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  1. Well, first and foremost, the idea for this RP is based on a series of Vocaloid songs. Therefore, if Vocaloid deters you in any way, please feel free to move on. Secondly, the RP will mostly be made up of pre-made characters. There may be multiple villagers if enough people join; we could start with one and see if anyone else cares to be one, but I would prefer having the rest of the roles filled first.

    List of Roles
    The Villager
    The Lord (the title, as in "Lord Byron")
    The Lady
    The Mistress (reserved for Alexa)
    The Maid
    The Butler
    The Doll Boy
    The Doll Girl
    The Hooded Figure (I might reserve this one for myself, but I'm not sure yet.)
    Any other villagers

    As for those who are not familiar with the series but wish to play through the story anyway, the main idea is that a villager finds himself/herself in front of a mansion, with all but the hooded figure appearing to greet him/her. As the night goes on, things become a little more sinister as the villager is told that he/she must find the true end of the story they are now trapped in, or everyone will either face a BaD∞EnD∞NighT (I couldn't resist) or end with a "To be continued". Either way, if he/she fails, the whole story starts over. (That's the best summary I can give; if you can do better, please do so. I don't want to confuse anybody.)

    The villager is the star of the show, and the only one who seems to be actively trying to stop the loop. The hooded figure will probably not be doing much, occasionally appearing for certain scenes and not coming back until much later, but this can be changed.

    If you're interested, you have questions, or you wish to critique this idea, please do so below. I'll create an OOC thread and CS if this garners interest from at least three other people.

    The ∞Night series is not my property; it belongs to Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△, among others. It is not necessary to follow the canon, so don't worry if your character doesn't match the canonical one perfectly.
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  2. If I can be The Mistress (Luka), I would be delighted to do this with you~ ^^
  3. Okay, sounds good.
  4. Interested. Preference for the Boy Doll/Butler, however, if someone else wants them I'd be willing to play the Lord. I also wouldn't mind playing the Dolls as a pair if there isn't enough people.
  5. Thank you for your interest. I'll keep this in mind.
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