Night Circus (Restart)

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  1. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, for coming to watch for beloved performers and their amazing acts~!" said an amiable headmaster as she gave a farewell speech to the audience. "The Night Circus will forever be grateful for coming to our shows!" she added, placing a gentle smile on her moderately tanned face. The crowd stood up from their seats and clapped for the performances and the circus' staffs. Ester bowed slightly as well as the rest of the staffs, giving the thrilled crowd one last 'thank you' before they left the circus' main tent. After everyone had left the Night Circus, the headmaster and the performers walked outside the main tent, breathing fresh air and chatting away with each other as they walked around the circus. Some staffs went back to their tents to get rest for the day. Ester strolled around the circus grounds, passing the white and black tents. She will smile at anyone she comes in contact with, complimenting on their performances. The young headmaster sighed tiredly once her honey brown eyes settled on a certain sleeping figure, who is on top of a crate.

    "Sterling Royce! Seriously, you need to stop this habit of yours!" she cried, waking the poor, young man up by pulling on his right ear. The hatter screamed in pain as he felt his niece pulled on his ear harshly. "What the hell, Es!?" he yelled, getting off the crate and rubbed the rather red ear, grumbling under his breath. Ester rolled her eyes at her uncle, sticking her tongue out at him. Sterling mimicked her action causing the both laughing at each other. The hatter and the headmaster walked to the front of the circus, both magicians telling each other about the day.

    "So, I told the lion tamer, how about we go out to a bar and restua-" the hatter cut himself off from his story when he glanced over at the main entrance, noticing the staffs gathering around a dark figure. Both performers hurriedly walked over to the crowd, making their way to the figure. Once they reached the mysterious person, they noticed a strange device in their hands. A device that could change their whole life around. The headmaster spoke to the nearest staff around her, asking them a question.

    "Who is this strange gentleman?"

  2. Naturally, Rowena had been there for the closing. As she was the entertainment between acts and the illustrious announcer of each event. So she would proudly admit to whomsoever did ask. A final trumpet of her horn was the signal for everyone to leave after the headmaster gave her farewell speech. Flashing her pearly whites in a beaming smile, the girl adjusted the bunny ears she always wears on her head, making sure they remained perfect, despite the fact the show was over and the audience was now gone. As with the rest of the staff, Rowena began to make her way from the main tent, as there was no reason to stay. Business as usual, after all. The white rabbit of the show began to make her way to find her own tent. Time to get cleaned up, after all. It seems pointless to remain in costume, as she always feels like staying in character when in her famous card themed clothing.

    Something caught the girl's interest as she was strolling casually on the grounds. Oh? A crowd near the main gate. Immediately her curiousity was piqued. She wanted to know what the crowd has been formed for... and who the gentleman was. After all, it was after hours. All the townspeople should have left by now. Actually, she was fairly certain that they had already. How peculiar. That's fine. Something new is always good for variation. Fidgeting with the ribbon upon her brass horn, Rowena began to approach. She didn't care for crowds, being in them especially, but it was worth it to see what might be a mystery unfolding right before her eyes. Either that... or it was her over active imagination again.

    Unable to get too close, Rowena remained on the outer reaches of the crowd and was therefore present when a certain voice near her snapped her to attention. Quickly her brain filed through all the member of the staff she knew to identify the voice. Oh! Of course! And with a quick look, she confirmed that it was in fact, the headmaster. A charming smile broke upon her face with red eyes twinkling. In a most dramatic fashion, she knocked on her own head as if pretending it were empty and should echo. "I have absolutely no idea, ma'am." She said it in the most charismatic way, so it actually sounded like she was saying something funny, rather than admitting a lack of knowledge.
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