Night of the Vampire [private]

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    Kamijo walked down his marble staircase of his mansion, observing the guests that have arrived already to the ball. Vampires and humans mingled together in his ballroom. They were talking to one another, having normal conversations. It wouldn't be like this if he didn't set a rule. Vampires were not allowed to feed on humans that were unwilling. This rule was established a hundred of years ago, and the rule has been followed.

    The vampire lord went through the ballroom, trying to blend in with everyone. He wore a gold mask that covered his eyes, but he knew that he was easily spotted in the crowd. The way he held himself gave it away. He stood tall, his head was up in pride as he gracefully walked. Vampire women headed toward him, flocking to him. They crowded him, asking where he has been in the last hundred years since he disappeared once the rule was established.

    "How are you feeling, my lord?"

    "M'lord, do you need anything?"

    They kept questions that he wished not to answer, so he told them they would know the answer eventually. He just grinned at them, being the complete charmer that he was. Most of them swooned under his gaze even if he wasn't trying. All he wanted was peace, but that wasn't going to happen. This was a ball. He would have the attention, especially that he was the one hosting it.

    Hopefully something interesting would happen tonight.

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    Lily had long since loved the idea of going to a ball and with vampires! Who would have thought that she would have gotten invited though her mother and father where a bit on the reluctant side she wanted to go. How could she not? Though she would be denying the fact that she was nervous and though she was an adult, she still took the words of her parents and gave them thought. Though in this case she had decided she was going to go and with the night as beautiful as this she was more than willing to walk in.

    Though the site of the manor made her breath leave her lungs her dark black hair done up in just the right manor. She wore her lips painted black and her mask to match, allowing her piercing blue eyes to stand out against her own some what pale complexion. She had never seen so many people and she had to admit she felt a bit on the off side. How did she tell who was who? Then again was that not the point. Walking in slowly she began to look around the hem of her dark purple dress touching the ground as she shifted through the crowd. Trying to figure out what to do, or get the courage to talk to some one any one at this rate.
  3. The vampire women were trying to get him to dance, but he simply waved his hand. Kamijo didn't feel like dancing at the moment, even if this was his own masquerade. First he had to make sure that his guests were enjoying themselves before he could partake in any of the dancing. A woman handed him a glass of red wine, giving him a smile as she did. This made him smile in her direction, taking a sip of the red wine before he walked through the crowd with his glass in hand.

    Then he looked around, scanning to see who was there. The members of the council were there, many different vampires, a few mortals here and there, it was a good turn out. As he continued to look, he came across a scent that made him stop in his tracks. Immediately his eyes darted to a girl in a purple dress going through the crowd. The human had a sweet smell to him that called to him, which made him start walking towards her.
  4. Lily was starting to grow a bit uneasy she could tell that she was out of place. She rubbed her arm for a few moments before she took a small glass of wine herself and began to sip. Her eyes darted around at each and every person attracted to a few men and even the dresses of a few woman. How could some people be so beautiful? She felt herself frown lightly at the idea of how out of place she must look, not to mention her people skills lacked quite a bit, but then again who would ever remember her? After all the whole point of mast was to hide who you where right?

    She let her fingers lightly adjust the mast on her face the dark black nails matching the frame of her mask as she looked around. Her eyes caught site of a man and she had to admit he was handsome, probably the best looking man she had ever seen and was he walking this way? She felt her cheeks turn a light pink as her heart beat quickened. Why was he walking this way?
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  6. Of course it was hard for him to move through the crowd with the amount of people wanting to speak with him. As the leader of the vampire council, his own race knew who he was even with the mask on. They could tell by the way he carried himself through the crowd with his head held high, and the grace in his step. He should just take off his mask if people already knew who he was, though that would ruin the point of the masquerade, but as a host, he didn't necessarily need it.

    Kamijo moved through the crowd, and soon brought himself in front of the woman who he wanted to talk to. Her scent was a distraction to him, and she smelt like a flower that he has never smelled before. "Good evening," he spoke as he approached as he stood in front of her. He gave her a bow, greeting her in a high-class fashion. "I really do hope that you are enjoying your evening so far."
  7. When the male moved closer to Lily she felt her own cheeks flush once more. Why did he walk toward her? When he spoke she felt her heart skip and began to beat faster, forcing the blood to course through her veins faster than before. She gave a small formal greeting and nodded. “My name is Lily you are?” she said with a rather warm smile that spread across her lips.

    “I feel a bit out of place” she said in a sheepish tone. Honestly she did, she was not one for such elegance but yet she had sneaked out in order to go to this grand ball and who ever this mask man was was starting to draw her in more. Something about him in fact had her eyes unable to leave him.
  8. Kamijo gave a smile as she introduced herself to him, and he replied with his own name. "Kamijo, it is a pleasure to meet you," he told her. He could almost hear her heart beat, as well as her blood coursing through her veins. Never has a human affected him as much like this, but then again, he had locked himself away from any contact for one hundred years. Everything was hitting him harder, but he knew that he could control his needs and wants.

    The mask on his face seemed to annoy him, so he reached up and grabbed it from his face, taking it off to reveal his features. His eyes were a piercing blue, his skin was a pleasant pale that complimented him well. One of his servants came to his side, taking the mask from him before walking off with it. Soon the vampire looked at Lily once more, and gave her a smile. "As you may know, I am the host of the ball this evening," he told her, "If you need anything, feel free to ask me. I wish to make my guests feel as welcomed as possible."
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