Night at the Museum(private)

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  1. Larry closed the doors as the last person left, he smiled as Rexy began to come to life. He walked to the Egyptian exhibit, "hello pharaoh," he said glancing at the two jackel guards. He looked at the new exhibit, "Rebecca said the casket was found hidden away instead of a tomb along with this petrified fox," he said studying the burned shutsarcophagus.
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  2. Ahkmenrah had been closely studying the sarcophagus before Larry had come into the Egyptian exhibit. "Greetings Larry Daley, I was wondering what was going on...does she know who he is?" He asked as he looked over the sarcophagus and read over the hieroglyphics that were on it. "It doesn't say much about him on here." He said as he lightly ran one tanned finger over it.
  3. "She said he's had a horrible life, he lost his family at a young age, almost got raped, she said he has powers," he said glancing out the entrance as the Huns ran past yelling something like always. His eyes lowered to the fox with it's bared teeth and bristled, it was in front of the coffin as if protecting it, "she said she couldn't find any information on why this fox was with him though," he said frowning.
  4. The young pharaoh was shocked by what he had heard, it wasn't unheard of that a child would grow up without a family or even be raped, as sad as it was to think about, but him having powers...that was something that scared him a bit. "Powers? How can we free him from his tomb?" He asked as he turned back to Larry.
  5. "I don't know, the casket is burned shut. Rebecca said it was because the egyptians wanted to make sure he didn't brake free after death," he said. "About the powers there isn't much to know, supposedly they were dark, he had no control of them and killed someone," he said frowning again. He yelped when suddenly the fox came to life growling and snapping at him. The Jackel guards turned and pointed there spears at the fox who continued to growl protecting the coffin.
  6. Ahkmenrah quickly ran in front of his guards and held his arms out. "Back down, he is not to be harmed." He ordered in ancient Egyptian as he looked back to the fox protecting the sarcophagus behind him. "We don't mean your master any harm, please calm yourself, I would like to help free him." He said to the fox as he knelt down so he wouldn't be standing so much higher any more.
  7. The yellow eyes of the fox narrowed before it's ears perked as if called, it ran over to the coffin scratching at the crack. Larry took deep breaths to calm himself, he watched the Jackel guards give annoyed sounds before returning to their post.
  8. Ahkmenrah thought for a moment before an idea came to to him on how to open the coffin. "If you want out, I need you to have your fox move, I'm going to have my jackal guards free you from sarcophagus." He called out to the boy trapped inside of the coffin.
  9. The fox just starred at the coffin and whinned before moving, it's eyes narrowed. The fox gave off a warning growl and glare it's tail bristling up, the ears pulled back as if scolded and turned it's eyes to the shutsarcophagus.
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  10. "Thank you." He said before he turned to one of his guards and gave it a nod. "Open it, but be careful not to harm him nor his coffin, we don't want to get Larry in trouble." Ahkmenrah said as he moved aside for the jackel to get to work.
  11. One guard, pried the coffin open, a black aura blasted everywhere. It disappears revealing a boy with midnight hair and Emerald green eyes, the fox ran over and nuzzled the boy. He pushed the muzzle away, "enough Heather," his voice was rather high pitched for an 18 year old. He stood up, his eyes scanned the scene, "I would like to thank you for releasing me," the boy said reaching up and adjusting the necklace with a black diamond charm that was on his neck.
  12. Ahkmenrah blinked a few times before he bowed his head politely to the boy. "It is a pleasure to meet you, I have not gotten to speak with a fellow Egyptian for quite some time." The young pharaoh said with a smile on his face. "I am Ahkmenrah, the fourth king of the fourth kings." He introduced himself as he gave another bow. "And who may I ask are you?"
  13. "Hello, I'm Chase and this is Heather," he said, the female fox sat down her tail coiling around her paws. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well Ahkmenrah," he said his black tail unraveling from around his waist and his ears raising from his hair. He bowed as well, the fox bowed her head as well.
  14. The pharaoh was shocked at the sight of the ears and tail and couldn't help but to take a small step forward. "Are you a descendant of one of the gods? You have ears and a tail like a cat...why would anyone want you dead? It makes no sense to me." He said as he sat down with a frown on his face, cats had been sacred to his people, so why would they do this to the boy?
  15. "No, I didn't come from the gods just another type of creature in this world a neko in Japanese. My powers are dark, it is hard to control. It doesn't make sense to me either besides my memory is blank in some places." He said, his tail coiled back around his waist and his ears perked forward.

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  16. Ahkmenrah nodded before he waved a hand over to the doors as he got up to his feet. "You may wander museum as you wish, but you and Heather must both be back in your sarcophagus before sun up, you see this tablet of mine brings everything in the museum to life at night but if you are not back were you belong before the sun comes up, you could turn to ashes." He explained as he got up to his feet and lightly brushed off his robes. "I could give you a tour if you like."
  17. He nods, "a tour would be delightful," he said. Heather stood up and shook dust off her red pelt, she nuzzled Chase's hand and licked it. Chase gently scratched the fox his pale hand moving from out of his long sleeve he always wore before his death. His skin was snow white, nothing like that of a normal egyptian as well as his eyes and natural messy looking hair.

    Larry had snuck out afraid to get mauled by the fox, he went off to check on others almost getting taken out by Rexy as he chased the car the was dragging his bone behind it.
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  20. Ahkmenrah smiled as he looked around, one of his eyebrows lifting up when he noticed that Larry had left. "Hmm well it would seem that the Guardian of Brooklyn has left, we'll have to find him some time later so I can introduce you to him, he is the one who watches over us at night." He said as he walked over to Chase and held his hand out to him, wanting to be nice and help him to his feet. "Let me help you up. I'll let you know now that you will see many new and strange things, but you don't need to be afraid, no one and nothing here will hurt you."
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