Night at the Museum

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    The Museum of natural history gets a new exhibit in the Egypt room. This exhibit contains a boy along with a fox, king Ahkmenrah finds internet in this boy. What will happen when this strange boy contains powers unlike anything seen before.

    Its simple, my character is the boy with the fox and strange powers. You will be king Ahkmenrah, we will go from there.
  2. Yay Night At The Museum! I love those movies!
  3. I know right! Would you like to roleplay this with me?
  4. I would love to!
  5. Yay! Would you happen to like the avengers?
  6. Nope!... I love them lol. Sorry I'm a bit of a loser sometimes
  7. I love them too!(don't worry I'm a wack-a-doo) I loved it when hulk smashed Loki into the floor.
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  8. XD I love wacky people. I couldn't help but to feel sorry for poor Loki. Hulk smashed puny God.
  9. Loki is my favorite character especially during the 'dark world' movie. (Should we plot this thread or just roll with the flow?)
  10. A little plot sounds good.
  11. Ya, so have any ideas I'm still going with the 'new exhibit' thing.
  12. Maybe the boy is part god? It would explain his powers, and maybe that could be how Ahkmenrah thinks he knows him...not sure if that sounds good
  13. I was thinking more of that he was a neko, you know a cat-boy(or girl in a different situation).
  14. I love cat boys!
  15. Yay, so its agreed that he will be a neko. (The fox with him will be explained later.)
  16. I don't know if I can do this after all, I didn't see that you had been looking for an advanced rper
  17. No it's fine, it's a suggestion. You can still roleplay, I prefer advanced but I'm fine with anything.
  18. I always do my best to give good posts.
  19. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you.
  20. Yay! *hugs* So, what else do we need to talk over?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.