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  1. They should be arriving any minute now...

    Victoria Baker stood out in front of the school with several packets of papers in her hands as she patiently waited for the students to arrive. She glanced around briefly as a warm breeze brushed past, moving her hair out of her face for her. She dawned a black pencil skirt and a bright blue button up shirt tucked in with matching blue heels, her black hair pulled back in a ponytail. The familiar sound of wheels on asphalt caught her attention, causing her to smile widely as the first car pulled up to a stop.

    Evangeline waited for the car to come to a complete stop before stepping out and glancing around briefly. She walked around to the trunk of the car and pulled out her bags before closing it, the car wasting no time to drive off. She watched it without a word before turning her gaze to the woman on the steps. She must be the principal or something Evangeline thought without a word. Victoria smiled widely as the first student arrived and quickly handed her a packet, silently judging her first impression. The girl's outfit was strange and she could tell she would probably have a bit of trouble with her.

    Evangeline studied the woman carefully before rolling her eyes and moving away, sitting on the steps silently as she waited for the others to arrive at the school.

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  2. "Are you excited?"

    "Not really."

    The black company car that had picked the twins up from their suburban California home several hours before slowed and turned into the drive of what could only be Nightfall's campus. It wasn't too shabby, for being a relatively small private school. Antony had his face pressed up against the window, taking in every detail, while Tobias slouched against the faux leather seat half-asleep. They rolled right up to the steps of what appeared to be the main building. Outside was a woman holding a bunch of paperwork, apparently there to greet them. It looked like the were early, only one other student was present, and by the look of it she'd just arrived.

    "Hey check it out," Antony tapped the window and nudged Tobias with his elbow until the other boy sat up. "I think we're here." The driver stopped and got out to open the door for them. "Classy." Antony made a gesture of approval to the man while Tobias simply thanked him. Their suitcases were unloaded and the two of them stood in awe for a moment, staring up at the building's architecture and wondering what might be in store for them. "You know," said Tobias, "I think maybe we should have dressed up more." The both of them only wore T-shirts and board shorts at the moment, as if they were unwilling to give up summer's inevitable end. While their clothes were slightly different, the boys sported the same haircut and same bleached color, which framed identical features. Save for the designs on their T-shirts, one that said "California Sun" and another with Hawaiian print, they were impossible to tell apart.

    "Come on then," Antony's subdued British accent contrasted his very American appearance. He grabbed Tobias' arm and pulled him along up the steps, dragging their suitcases behind them. They both put on their most charming smiles and greeted the woman waiting for them.

    "Tobias and Antony Robinson, at your service." They took the packet of papers offered to them, then stood there a moment unsure of what came next.

    "Hi!" One of them leaned past the other to wave at the girl, "You just got here too, right?"
  3. "Hey! Are you gonna pull up or what?!"

    An older man was leaning his head out of the window, angrily urging the company car to pull forward so that his blue Honda could take its place.

    From inside the car, Melissa tapped the man's shoulder. "It's okay, Dad! I can just get out here," she said. Before her dad could protest, the girl was already getting out of the car and going to the trunk. She wore a girly, pastel outfit, and her large curly hairstyle had certain strands dyed in pink. Once her bags were out of the trunk, Melissa went back to passenger seat to give her dad a kiss on the cheek.

    The two exchanged their farewells and the girl began to walk away from the car. She walked up to Victoria Baker and gave her a wide smile. "Hello, ma'am!" she said happily. "I'm Melissa Hart! Or um, are the packets not by last name?"
  4. Evangeline watched in complete silence as the twins got out of the car. It wasn't long before a girl with very large hair walked up as well. Turning her attention to one of the twins approached her. "About five minutes ago," she said simply, her accent obvious. "I could ask the same, but considering I just watched you pull up, it wouldn't be very wise," she added, offering a small smile as she spoke.

    Victoria's smile made an appearance once again when the girl walked up to her. "Nice to meet you, Melissa. I'm Victoria Baker, Principal of Nightfall," she said as she handed the girl a blank packet. "There isn't a name on it so this on can be yours," she said happily.
  5. Melissa nodded to Victoria again. "Thank you, Ms. Baker! Nice to meet you too!" she said cheerily. She took the packet, grabbed her bags and moved on from the principal. Melissa stopped a little bit away from the school's stairs and looked at the large building. She took in all of the new sights, and anyone near her would her an excited squeak. This was it. This was the academy she wanted to join. She almost ran up the stairs, but she stopped to see that she was right next to Victoria, Tobias, and Antony.

    "Oh, sorry!" Melissa called to the group. "Didn't see you guys there. Are you all new students too?"
  6. Ellis stared out the window as the pulled up to Nightfall academy. He looked to the driver of the car that had picked him up. They hadn’t said a single word to each other since he had gotten into the car. He wondered if every Nightfall academy employee was going to be as distant as this. “Thank you for the ride,” Ellis said, tired of the silence. In response the driver just nodded to him as Ellis exited the car. He grabbed his suitcase and backpack from the trunk and walked towards the principal who was handing out the packets. Ellis was wearing black sacks, a white button up shirt, a black tie, and an unbuttoned black suit jacket. He slung his backpack around his shoulder and gave the principal a small wave and smile as he approached her.

    “Hi, my name is Ellis Prehn,” he spoke and shook her hand then taking the packet of papers. He looked to the group of students that had begun to gather. He began taking note of every student as he approached, especially Evangeline. She seemed like the more wild type judging by her wearing a jack daniels shirt to the first day of school. He didn’t want to judge too early, though. He heard Melissa asking if they were all new and figured he would chime in.

    “I’m new. My name is Ellis,” he said and waved to the group, “do you all happen to know what this packet is for? I grabbed it and walked on to you guys so fast that I realized I have no idea what we need to do with it. Now I’m too embarrassed to go back and ask the principal,” he gave them a sheepish smile while putting his hand behind his head.
  7. Evangeline glanced up at Melissa and smiled softly as she nodded slightly. "Been here all of ten minutes," she said with a small laugh. Glancing over at the sound of another voice, she raised her eyebrow only momentarily before smiling softly. "I'm Evangeline," she said simply before getting up and brushing off her skirt, heading over to the happy young woman.

    Returning only moments later, Eva gathered her things before glancing at the others. "Apparently we just read over it and it has anything we need to know. Any questions we just ask her and we can go to our rooms," she said with a girlish giggle as she looked up at the school. "Good luck with that..." She murmured under her breath as she began looking through the packet for any sign of a map and thankfully there was at the end.
  8. "Touché," Antony responded to Evangeline's comment about their arrival. "Nice to meet you, anyhow--"

    "Melissa, wasn't it?" Tobias turned to the other girl who'd just arrived. In contrast to Evangeline's edgy style she was a lot more soft and cute. The twins introduced themselves just as Ellis joined them all, he looked like a businessman compared to the rest of them. They sure were a diverse-looking group. "I think it's safe to assume we're all new then," Antony said as Tobias flipped through one of the packets, "These things do have all the information; class schedules, code of conduct, room assignments…" he looked up at them all and grinned, "They even have a pool next to the gym!"

    "So what is everyone here for? It's a specialized art school so everyone does something at least," Antony smiled in an attempt to keep the conversation going, "My brother and I write songs and sing them, pretty well at least." "We've even done a few openers and a music video, but we hope to get better here."
  9. Ellis began to flip through the packet as well. He found the map and began looking through all the buildings they had. He saw there was a café in the library where he could get coffee and figured that would be a good place for him to go hang out when he wants to get some writing done. He noticed the midnight curfew and cringed to himself a bit. One thing he loved doing was going out in the middle of the night and laying in the grass and watching the stars. He viewed it as inspirational and was a bit disappointed that he would have to break the rules if he wanted it to remain a regular thing.

    “I’m here for writing, novels and poetry mostly. I have gotten a few poems published in less well known books, but I’m hoping to get a novel done and published soon,” He said as he began looking at the class schedule. “It looks like we will be having math first. That sounds exciting,” he made sure to put sarcasm in his voice, “That is how I want to start my day every day at the art school. With the class I will like the least!”

    He looked at the school rules and saw that they have an eight hour gap between the end of classes and curfew. “I wonder what kind of extracurricular activities they have for after class. Or are we just supposed to party every night?” He joked and shot a glance to Eva, who seemed like she would be supportive of that idea.
  10. Evangeline silently looked through the packet a bit more and raised an eyebrow. "It says here that we can pretty much do whatever we want. It has football, soccer, baseball, volleyball...among others. All of which I hate," she mumbled the last word underneath her breath as she folded the packet up and motioned to her guitar case. "I sing and play guitar and piano considering I decided to leave my sax at home," she added with a small shrug as she headed up the steps.

    "Well considering this stuff is killing me, I'm gonna go find my room and maybe go find food...or something. Classes start Monday so we have the entire weekend to explore," she added, motioning to the packet before continuing to the door and pushing it open. The lobby was absolutely breathtaking with high ceilings and marble floors. It was more like some kind of mansion but then again it must just be like that for first impressions.
  11. “Oh you play piano? I do as well!” Ellis said, smiling. Happy to hear that someone else here played piano. He liked to bounce ideas off people. “if you want food, there is a café in the library. I plan on going there after I’m done unpacking if you want to grab a bite to eat together.” They stepped into the lobby and Ellis looked around, less awestricken. He wasn’t very impressed by fanciful building as his own home was quite fancy due to his father being loaded.

    He still wanted to make casual conversation though. “Do you think every building is like this? Or just this one to impress parents and such that are coming to visit?” He saw there was a fountain in the middle of the lobby. He wasn’t one for superstition usually, but he liked to have fun with it anyways. He took a penny out of his pocket and flipped it into the fountain, making a wish. “You should make a wish too. You wouldn’t want any bad luck or anything while starting this school year!”
  12. "Oh...Oh dear" Aly's voice was filled with frustration and tiredness as she blended in the crowd. The bright blue hair was in a super messy bun with fringes on her face. Alyssa sighed shakily while walking to explore the building. She was practically shivering and decided to push herself away from the crowd and went somewhere else. Upon exploring the lobby, she looked around and saw people wishing on a fountain.

    Ignoring them, she went to grab her paper and looked through. "Room....ok" folding the paper in half, she walked further and looked for her room. She promised that she would find some friends and hopefully have a peaceful year. But seeing that she was in this academy, drama was bound to happen. Alyssa sighed and continued to find her room, flinching a little when people walked passed her as if she was a ghost.
  13. Evangeline smiled slightly at the mention of Ellis playing piano. She remained silent as she walked up to the fountain, looking into it without a single word. A small splash caught her attention, smiling softly at the sight of the penny. Pulling out her own quarter, she stepped back and flicked it into the fountain. "I wish I had a quarter," Eva said with a small laugh as she looked own at the map.

    Listening to his offer, the brunette thought carefully about it before nodding slightly. "Sure. That sounds good. I'll meet you there?" She asked as she adjusted her things to be a bit more comfortable. "I'm gonna go find my room," she added as she turned and walked off, following the map carefully until she saw her room number, walking in, she saw nothing but white walls with a black desk against a large window and a queen sized bed in the center of the adjacent wall as well as a dressed across from it. Throwing her suitcase and guitar case on the bed, she slowly began to unpack her things, a small smile forming on her face.
  14. The twins followed the flow of the other arrivals as they filtered into the lobby one after another. The initial group broke off to here and there. The brothers lugged their suitcases through the building, pausing once now and again to admire the beautiful architecture. Their house in London was nice, but nowhere near as extravagant as this place. They looked at each other, then at their surroundings, and then back, feeling a rush of excitement and anticipation.

    "We're gonna make it big!"


    They high-fived, and while Tobias went about trying to locate the dormitories Antony began to take note of everyone they passed by. There was such a various array of interesting-looking people, each marked by a unique style. While the Twins relied on their identical appearance as their most distinguishing feature, they saw others who used bright colors, style-specific clothing, and… hair.

    "Hey," Antony stopped a girl in the hall who had bright blue hair pulled into a bun. She looked rather shy, so he put on his friendliest smile and Tobias, after his twin elbowed him to look up from the handbook, did the same.

    "I like your hair," Tobias said instantly, "I'm Tobias and this is my brother, Antony."

    "Nice to meet you. Where are you from?"
  15. “Sounds good!” Ellis said as he began searching for his own room. He found it and opened the door to see a very blank room. Lucky for him, he had brought some posters to decorate the boring walls. He began to unpack and pulled out some posters. He began taping them to the wall. He had band posters of Nightwish, Fallout Boy, and a few others. He put his clothes away and spread the sheets on his bed before taking them off again, figuring he would clean them again. He was a bit of a neat freak and the thought of them sitting in his suitcase for several hours made him feel a bit uneasy. He looked on his map for where the washer and dryer were. He saw they were down in the basement and decided to head there.

    He went to the laundry and threw his sheets in the washer. He figured he would look pretty silly if anyone saw him doing laundry on the first day. He checked his watch and figured he should head to the café and see if Eva was there yet. He would switch his sheets from the washer to the dryer later. Upon arriving to the café he didn’t see Eva around but did see a piano right outside it. He immediately got distracted and sat down at it and figured he would play a little before having some food. He began to play the ending theme from the video game To the Moon.
  16. Alyssa was about to walk away when she was suddenly spoken by someone. First day and someone was talking to her already? This states that this is going to be an interesting year. But then she wasn't used to talking to people at all. "O-Oh... um Hi.." She said softly and looked up. It was obvious that they were taller than her so she had to look up at them. They were twins and actually well groomed unlike her messy hair and a crappy sense of fashion.

    "Ah....P-please call me Aly..I'm from America" She said and bit her lip softly while hiding half of her face behind a music notebook. She tried to pull her hair behind her ear and took the time to observe them. They were identical but with different personalities, and the way they speak got her interested.

    "D-Do you sing?.......y-your voice" She asked.
  17. One of the twins gently placed his fingers on the edge of the girl's notebook, moving it away from her face. "Aly's a nice name, and since you're such a nice-looking girl you don't have to be so shy." His brother put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back a step, seeing that the timid girl was a little overwhelmed. "We do sing. Maybe you've heard of the Tanaka Twins?" he said hopefully.

    "Ah, you've got a pretty voice. I bet you're a singer too, right? Not a pop singer though… more independent right, like you own style?"

    "Hey, we're looking for our room too. I think the dorms are co-ed so we can go together."
  18. Evangeline finally finished and finally knew she could change into her own style since she was away from her parents. Skirts and heels weren't like her. She pulled out her black jean shorts with studs and a burgundy short with matching converse and her black leather jacket. After changing, she ran her hand through her hair and ran out with her map.

    She soon found the cafè, but the sound of a piano caught her attention. Looking around, her eyes finally found Ellis, a small smile appearing. Eva walked up to him and leaned against the piano with a small smile. "Hiya," she said with a light giggle, knowing that the word wasn't part of her normal vocabulary.

  19. "Y-yea I've heard of you guys...before" She said and could't quite remember. Whenever she saw them sing, they looked.......cute. Letting out a soft quiet giggle, Alyssa tapped her foot as she listened to the twins. "Yea....well sort of, I don't sing much..." She said as her voice went lower and lower. For some reason, she was more comfortable singing alone rather than in a big audience. She always felt overwhelmed by it, who knows they could heavily judge you for it.

    Her thoughts were cut off when she heard one of them asking her. "Huh? Oh yea.." She reached over her pocket and grabbed her paper and looked over them again. "I'm still searching so yea, we can go together...." She said.

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  20. Ellis stopped playing when he heard Evangeline. He scooted over on the bench and turned to face her. "Oh hey! Sorry, I have trouble sitting still for too long. I saw the piano and had to play it!" He said, smiling at her, "You play piano too, right? You should play something!" He patted the spot next to him. Immediately after he realized he might be acting too forward with someone whom he barely knows. "Well, I mean if you want to. Or we can go ahead and grab some food now."

    Ellis noticed her change in clothes. He felt it kind of ironic since she had a more casual, punk outfit while he was still sitting around wearing his more business-like attire. It didn't really bother him, but he was just surprised that she happened to be his first friend at the academy.

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