Night of the Crimson Snow [CS]

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  1. (Vampire plot) I'll play either Seiren or Dante.

    Okay so this is a story or plot I have written into a story quite a few times. Now I'm up to the task of seeing how other people will go about the central idea.

    I'm just gonna say that their are a few people who where directly hit on the so called night of the crimson snow. They are essential to the story. However u chose to create them up to you I'll simple tell you their role. Names are used to simply explain you may change them and what not.


    So the story is pretty much about: Seiren is the eldest child of two and heir to the throne. Alice her younger sister some reason hates/jealous of her and in order to get what she wants she slaughters her family and royal court to get the throne. (Evil queen) Alice only leaves Seiren alive and her Knight Dante alive. Before Alice could get her hands on them they make their escape into the human world where they live for years. After their escape Dante's verternal twin Sinister confronts Alice and offers his help (also doesn't like his bro or Seiren). He might have alternate motives but who knows. After a few years they find Seiren and take her away where she is then beatenand and have her chained to a wall for torture by Sinster and Alice until she escapes. Dante after she been taken searches for her. (He actually has a little background that's essential to story so if you pick him let me know.) After many years a century of wondering the human world he heads back to vampire world to find Xavier an old black smith who had tought him all he knows about fighting and being a Knight. From their he sees Seiren who had escaped and was secretly being taken care of by Xavier and Rose, his daughter who fan girls over Dante. From their they must stop Sinister and Alice and restore balance to the kingdom which is in poverty.

    Any questions simply ask.
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