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  1. The bitter cold of the city ,Calvawood,was biting Jakes hands threw his blood soaked linen hand wraps. He sat in the ally way to hide from the vampirc minions he had killed a few but he was tired he told him self not to sleep but he started to fade the cold was gonna put him down his werewolf blood was freezing, his bloody knees black as night with frost bite and sheer cold he saw a figure come up to him waved to more dark figures to come he thought he was doomed so he said in the very ancient yet not forgotten werewolfian language 'good night moon good night sun goodnight stars god has took me home back to the forests of Nightanine where mother and father will be waiting for me' then he fades to the darkness
  2. After hours of being in pure darkness he awakens in a medical bay surrounded by doctors and nurses he chuckled seeing his new clothes and his stitched up knees he knew no one was gonna talk to him but he over heard a few nurses say they might have to leave me alone or else he chuckled and reached for his old closthes and grabbed his phone
  3. Lacey ignored the others and went into the boy`s room. Lacey stood beside the stitched boy and asked "Do you need anything?" the young nurse asked. "Sorry I didn`t get you anything sooner, this is my first job," she sighed. Lacey turned to the water fountain and filled up a plastic rubber band. "Here, I am sorry.."
  4. Lacey looked at the teen. He looked a bit older than she was. Lacey put her long, brown hair behind her right ear and bent over to the boy`s ear. "I know the others are thinking about leaving you, but you could probably stay at my place," she whispered into his ear. Lacey stood back up and straightened up her nurse dress. She turned around to get a piece of soft bread. Then, Lacey went back to teen and put it on his chest. "Here, try eating this," she said trying to take care of him.
  5. jake smiled at the young nurse he was happy to see someone cared he ate the bread slowly he hadn't ate anything not covered in mold or was half rotten for months he looked at the young nurse "im jake by the way miss jake Nightanine "
  6. Kaden stood in the waiting room pressed against a wall, arms across his chest. It was not long ago he was tracking down the wolf, it gave a good fight and held them at bay.

    Kaden had watched as the guy grew weakened as each second passed. It was when he finally slipped into unconsciousness that he chose to reveal himself. However, it was too late. A human had found him lying there and it didn't tak long for an ambulance to rush him to the hospital.

    He ran after the vehicle, and it was here he waited. The eternal lights of the waiting room flickered, he took a deep breath, inhaling the sanitized scent of the building. He also smelled blood. Lots of blood.

    Kaden licked his fang, he knew there was only one target in this building, and he would have to devise a plan.

    So for now he watched. And waited.