katana. "Now put your fancy butterknife away so we can introduce ourselves in a civilized manner, dammit."
  14. Gritting her teeth at the man she slowly sheathed back her katana. "Ok you first." She said snide at him. Her eyes now leaving his gaze as she looked at the other people. They all survived? She thought to herself as she now looked back at Epsil. She waited for a moment his snide condescending words still sinking into her gut she took a deep breath in and watched as the blood of the demon painted the ally way. It's red tint shimmered in the sun light as it made a pool around the three feet that stood in it. "That is not going to come out so easy." She said now chuckling at the three of them. Turning on her heels she walked over toward the wall and jumped up on it. Looking back at them she pulled her bow out from around her chest and pulled an arrow. "Now don't move." She said smiling at the Epsil. Drawing the arrow back she slowly took a deep breath in. Letting the arrow go it bedded and turned before barreling into the demon brain. A thud was heard as she heard the creature shrink and fall back to the ground. "Now I helped." She said sitting down on the wall looking at the three people who were standing quiet still. Giving a sigh she patted the wall next to her. "I guess if we are going to get to know each other you guys standing a pile of demon guts and blood is not a great impression." She giggled waiting for them.
  15. Zayne remained still for a moment, sighing he wiped off some of the blood that had splattered everywhere. "First of all did you guys have to be so flashy" Taking off his now blood soaked sweater which had been hit with the fresh spray of blood after the dark haired youth seemed to tear the arm off the creature "I really liked that sweater" he said in a slightly depressed tone while wiping his face of the remaining blood and tossing the sweater to the side. Now wearing only a simple white t-shirt he quickly stashed his knuckles in his front pockets. He casually picked his way around all the blood and gore till he was no longer standing in the blood. "And second I kinda agree with little Miss Giggles here" he smirked at the girl sitting up on the wall "hanging out in a pile of blood is not on my to do list"
  16. [​IMG]
    Alice was dozing off upon the top of a ruined skyscraper. Her spear was to the right side of her flaming red hair. Her red eyes flared open as she heard the commotion. She looked pissed as the idiots below disturbed her nap on the pile of rubble and she yelled at them. "SHUT UP DOWN THERE!" By the time she stopped yelling, Alice and her trusty spear were falling down the front of the ruined, collapsed skyscraper. She landed without a sound, the thud deliberately muted by Alice herself. She was perched and the shaft of the spear, the point dug into the ground. She didn't fancy people much, but was undoubtedly curious about why blood was splattered on the ground as well as the group crowded around a dead demon. She noticed that everyone was looking weird at her so she climbed off the spear, careful to avoid the guts, gore, and blood that littered the ground. Her red eyes glinted mischievously as she held out her hand in greetings. "I'm Alice. Nice to meet you" She said cooly, not to anyone specific. She altered the sound waves that her vocal chords were making so that her words were projected loudly in every direction on the scarlet stained street.
  17. "Aw, man!" Carlos slumped. "That was supposed to be my kill! And you butchered the hell out of it!" He almost felt sorry for the demon. Imagine what these guys could do to him, he gulped. Some of them had the crazy eyes, he could tell. But from the looks of things, they didn't know each other so the chances of them ganging up on him was probably slim. Without thinking, he kicked at the broken and fried piece of spider demon leg which ricocheted on the body and splashed on the blood puddle. Drops of red goo splattered on the others. Oops.

    When he had seen these kids standing conveniently on the road, he assumed the spider demon would completely ignore him and go for the easier kill. Guess they weren't easy kill after all. Carlos had nearly stumbled before he glided to a stop when he saw lightning shoot up from their arms. He had heard rumors of people with powers like his but that was the first time he had ever seen one in action. And there were a good number of them too! It was literally raining human freaks if you counted Alice's crazy entrance.

    He brushed away the dust on his already impossibly dirty leather jacket. He didn't bother with his jeans but he did try to run his hands on his unmanly dark curls. For the first time in a long time, he was in the presence of girls his age. He should at least try to look decent. "I'm Carlos," he introduced himself with the most smoothing voice he could manage. "Now I can tell ya'll have some issues with each other," he eyed at Katana Girl specifically, "and I know ya'll wanna leave but you guys owe me an explanation for killing my spider demon. I can't let you go without telling me what the hell are ya'll doing on my turf?"​
  18. Devynne looked at the others, raising her eyebrows. Seemed to her they were a bunch of egotistical freaks. Not to mention some girl just fell out of the freaking sky. Instead of even offering to introduce herself she turned around, heading back down the alleyway she'd come from. Her white tanktop had splatters of blood on it now. She'd have to find a new one. She sighed. She didn't want to deal with these crazies. Earlier today she was alone in the world. Now she had about 7 people around. She shook her head.
  19. While Epsil's flair for the dramatic was certainly going unnoticed, at least a few people decided to introduce themselves. Or sort of. A few people said stuff, but they didn't exactly give out names. Epsil stepped forward, out of the puddle of crimson liquid, his arms stretched wide, his expression euphoric. "None of you are complying with my oh-so-simple request, but I suppose that is in order since I myself am quite the rebel. Very well," he started, taking a deep breath as if he were about to give a speech. That's when the girl slammed into the ground, landing on top of her spear. Epsil's expression flashed into a massive grin. Her voice boomed throughout the alley.

    "Quite flashy, madam," he drawled, adding an exaggerated and deep bow. "Well I guess I should at least fulfill your requests, and introduce myself." He stood upright striking a dramatic pose, with his chin held high and his eyes focused somewhere on the horizon. For once, his mouth was not split into a wide grin. He held his stance fora few seconds before taking a deep breath. "I go by the name of Epsil, for my true name is one long forgotten and thrown away, like much of my past. It is a pleasure, quite indeed, to make your acquaintance," he said in a magniloquent tone. The black-haired teen bowed again, then backed away to the other boy questioning the group about their trespassing on his territory.

    "I am sorry, friend. Truly. Had I know this area to be under your control, I might not have crossed. Then again, this city used to belong to the tribes. Hm...Yes. This city is nobody's. I need not answer you. I enjoy going where I please," he responded, holding a serious expression for a moment before bursting into laughter. "Nah...But that last part was true. I'll go wherever I want. I killed your demon because you were running from it and it was an easy targe-" he stopped. One of the girls was leaving the way she came. Epsil leaped through the air, landed in the blood, and slid out of the alley, halting next to the girl. He reached out and grabbed her wrist--not aggressively or painfully, but enough to make the girl stop.

    "I go through the trouble of introducing myself and you just walk away? I'm hurt, I'm truly hurt." The boy's words could not have possibly been true, as his spastic grin was still in place. "If you want to leave, by all means go. You just have to tell me your name first."
  20. Stopping in her tracks, Devynne turned to the black haired boy named Epsil as he held onto her wrist. She narrowed her eyes at him, glaring slightly. "Let go of me." She spread her fingers wide, releasing an electric shock into his arm to make him let her go. "As for my name... It's Devynne. Not that it's any of your business." She tossed a lock of her thick black hair over her shoulder, staring him down. He was cocky and it annoyed her a bit. He just kept grinning crazily.
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