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  1. To whom this may concern:

    On behalf of Nightfall Academy, I am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance into our school for the fall 2019 semester. We were very impressed by your dedication to your chosen profession and believe that our confidence in your potential to be great does not go unrecognized.

    Enclosed with this letter, you should find a slip of paper with a time on it. This time shall tell you what time one of our drivers will be outside of your home to pick you up with your things and bring you to the academy. As for your schedule, you will receive it upon your arrival at Nightfall.

    We at Nightfall Academy are pleased to welcome you and feel that you will make a great addition to our student body. We wish you the very best in success in your future and hope that you will find all of your needs satisfactorily met here. We look forward to seeing you at orientation!


    Victoria Baker
    Principal of Nightfall Academy

    Nightfall Academy is a great up and coming school that tends to be considered an idol school. Everyone that wants to be somebody and has enough potential to be noticed attends the school. Ever since the grand opening in 1950, some of the most famous stars we hear of have attended the school from Paul McCartney to Brad Pitt to Lzzy Hale. The only way to get in is to be selected by the school itself which involves receiving a notarized and sealed letter of acceptance. This school offers programs not only to aspiring musicians and actors, but models, fashion designers, dancers, and authors as well. Classes are year-round though every year, students are allowed to go home for Christmas through New Year’s (December 20th-January 3rd) and Independence Day (July 2nd-July 6th). Classes are Monday through Friday and range from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, and dorms (all single) are determined upon arrival on a first come, first serve basis.

    8:50AM~ Warning Bell
    9:00AM-9:50AM~ Math
    10:00AM-10:50AM~ Science
    11:00AM-11:50AM~ English
    12:00PM-1:00PM~ Lunch
    1:10PM-2:00PM~ Gym
    2:10PM-3:00PM~ History
    3:10PM-4:00PM~ Career
    4:00PM~ Final Bell
    Midnight~ Curfew (2:00AM on weekends)

    School Rules
    1. No fighting.
    2. No skipping class.
    3. Be respectful towards teachers and students.
    4. No staying out past curfew unless an emergency.

    OOC Rules
    2. No perfect characters.
    3. Please please please write two decent paragraphs. I understand writer’s block occasionally, but the moment I see a one-liner, I will throw you out of the RP. I’m sorry I sound like a bitch but I want the RP to actually go somewhere. If you have to, just fill it in with thoughts but make sure your character is doing something as well.
    4. Be respectful to everyone.
    5. Have fun!!

    Profession Teachers
    Principal-Victoria Baker
    Math-Mrs. Smith
    Science-Mr. Stafford
    English-Mrs. McKinnon
    Gym-Coach Jernigan
    History-Mrs. Perkins
    Vocal-Mrs. Collins/Mr. Edwards
    Instrumental-Mr. Holland
    Acting-Mr. Wright
    Fashion Design-Mrs. Evors
    Modeling-Mrs. Godwin
    Dancing-Mrs. Ayers
    Writing-Mr. Blasko

    Character Sheets
    • Name
    • Alias/Stage Name
    • Gender
    • Occupation
    • Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Where are you from
    • Sexuality
    • Height
    • Hair Color
    • Eye Color
    • Distinguishing Marks
    • Realistic Photo
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • More
    • Current Goal/Purpose
    • Aspirations
    • Hobbies
    • Talents
    • Inabilities
    • Fears
    • General personality
    • General History
    Name: Evangeline Aleczandrya Bishop
    Alias/Stage Name: Eva or Alecz
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Singer
    Ethnicity: Australian
    Age: 17
    Where are you from: Born in Sydney, Australia but moved to Richmond, Virginia when she was 12
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 5'4"
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Blue-green mainly with brown in one eye
    Distinguishing Marks: Heterchromia; a scar running along her left side
    Realistic Photo: image.jpg
    Strengths: Logic; Ability to hide her anger
    Weaknesses: Her temper; Uninterested in academics
    More: N/A
    Current Goal/Purpose: To become famous and just sing for a living
    Aspirations: To become a household name
    Hobbies: Playing guitar; painting; Singing; playing piano
    Talents: She can memorize poetry after reading it twice
    Inabilities: Playing flute
    Fears: Spiders; Snakes; failure
    General personality: Evangeline is an outgoing girl but she also tends to be more on the quiet side. She is always work first then play so she is often found practicing extra. She will tell you what's on her mind no matter what though she knows it may hurt their feelings. She is protective over those she cares about and enjoys hanging out with her friends.

    General History: WIP
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  3. I'd like to reserve two spots, I'll make my characters tomorrow. ♥
  4. Alright =^.^=
  5. Principal-Victoria Baker
    Math-Mrs. Smith
    English-Mrs. McKinnon
    History-Mrs. Perkins
    Vocal-Mrs. Collins
    Fashion Design-Mrs. Evors
    Modeling-Mrs. Godwin
    Dancing-Mrs. Ayers
  6. Science-Mr. Stafford
    Gym-Coach Jernigan
    Vocal-Mr. Edwards
    Instrumental-Mr. Holland
    Acting-Mr. Wright
    Writing-Mr. Blasko
  7. Color Ref: #00b89f
    "Whenever someone tells me I can't do something, I prove them wrong."
    "Hey, I'm Jenna."
    . Jennifer Maria Hart .

    Alias/Stage Name:
    "It's really just my nickname.. I don't want to be called something silly like 'Lady Gaga.' Come on."
    . Jenna Hart.

    "Are you implying I look like a boy?"
    . Female .

    "Being a waitress isn't as bad as I thought it'd be."
    . Waitress .

    "I'm just white, as far as I know."
    . Canadian, American .

    "Finally an adult... physically, anyways."
    . 18 .

    Where are you from:
    "Florida... it's not the best, but its home."
    . Orlando, Florida .

    "Sorry ladies, I don't swing that way... unless given the proper amount of alcohol, anyways."
    . Heterosexual .

    "I'm average sized."
    . 5'6 .

    Hair Color:
    "Pretty sure you could answer this one yourself."
    . Blonde .

    Eye Color:
    "I think they're blue, my mom says they're grey."
    . Blue-Grey .

    Distinguishing Marks:
    "You mean like my tattoo?"
    . Tattoo:

    . Birthmark: Light brown, on her shoulder, shaped like an upside down cat .
    . Peircings: Two in each ear, and bellybutton.

    "I like to think I've got a few."
    . Jenna is very flexible, and has great eyesight. She's stronger than she looks, and light on her feet. She can also run fast and for a long period of time. .

    "I like to think I've only got a few."
    . Although Jenna can fit into small places, she prefers not to. She's short and small, which makes her easy to over look. Jennifer also has a horrible sense of smell .

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    "La La La La La La LAA"
    . Singer .

    "I aspire to be a great singer, if that's what you mean."
    . Perform in big stadiums and have sold out concerts .

    "Singing, obviously..."
    . Cheerleading, is something Jenna has always loved doing. Jennifer also enjoys singing, and is quite good at it. She occasionally participates in a choir, if she has the time, and enjoys going to karaoke night with her girlfriends. Lastly, she volunteers at a local animal shelter whenever she can .

    "Again, the obvious answer for this is singing..."
    . Jennifer has always had a way with animals, especially dogs. She can mimic other peoples voices, and is able to think critically. Jenna also has an amazing singing voice, and can play the guitar .

    "Eh, we've all gotta be bad at something, right?"
    . Jennifer has never really been able to take criticism from others, and she's a horrible liar. She's terrible with mathematics and science, and has a terrible memory. Finally, Jennifer is hilariously bad at all sports, except for Cheer leading and Gymnastics .

    "Bees are scary, man."
    . When Jennifer was young she discovered she was allergic of bees, and has been afraid of them ever since. She's also not a fan of clowns, but that's a whole other story in itself. For some reason, Jenna is afraid of birds, especially crows. Her biggest fears are rejection and failure .

    "I like to think I'm pretty cool..."
    . Jennifer is very much a people pleaser. She always puts other peoples needs before her own, which often gets her into a lot of trouble. However, she continues to do it because she just wants to make people happy. Also because she fears rejection, especially that of her peers. She is often described as selfless, kind and helpful. Jenna has always had a hard time hurting peoples feelings, and will tell a lie to avoid doing so. Jenna is extremely talkative, and once you get her going it's nearly impossible to make her shut up. She's very determined, and is always setting goals for herself. She is easily manipulated, and often becomes dependent on her friends. She doesn't outwardly show it, but Jenna is very insecure with who she is, and is often trying to reshape herself into someone she thinks everyone will like. At times she can be a bit naive, but that's just because she wants to believe that there is good in everyone. .

    "I prefer to look forward."
    . It was decided before Jenna was even born that she would be given up for adoption. In fact, a family was already said to adopt her by her due date, and she was instantly handed over to them. It wasn't until Jenna was seven that she discovered this. Her and her brother were playing doctor, and so she was using her medical papers. Upon reading them and asking her parents, Jenna was devastated to hear that her birth mother never wanted anything to do with her, before they even got the chance to meet. This is what perhaps brought Jenna's fear of rejection to the surface, because from then on out she did everything she could to make people like her. When she turned eight, Jenna joined cheer leading. Although she had started later than most girls, she drove herself to be the best she could possibly be, and very quickly became the top of her team. She's been cheer leading ever since, both competitively and for her high school. Despite knowing she was adopted, Jennifer has always had a great deal of love for her family, and is very close with all of them, especially her brother .

    "Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I actually know what I'm talking about."
  8. Accepted =^.^=
  9. I've decided I only want to play one character, sorry.
  10. It's perfectly fine ^^
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    • Name
    Easton de Unmfraville
    • Alias/Stage Name
    Easton De Ville
    • Gender
    • Occupation
    An aspiring actor.
    • Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Where are you from
    Union, Kentucky
    • Sexuality


    • Height
    • Hair Color
    Medium brown, with dashes of blond in the summertime.
    • Eye Color
    Dark brown.
    • Distinguishing Marks
    There's a tiny freckle on his left temple, and he has a dimple on his right cheek.
    • Realistic Photo
    • Strengths
    Extremely fast, but his agility needs some definite work. He's not the best at any sports aside from cross country and, on a good day, bowling. Has a lot of endurance.
    • Weaknesses
    Literally anything that requires physical strength, contrary to popular belief. He's kind of a weakling.
    • More
    Has weak hips.

    • Current Goal/Purpose
    He just needs to get through high school.
    • Aspirations
    Become a world-famous actor, and bring home to bacon to his huge family back in Kentucky.
    • Hobbies
    He enjoys reading the classics, playing videos games, and his guilty pleasure is watching HGTV.
    • Talents
    His empathy is off the charts, so he can master any role he's put into.
    • Inabilities
    Is medicated, but has severe ADHD, which is good for improv, but when he needs to memorize a monologue, he struggles.
    • Fears
    He's never going to do anything with his life, and he'll have to return to KN empty-handed.
    • General personality
    Stubborn as an ox, he'll work on anything til he succeeds. He becomes quite protective over those who mean something to him, and, because of this, gets extremely jealous. He has a hugely cheerful disposition, and people often think that he's naive, though that's not the case.

    • General History
    He was born to two farmers in the Kentucky countryside- he was raised on silent films and the occasional romantic comedy when his aunts and uncles came over. He started reading at a very young age, and when his favorite books were adapted into screenplays, he would fret when the characterization was just slightly off. At the age of 13, he decided that he would make a change, struggling currently with his ADHD, and with all his might, he decided to become an actor. He joined community theatre, and worked his ass of to get to Nightfall. The only thing he misses is his parents- they were extremely close.
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  12. Accepted!!
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  13. I think I may be joining this Rp. (^ν^)
  14. Awesome!! Thanks =^.^=
  15. I'll put my interest in! I'll be home in a few so expect my CS sometime tonight. :)
  16. [​IMG]

    "Due diligence does not a heart make; a sound mind and a clear cause what shapes a man."



    Marian Rose Rothschild

    Alias/Stage Name
    Marius Roth



    Jewish - Spanish


    Where Are You From
    Cardiff, Wales

    Closeted Homosexual




    Hair Color
    Brown/Dirty Blonde

    Eye Color

    Distinguishing Marks
    His eyebrows!
    Other than that, he's got a few freckles on the bridge of his nose but mainly quite a lot on his back and shoulders.

    Excellent determination
    Quick witted
    Incredible focus
    Fit as a Fiddle

    Unable to think for himself
    Easily guilt tripped by those close
    Unable to see beyond what his parents have set for him
    Determination only goes as far as one's goals, i.e. he is determined for what is right in front of him and not his own dreams and aspirations

    Is lithe in form but is rather physically fit.
    Weighs about 172 lbs/78 kg
    Has a weakness for poutine and vanilla pudding
    Sometimes forgets to eat healthy (has a sweet tooth)



    Current Goal/Purpose
    Trying to convince himself and his parents that writing is and will be a good career for him.

    Wants to become a renowned author and publish his first story.

    Catalogs Plant Seeds

    Voice Acting

    Tap Dance
    Live-Action Acting
    Math Above an Algebra Level
    Planning/Time Management

    Losing his drive/will to continue pursuing his goal.
    Being a disappointment to his parents.
    Losing everything.
    Fucking hates birds, goddammit.

    General Personality
    A determined individual with a sunny disposition to boot, Marius drives himself to achieve his best in whatever he puts his mind to. But plagued with thoughts and expectations of his parents, his drives are usually misguided and misdirected to things he feels his parents want from him. They don't usually voice their opinions or wants of him and when asked, they'd most likely say, "Whatever makes you happy," but Marius knows better, far better than anyone else. There's more in what one doesn't say than what actually comes out of their mouth and both his parents, a model with a chemical engineering PhD and a high and mighty Hollywood director, are capable of being very expressive even when they don't mean it. It's their vacant stares at his enthusiasm for books and writing that break his heart and their subtle frowns and the twitch of an eyebrow at his failures in simple subjects that bring him further down. It's quite a large he reason he doesn't think highly of himself, but rather uses his parents' opinions and expectations for substitutes as to what he should think or feel.

    A vast intellect he gets from his mother and a slight paranoia he garnered from his father, both of which, put together, actually makes quite an imaginative mind. Well, maybe the imaginative part was something entirely different, but being what he is now takes quite a creative mind to continue pursuing. His parents, however, feel he needs a different creativity about him. A more hands on application of his skins rather than simply hiding behind the cover of a book or blending into a crowd of starving artists. They have their opinions and it most definitely imposes on his own, regardless of what he actually feels over the subject.

    A people person through and through, Marius' optimism and general lackadaisical manner attract many different kinds of people. That's the careful engineering of a father worried for his own son's social and mental anxiety, something he has to watch for every day of his life. Marius didn't get hit quite as hard by the mental woes of his father, but the quiet nagging in the back of his mind is still very well there and when Marius is listening, it makes a deal of things difficult. Of course, he tries his best to be as kind as possible and generous whenever the time wills it. However, some days are not as great and Marius can slip into a rather cold demeanor, often willingly brushing people off in order to hone in on himself. Though cold and disregarding is often his default just for the fact that Marius can be a tad over focused or tunnel visioned when doing something. He likes people plenty, but sometimes he just needs a moment alone; everyone does, once in a while.



    General History
    Reputation is everything to a family so high in the rankings as the Rothschilds, with a father renowned for his work in films and his mother a reputable scholar, as well as a wealthy model, the expectations put upon Marius from birth have always been near insurmountable. Genes helped in the process, landing him a modelling career just for the fact that he was his mother's child. His name grew in the business as he did and found himself alongside his mother in work. Of course, it'd be years before he ever reached their full heights, but that was just one stepping stone among many others.

    School, however, was an entirely different manner and his parents took to acquiring him the best of educations within the UK and even places within mainland Europe. Exceeding well in his subjects, minus mathematics. It was just starting out in his middle school years that Marius found the wonders of English Literature, reading, but mainly writing. Of course, his parents thought it a passing phase and Marius made them believe it so, however writing staid with him well into even his high school years. And he did just as well in his education as he did his career, as his mother thought it one of the most important things. There was more than just her style that she provided to the world, but her intelligence and wealth of knowledge. She felt the same for her child and if he would have a place in the world, he'd have it in both spectrum of entertainment and the sciences. His father didn't much care, but supported her decision in the matter nonetheless—only the best for their child.

    Of course, raised in a society that provided in excess usually meant a spoiled child. With parents like his, however, Marius was far from it. They believed very much in earning the privileges gained with hard work and Marius grew with that lesson at the forefront of his mind. Though he was indeed provided with the necessities, Marius worked for the things he wanted, or rather his parents may have wanted. That didn't mean, however, that Marius knew the actual hardships of those in economic classes lower than he and he didn't quite pretend to. He did know, very well, how to work for what he wanted and that, with the innate diligence of his personality, remained ingrained inside of his consciousness.

    All of this, combined with the fact that he did, in fact, possess a modicum of talent worthy enough to be noticed, garnered him a first class ticket to Nightfall Academy, much to his parents approval. This meant a whole lot of things and the main one being the fact that he was now free to make his own choices without his parents breathing down his neck. It's not that they were actually that imposing upon their only son, it was more the fact that it almost always did feel as if they were watching and judging aloof from their respectable thrones. Such a thing put a lot of weight upon a child of his age and, to this day, it remains one of the sole motivations behind Marius' actions—something he intensely regrets.

    Maybe they wouldn't quite notice if he piled on an extra course or two or maybe switched entirely.

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  17. Great!! Accepted!!
  18. Just making sure: We haven't started yet, right?
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