Night of the Haunted Hamburgers



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Elise hates her brother's job of selling hamburgers. He always returns home greasy and slimy. But, when he won four movie tickets to a scary movie, what else could Elise say about it when he promised to take her to it?

However, when Elise's classmate came panicking over something that spooked her at the restaurant her brother works in, the group ends up being held hostage by slimy green aliens planning to take over the Earth!

Will Elise and her friends survive the... NIGHT OF THE HAUNTED HAMBURGERS?

(Sounds cheesy, I know, but that's the fun of it! :D It's a fun, cheesy RP with cracks and laughter - added with a few nuts. lmao)

Slimy, fire-breathing green aliens with eyes pointed in opposite directions. These ugly fish-like creatures will die when coming in contact with our 'cold' atmosphere, hence they had to travel here under the protection of their 'invisible rocket.' They have to cook themselves to turn back into their true form. A huge meteorite that threw their home planet off-orbit forced them to look for a new home - on the 'ugly planet', Earth.

One of the three aliens who kidnapped Elise and her friends. It seems to have more control over the other Nergs. It claims to have 'come in peace.'

One of the three aliens who kidnapped Elise and her friends. It's more of a subordinate to Morg.

The third alien, cooked up by Morg and Gong only after Elise and her friends have been kidnapped. Has major distrust over the 'Ugly Planet people.'

Required Roles
- Elise's Brother (taken by Vay)
- Elise's friend
- (preferably dumb) Female Lurer (tells the group about something weird going on at the restaurant and brings the group to the place)

Character Sheet
Age (preferably 12-15):
Appearance (I don't mind pictorial descriptions, but a textual one would be preferred):
Again, this is another garnering of interest of mine. I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about the RP, and, hopefully, you would be interested enough to ask questions about it and criticize the RP, even. :)

This one is almost like "Monster In _______'s Mirror" in terms of the battle scenes. It's written, descriptive fighting again, with lots of interactions between Elise and the Nergs, talking about why they are invading Earth and that kind of stuff. The main antagonist of this RP is Gokk, who will cause a whole lot of trouble in the RP, and, basically, the girls have to try and survive this night by outsmarting Gokk.

Yes, "the girls," as in an all female cast, again, but this time, this is only of my preference. You can play male characters if you like in this one, though I'd prefer all females.

The main setting of the game will pretty much be in the restaurant the whole time, with the aliens trying to get the girls to cook up their army. Some of the Nergs are friendly, only wanting to have their home made here, on the 'Ugly Planet' because they ain't got a choice, but there are traitors like Gokk amongst the army who wants to take over the empire, the role as The Great Leader, whom you'll meet in late-game.

So, as with the "Monster In _______'s Mirror" RP, hope you will post your interest this time, and feel free to add any suggestions to improve this RP. :)
*makes a pun about cheeseburgers*

Would it be possible to make a guy who works at burger joint who got caught in the crossfire?
Well, you can play Elise's brother. He works at the restaurant - much to his sister's displeasure. He won four tickets to a scary movie, and he invites Elise, Elise's friend, and his friend to the movie.

You can depict him as watching the movie halfway, and then maybe getting a call from his boss about something weird going on at the restaurant, asking him to check it out. And then when he gets there, he gets caught in the crossfire. But that's just a suggestion. It would save me the time of waiting for someone to fill in the role of the brother, though.

Another role I need is someone to lure the group to the restaurant to check out the anomaly. So, you could play this guy who is already working at the restaurant at the start of the RP - no movies or anything - and then seeing the aliens, get creeps out by it ('coz the Nergs wouldn't attack without reason), and ends up rushing to the theater to tell Elise about it, 'coz he's a friend of hers or something.

Your choice. Just a thought. :)
Its possible fore her brother to get called, leave Elise at the theater, them call her when he sees something weird?
Yeah, it is. Elise and the gang will just drop the movie and go see her brother to check out what's going on, ending up getting held hostage themselves, too.

Then again, the phone could have been turned to silent mode... in which case, Elise wouldn't find out about the call until the end of the movie... Looks like the brother will have to suffer for a little while. Ho ho ho.
Well for now have me down as the brother, definite plans can be made when more people join.
Coolios. :) Thanks for joining then, Vay.

Now I just need somebody to fill the role of Elise's friend.

If possible, I would also want another 'lurer,' of which the role I described earlier, to attract the group to the restaurant. But I want a female one, too, possibly one that isn't very smart.
This sounds like an awesome parody of Goodburger. I LOVE IT.
Can I get in on this?
I'd totally be up for being Elise's friend.
Wow... this is totally so long ago... I don't even RP anymore... o_O" I guess we could work out something, if the members who joined (before you did, Patty) are still interested, that is.