Night Parade of a Hundred Demons RP

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  1. Of course, that won't be the actual name of the RP. Instead, I will call it Ibaraki-doji no Hyakki Yagyo, which transliterates to Ibaraki-doji's Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. I know it sounds very similiar to various anime series you have seen, but this is mildly anime-inspired and more mythology-inspired.

    The basic plot is simple. Ibaraki-doji, the oni daughter of the late Shuten-doji, turns over a new leaf and joins the legendary Hyakki Yagyo, lead by Nurarihyon. Many in the Hyakki Yagyo objected to it, but Nurarihyon let her in anyways, and eventually made her his successor, the new leader of the Hyakki Yagyo, much to everyone's absolute shock.

    Afterwards, Nurarihyon disappears under unknown circumstances, leaving Ibaraki-doji to lead the Hyakki Yagyo by herself. In addition to being new to leadership since she was always the second fiddle, and finding it difficult to befriend the other clan members, the life of leaderhood will be tough for this young oni.


    So, how about this? The main story is about the Hyakki Yagyo and how they get to understand their leader better. The Hyakki Yagyo starts with only yokai and other Asian supernatural beings. I will consider allowing supernatural beings from the Western World to some extent.

    More details will be listed once interest has been takem
  2. A roleplay where you play as supernatural entities and youkai of asian descent? I'm interested. I'll watch to see if this picks up~
  3. I'm up for it as well, hopefully it picks up ^_^
  4. Glad to hear. I guess I'll list a plot for now. Do note that this occurs in modern day era.

    Ibaraki-doji no Hyakki Yagyo

    Every year, one of the four most powerful yokai, Nurarihyon, would lead the grand Hyakki Yagyo throughout the lands. This great march would occur at night. It was not reccomended to get in their way, as there were tales than humans who did got whisked away. They have a reputation for fighting other yokai in grand battles for what they refer to as 'honour and justice' for humans and yokai alike.

    One fine day, Ibaraki-doji, an oni with a reputation of being the second-hand oni of the one of the four most powerful yet evil yokai, Shuten-doji, decided to join the Hyakki Yagyo, much to the dismay of many. However, Nurarihyon let her partake.

    After many years, Nurarihyon passed his position of leader of the Hyakki Yagyo to Ibaraki-doji, much to everyone's shock. After a few months, he disappeared, leaving Ibaraki-doji to lead the clan by herself.

    Unfortunately for our new leader, the clan is not very fond of her, and thus it is her job to show that she is worthy of being leader! With new threats and wacky adventures, she knows that she must lead the clan well...​
  5. Sounds good to me. I have a character in mind that would be perfect for one of the rowdy group members
  6. *Recently read a bunch of Japanese mythology* I'm game!
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  7. I'm glad to hear the words. If two more take interest, I'll post the IC by Friday.
  8. I believe I shall give this a go.
  9. I guess I'll make the Signups on Saturday
  10. I look forward to what kind of yokai you'll all play.
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