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  1. Alright. Humans don't know that what they believe are nightmares, what they think are legends, and what is only made-up, and whatever else they came to ingore as what could possibly be real...Are actully real.

    Most of them wouldn't be able to accept that the unnatural exsits. They wouldn't believe it to be real. Because then that would mean that other beings shared their world, that there is other universes beside their own with more terrifying creatures then they could ever imagine.

    And they love the human world, Earth.
    The supernatural has a serect society within the humans.

    They have their rules. Which would be only one really.

    Humans are to be kept in the dark About them. And if they learn of their Existence than by any means they must deal with it. The choice: Either kill the human or choose a supernatural being that they must become. Or...make them a slave to you.

    The Nightclub is where supernaturals come to for whatever reason. Of course, there are humans who stumble upon it or are brought there.
    This club has no size, for it is magical and can expand and such. It's between worlds.

    There are portals and all that other-worldly stuff in this rp. Make this how you wish. This is a story, one to be wrote as we go. One with creative, enjoyable, and fun. One that anyone is allowed to make it however.

    There will be romance, unforbidden love, action, and all that. This plot is not in anyway formed or thought out. It ends however we want. Anything can happened basically.

    The rules for this rp is that of any other. There may be any age in this rp. So keep that in mind. Don't go out there with unkillable characters or anything either Is all I ask please.

    You character(s) can be anything. From demon to angel, vampire to shifter to were-beast, Human to human with ability(ies) Dragon, witch, elf and troll, fairy, ANYTHING!

    Have fun. XD You may start!

    Note: If your character(s) are not human or human looking then you have the ability to appear human. Creatures of the supernatural are to blend in and hide their true self from the humans. Of course, they have different reason for needing or wanting humans. Be it food source or to play around with or whatever.
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  2. Name: Camille Connell
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Species: Unknown
    (Has the power to control the elements. Fire, earth, water and air.)
    Mother: witch (sick but cause unknown. Suspects her father behind it)
    Father: powerful demon (wealthy)
    Weakness caused by using ablities: Headaches, nose bleeds, loss of energy, and even can pass out. It depend how much it is used. Doesn't have much control on her powers.
    Appearance: White blonde hair, pass the shoulders a little with jagged side bangs. Storm blue eyes that are mistaken for grey. They tend to change shades of blue when using her magic. 5'4 with a slim, curvey body type. She has a bellybutton ring. And birthmark on her face by her temple shaped as a flower.

    Club music thrummed through Camille's body. Eyes closed, she swayed her hips, moving with the beat of the music. Lost in the feel of bodies around her, she allowed the rhythm to weave around her. Anyone able to see her face in the flashing lights of the dark club would assume they saw pleasure there. She was anything but.

    The outfit she'd chosen was a short black dress that was backless, black faux swede thigh boots, and her mothers pendent around her neck. She had done little to her hair. And applied very little makeup, knowing her outfit was more than enough.

    Camille had come only to get away, to escape for a short while, from her vile father. A man who she could not stand to be around for the littlest of moments. So, whenever she got the chance, she would sneak out and go to the place her father would never find her. The club.

    Of course, he'd send someone after her, more likely his most trust-worthy guy that works for him-his right hand man. That wouldn't stop her from putting up a fight. Even though it probably wouldn't do her any good she would try.

    She felt a small smile tug at the corner of her lips. She forced herself to relax even more and not to worry or fear. Here she could be free and let loose. Instead of thinking what could happen, she thought of this moment and how she felt.
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  3. Name: Nikki Nyte
    Age: 23
    Gender: Females
    Species: Werewolf- Moon Kissed Dire.
    (Dire, a larger more in control cousin to the typical wolf, Moon Kissed: Considered to be kissed by the moon (all moon kissed have a birthmark) usually has one non were ability.)
    Mother: Deceased
    Father: Beta to the local pack
    Weakness: She has to consume a huge amount of food daily, more so when she heals or shifts alot. Silver and other typical were weakness's do apply to her.
    Appearance: Nikkie stands tall and fairly slender. She does have a figure lurking on her body, but it's usually not noticed because of her height. She has pale skin. Medium length russet hair is usually kept back in a ponytail and out of her face. Her eyes are gold. On the back of her neck is where her moon Kissed mark is, basically it's just a silver kiss colored kiss. She has a crescent moon tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. She dosn't have any piercings (the holes heal up before the piercing takes)


    Nikki brushed through the crowd and into the club. Slowly, gold eyes too in the crowd while she let her ears adjust to the booming volume of the music. A grin slid over her face, is she were a feline, she'd purr. The woman stalked towards the bar with decisive steps. Without a care she slid onto one of the stools.

    "Hey, Greg." She called over the music at the wolf lurking behind the bar. The older wolf paused and shot the younger one a half wave before he went back to serving the bustling crowd amassed at the bar. Nikki turned in her seat so she could look out over the dance floor. She loved dancing, but she wouldn't yet, not until she settled down and readjusted to all of the flashing lights and the loud music and the plethora of scents circling the building.
  4. Name: Devin Clinton
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human with abilities
    (Has the ability to slow down time to a certain extent. If he is made very angry he enters a stage where his strength, stamina, endurance, athleticism, etc. are enhanced as he gets angrier.)
    Mother: Supernatural Hunter
    Father: Mafia Father
    Weakness: The opposite gender. He's a sweet and tender lover, he respects women who don't piss him off at such an extent where he would literally kill himself for them at any given moment, however Devin hates a lot of people so there's no telling who he likes and who he doesn't.
    Show Spoiler

    (FYI Devin has no idea about the unnatural, he just knows that he's different so arriving at this club will be a surprise for him)

    Devin drove down the lonely highway. He was going no where, only driving to see where the road would take him. He felt his eyes getting heavy every few minutes so he decided to pull over at the nearest rest stop. Devin felt himself swerving a good bit so he decided to cut the trip short and pull over at the nearest establishment. He noticed a nice looking place that looked like a club a few minutes after his last swerve. He pulled into the parking lot and shook his head as if to wake himself up. He stepped out of the car and decided to walk in. The loud banging music would wake him up hopefully.

    As he walked in he found himself looking at an establishment so magical. When he pulled up to the building he thought it would just be a small club. He walked in to see such a huge club that it seemed to span from Canada to Mexico. Devin walked right over to the bar only to see a rather peculiar and muscular looking bartender. I shouldn't be drinking if I want to get back out on the I'll only take a few shots. he thought to himself as he approached the bar. He slipped into a seat and waved his hand toward the bartender. He obviously knew the drill. He brought out the Jack Daniels bottle and the shot glass and pored the first shot. Devin shot it back quickly and immediately asked for another one. He then looked to his right to see a very beautiful girl. His eyes widened. He was astounded by how beautiful she was. He licked his lips and shot back his next shot. He noticed a crescent moon on her left wrist. He studied it closely before taking one more shot. He never took his eyes off of her. "Hi there..." he murmured nervously over the loud music. He waited and hoped for an answer.
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  5. Nikki blinked then looked over at the guy to her left. She'd watched him come towards the bar but had dismissed him when the whiskey started pouring. She flashed a smile at the man even as Gregory stiffened from behind the counter.

    "Howdy." She inclined her head, raising her voice to be heard over the music. She inhaled through her nose, scenting the stranger, a habit for most were's. One of her slender brows rose. The man was human. "So, any particular reason you're staring at me?" she asked bluntly, not the type of girl to mince words, however the smile still lingered at the corner of her lips. The redhead glanced over at Gregory. "May I have a glass of water?" She asked the other wolf, locking her gold eyes with his to clearly convey the "chill out and back off" message. The older man grunted but went to procure a glass of water for the younger girl. Nikki returned her attention back to the dark haired man.
  6. "Well the reason isn't because I'm slightly buzzed at the moment," he would kid. Not to mention he simply avoided the answer, 'because you're astonishingly beautiful.' "My name's Devin. Devin Clinton. And yours beautiful?" he asked with a small and mostly sober smirk.
  7. Nikki chuckled at the man's words quietly before reaching to take the offered glass of water without looking.
    "Thanks, Greg." She murmured to the bartender, eyes not leaving Devin. She tilted her head tot he side just slightly, making her hair fall over her shoulder.

    "I dont know if I should tell you." She teased before gulping the glass of water in one gulp and backing away from the bar, playful grin on her lips. She crooked her finger in invitation to the dark haired man, right before she slid into the crowd around the dance floor, all but disappearing from sight.
  8. Devin smirked as he watched her disappear into the crowd. He immediately rushed into the crowd looking for her. He bumped and bounced to the beat as he searched for the beautiful girl. He chuckled and shook his head. I'm not even supposed to be here right now, he thought to himself. He continued to look for her as the crowd seemed to become denser with each step he took.
  9. Nikkie smirked as she managed to double back around and get behind Devin from the bar. For a few moments, she stalked him quietly, golden eyes intense as she studied him. What was he doing here? Maybe he was one of those special humans? Or maybe he was a halfling of some sort? Golden eyes narrowed as she tried to figure him out. After a moment, the she wolf shook her head. it didn't matter did it? She inhaled again and exhaled as she forced the insane curiosity and the need to know everything, to just go away. Needless, it took the woman a few more breaths like that. With a grin Nikkie slid up behind Devin and tapped him on the shoulder before hooking one of her fingers in his belt loop and dragging him further onto the dance floor.
  10. Devin bit his lip as he was technically being dragged by his belt loop by this beautiful, now very sexy, woman. He smirked once more as she smirked at him. "I hope you know I don't dance!" he exclaimed over the music still keeping a smirk that most girl's he'd ever tried on, usually could never resist.
  11. Nikki laughed over the music.
    "Good time as any to learn!" She declared before letting go of his belt loop, taking a couple more steps before turning to face him as she started to dance with the beat. Golden eyes sparked in amusement. "Or are you going to go sit as the bar and watch from across the room?"
  12. Devin smirked. "Psh! I didn't say I can't dance..." Devin bounced a little to the music watching her as she danced a long with him. He slipped behind her and held onto her hips as he began to feel her grind against him. "Is this good enough for you?" he asked, wondering what witty comment she'd make now.
  13. Name: Lifira "Liffy"
    Age: 19 (at time of death)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human -- Zombie, Highly Intelligent
    (Sentient. Immune to most everything that could kill a man short of completely destroying her body.)
    Mother: Unknown
    Father: Unknown
    Weakness caused by using abilities: Occasionally falls apart. Volatile gasses and fluids in intestines can be problematic if not vented regularly.
    Appearance: Fragile red hair. Pale, pale skin. Short. Eyes glow with orange magic.


    Just then, a hand smacks the back of Devin's head.

    "Woops, sorry about that!"

    A young girl--a zombie, from the markedly worse smell--quickly maneuvers her way through the throng of people and to the couple. She pokes her dismembered hand with her shoe, and the wayward limb rushes up her leg, across her chest, down her arm, and reattaches itself to the stump with little fuss.

    "They tell me to take it easy, but what's the use? I'm already dead, yeah?"
  14. Devin's eyes widened. "Wh....WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?" he yelled looking straight at the zombie girl. It was then when he looked around and noticed more people who didn't look like humans, but instead more like mythical creatures. Devin immediately thought this was a dream so he tried to pinch himself. Of course pain coursed through arm as he did and it left a red mark on his arm. "Where the hell am I!? What is this place!?" Devin then let go of the beautiful girl, which he absolutely dreaded doing, and ran b-lined toward the door. The closer he got to the door the farther it seemed to move away. He was scared out of his mind so he simply kept running hoping he'd reach that door.
  15. Nikki watched Devin scramble away and her head tilted. The scent of his fear and his running...well she was trying to control predator instincts that demanded she hunt him down. The she wolf closed her eyes briefly, getting a hold of herself momentarily. Finally she opened her eyes and decided to try to catch up with the guy and calm him down before someone decided to axe him for wandering into the club. Of course, she had to jog to catch up with him, but when she did, her hand brushed his arm lightly.

    "If you don't chill out, you're gonna bump into someone and they're gonna try to kill you." She pointed out to him, just loud enough for him to hear her...hopefully.
  16. Camille'e eyes popped opened at the loud scream and hurriedly looked around for the source of it, her mood vanishing completely. Just as she turned around, she roughly collided into a man who looked to be freaking out. It was hard to keep from face planting the floor but she manged to fling out her hand, gripping onto the closeses perosn, a girl seemingly trying to calm down the guy who appeared to have been the one who yelled. "Sorry!" She tried shouting over the loud noise in the club to be heard by both of them. She dropped her hand immediately from the taller girl.
  17. Devin took a few deep breaths and looked at the girl. "What is this place. Why would someone try to kill me!?" he asked in a less panicked attitude.
  18. Nikkie tensed up as a hand reached out and touched her. Holding her breath the she wolf counted to five before she deemed herself in enough control to not yip or growl. She turned to look at the girl who'd grabbed onto her, she looked a little ruffled.
    "It's fine," She flashed a small smile at her, inhaling as she did so. She smelled magic and something... spicy, the girl must have a bit of demon in her somewhere. The smell of a demon made Nikki's hair rise. "Are you alright?" She asked the other girl before turning to Devin and narrowing her eyes at him. "Can you not draw attention to yourself?" She asked him.
  19. Camille nodded once, a faint smile acrossed her face. She glanced between the two arching an eyebrow. "He really doesn't know?" She asked the girl amused.
  20. Nikki turned to the witch, she decided she'd call her a witch, and shook her head.
    "Doesn't look like it." She answered, glancing once over at Devin. The wolf held her hand out to the other girl. "I'm Nikki."
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