Night School

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  1. This is the Night School, a place where young monsters come and learn things that humans learn in normal scools. One day out of the blue a transfer students join. These students are human! Will you befriend them or will you bully and make fun of them?
  2. "Now class pay attention while teacher Von Drake is lecturing!" Slams the ruler against the table. " all Macanese or creature, especially us vampyres need to know about blood."
  3. Ginger walks in late her first day for her first class of the day. Her red hair in her face hiding her freckles and blue eyes. "Sorry I'm late I got lost."
  4. "How dare you!" He thunders and then in a quiet voice "take a seat where was I?"
  5. Ginger quickly takes a seat in the back and everyones head turns toward her. Some whispering and some snickering. Most of them gasping and making digusted faces.
  6. Eclipse walked in as he yawned loudly placeing a single paw ofver his maw, afterwords he scratched the back of his head with his left hand. He had clearly just woken up from a very long nap. " What'd I miss? " he asked as he looked around still looking sleepy.
  7. "Late students! Don't do it again. Class we have humans among us! Be polite and don't scare them,too much."
  8. Jay watched the newcomer take a seat. Her jet black hair covering her one red and yellow demon eye, only exposing her green eye. She smirked, telepathically talking to Kate. 'She's late, definitly newcomer. Of course.'

    'Be quiet. I want to listen.' Kate shook off Jay's joke. 'Give her a break. Cool down.'

    'Whatever.' Jay crossed his arms and leaned back, watching the teacher.

    'Good.' Kate sat up and placed her heads in her hands, listening to every word she hears, occasionally taking a drink of water from her water bottle.
  9. " OOOO humans what a delectible snack. " He said as he licked his maw stareing at the humans in the class room.
  10. Vanessa sighs. "They aren't all humans you moron. It's probably the newbie." Points to Ginger.
  11. Eclipse glared at Vanessa. " I smell more humans.... "
  12. Vanessa glares back. "For the last time I'm not human! I'm a reaper. The only daughter of the Grim Reaper."
  13. Eclipse sat down as he stuck his tounge out at vanessa.
  14. Ginger faints from all the attention and the fact that she's surrounded by monsters.
  15. "Oh what's this?" Goes the baby reaper and pours water on her. " no sleeping in class!"
  16. Eclipse luaghed as he saw what had just happend.
  17. Evelyn stared out the window while feeling one of her fangs, she had zoned out like always not really caring. Her silver hair blew in the wind from an open window.
  18. Vanessa looks back at Ginger then her teacher. "Are you blind? I wasn't even asleep! It's her! She fainted! Not me!" Points to Ginger
  19. Evelyn blinked back to reality and watched the ordeal out of the corner of her eye then giggled lightly.
  20. Jay hid a smirk. 'She deserved that.'

    Kate was less happy. 'It wasn't her though.'

    'You're too fair.' Jay held back a laugh as the events continued.

    'Whatever.' Kate watched and felt a little bad for them.