Night and Moon (LYDIA and Natasha)

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  1. "Honestly, Cass, you'd think that after almost two centuries of this crap, you'd manage to feed without getting blood all over your face," Ariana scolded humorously.

    "Hey, Ariana, guess what," said Cass. "Shut up."

    Cass let the heavy body of the doe fall to the ground with a thud. He wiped the blood from his face with the back of his hand and checked his clothes -- they were clean, but he could tell his face was a different story. His sister Ariana, of course, managed to remain in her pristine, glassy perfection, not a strand of the white-blonde hair she shared with Lancaster red at all.

    The twins had woken up at around six a.m. that morning, hungry, so they took off into the night and tracked down a herd of deer, which they quickly dispatched. Despite having been vampires for longer than any human could even survive, they had yet to remember to feed regularly, or they would nearly burst into flames at the slightest mention of the sun. Ariana rolled her eyes at her brother and took off into the woods. Cass sighed and followed.

    The vampire twins wove between the trees until they reached the cabin where they lived. They had bought it with their own money and it felt like nothing but home to the twins, the first home they had had in a long time. Until they had arrived in Lynbrook, Washington, Ariana and Lancaster Morgenstern had roamed the land, feeding equally from both humans and animals until they had realised that what they needed was a normal life. So they bought the cabin in the woods, where they lived, and attended Lynbrook Public High School along with five hundred normal teenagers. Well, except for the wolves.

    Cass dashed into the bathroom and washed his face and hands. He was happy to see his reflection returning in the mirror. Ariana tossed him his backpack, and the twins ran to the school ground with fifteen minutes until eight o'clock, when homeroom began.

    "Remember, you have detention today," said Ariana, as they walked onto the school football field.

    "Ugh," groaned Cass. "Why do I have to do this?"

    "You should have handed in your essay."

    "Shut up."

    Cass walked into detention. Detention at Lynbrook was simply a day of sitting in a classroom, being told to do work and then being left alone while the monitor went to the staff room. In fact, Mr Drysdale wasn't even there; it was only one girl, who smelled of dog. Werewolf.

    Cass sat in a seat a few rows beside her and stared ahead. He knew she knew what he was.
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    Lunaria was particularly fond of going to school. Ever since her parents had died, her brothers -- mainly Landon -- had taken it upon themselves to be in charge of the household which basically only consisted of three people including the two of them. Lunaria, was the baby of the family, even if she was almost a legal adult. That wouldn't shake away the sense of protectiveness fromt them though. If anything, it would make them more cautious, trying to keep her out of trouble.

    That hardly ever worker though, because not for the first time she found herself in detention, having picked a fight with an upper classmen, and a cheerleader at that. Their small city didn't have much as far as sports went, except for indoor basketball and football on days that weren't cold and rainy, but as it was everywhere, the jocks and cheerleaders owned the school.

    But that didn't mean Lunaria was going to sit back and watch.

    Needless to say, detention was an ordinary thing for her, and as much as her brothers hated it and told her to stop since she was only drawing attention to what she was, she kept at it, being the stubborn little thing she is.

    Unlike most werewolves, she and her brothers didn't stay with the pack. They belonged to one, sure, but they stayed reserved, and further away from them, trying to lead out more normal human lives, just till Lunaria could graduate, because they thought she might be the one to have a shot at going to college.

    Though, with where things were going, she highly doubted.

    Walking into the detention room, she saw that as usual, nobody else was there, so she took her usual seat and kicked her feet up on the desk, just when the vampire came in.

    They had a distinct smell, something she could definitely sniff out from a mile away, and she was sure the same could be said from him. She wrinkled her nose in annoyance as he walked in. There weren't any others like him and his sister in school, adn there were no other werewolves, so she eas pretty much his enemy, and vice versa. And since he was a senior and she was only a junior, they hardly ever crossed paths.

    Except now.

    She glanced at him as he sat down, hardly shifting her gaze as the teacher on duty excused himself to go to the staff lounge. "What brings you here?" She asked casually as she leaned back in her chair.
  3. "Not handing in an assignment, would you believe," Cass answered. He rested one elbow on the desk and studied the fingernails on that hand. "You'd think that after being alive for one hundred and seventy six years I'd have my shit together, but no."

    It was usually in Cass's nature to be cocky and rude, to make sarcastic remarks whenever possible and to just generally antagonise people. He wasn't a bad person, so to speak. He just got a kick out of annoying other people. However, this girl was a werewolf, and he knew she had two older brothers who would probably tear Cass and Ariana limb from limb if he did anything to their precious baby sister.

    "What about you?"
  4. Lunaria, despite her better judgement, laughed a little, checking her nails which were not long and perfectly manicured like most girls, but rather short snd bitten doen to the stubs. "Picked a fight with one of those dumb cheerleaders," she muttered in response, as if this was no big deal. In reality, it wasn't. Not just for her. Cheerleaders were wimps with only a status in school to get them around. Not much else. And despite the fact that she had a jock boyfriend, she didn't see him come to the rescue.

    "There's usually one every day, so I'm a regular patient here," she explained to the vampire, saying the word patient like that was what she really is. High school was a hell hole, filled with nut jobs, so she wouldn't be surprised if she woke up one day with the announcement that Lynbrook High was an undercover asylum.

    "Although, in my opinion, being alive longer isn't what helps you learn to be a better pwrson. It's what you choose to do," she explained, letting her hands fall into her lap as she looked at him, multi coloured eyes studying his demeanor. He was good looking, no doubt, but she liked to study a lot more than just appearance.
  5. Cass raised a hand in surrender. "Calm down, Socrates, it's too early for this philosophical banter and I only had three deer this morning," he said, rubbing his forehead with his other hand and feigning exhaustion. "It's the equivalent of, like, a quarter if coffee. Or half a Wolfsbane potion from Harry Potter, if you wolves brew that around the full moon. Lunaria." He said it just to ensure she knew that he knew her name.

    "So you must have been born a wolf, or by some weird coincidence your parents just gave you the most wolfish name possible." Cass grinned playfully, to make sure she knew he wasn't patronising her. He wasn't in the mood to pick a fight with a werewolf. "I'm lucky that Cass just makes me sound like a hipster."
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  6. Lunaria raised an eyebrow at him although she had to admit she wasn't completely stunned that he knew her name, just like she knew his and his sisters name. People like them -- people who weren't human -- had a habit of keeping track of others like them. And since she and he were supposed to be sworn enemies, of course she made it a point to learn his name. Though at the moment it seemed more as if they were chummy chummy than trying to rip each other's heads off, and she knew he was very much capable of a fight since he had fed that morning. She could smell it.

    "My brother's aren't named ironically, so it would be neither, actually." She pointed out. Her brother's had the more common names and she always wondered why her parents gave her a more unique one. "Though Cass doesn't really make you sound like a hipster." She chuckled. "If anything it reminds me of the word crass. You're Crass Cass." She smirked at the nickname she had now given him.
  7. Cass raised a threatening eyebrow, but he really found her wit quite amusing. "Did you really just rhyme my name with a synonym for lack of intelligence and sensitivity?" he said lowly, making his eyes darken. "Are you mad?" His British accent, uncovering the roots of his human life, was seeping over the stereotypical American drawl he had perfected in order to fit it. "My dear, may I remind you that I am precisely ten times your age and I have undoubtedly picked up quite a bit of knowledge in my time." He leaned back in his seat.

    She was beautiful, he decided, with lovely skin, adorable features and thick hair. If he stopped breathing and eliminated the overwhelming scent of wet dog, Cass could actually find her attractive. "And my full name is Lancaster, after the town in Lancashire where my parents met. In 1832."
  8. "Being ten times older doesn't mean you're ten times smarter than any other eighteen year old." She pointed out. "You could be crass, but we'll never really know, will we?" She said, raising an eyebrow to match his demeanor as she let her legs fall off the desk and now rest on the floor as she sat up straighter in her seat.

    "Ah, born in the 1800s. I would have said hippie woudl suit you better than hipster in that case, but I don't think it's all that right." She murmured, thinking on it for a moment before turning her attention back to the vampire. "For now though, I quite like Crass Cass, especially since nobody really calls you Lancaster." Lunaria explained to him before picking a pencil up from the desk and bending forward to doodle. She had always been very fond of art, and her brothers say she was gold at it to, but really it was just something she did in detention to pass the time.
  9. Cass laughed and raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me, I was there, and I can testify that hippies did not exist in the nineteenth century, Lunaria Maidenhair." He let his voice adopt a sarcastic, mocking tone as he said her name. "If anyone was a hippie it was your parents. Either hippies or Shadowhunters." Not that he could judge, as his surname, Morgenstern, was actually in the Mortal Instruments series.

    They were bickering, but it was more playful rather than sinister. He was quite enjoying himself. He rarely spoke to anyone other than his sister, and it was nice to actually hold a conversation with a living person that wasn't very related to him.
  10. Lunaria would have responded with some witty remark, but at the mention of her parents, she was reminded just who she was talking to. Or rather, what she was talking to. A vampire. The race that she was meant to hate, not just because that's the way the relationship between vampires and werewolves were, but because it was the race that had killed her parents. And hearing him mention them just set something off in her and her demeaour changed almost completely, adopting a colder one, and a hardened expression.

    "Piss off, Crass," she murmured, slumping back in her seat as she out an end to what had actually been kind of fun, especially between two species that were meant to despise each other. She wondered what her brothers would say if they saw her talking to him with an actual smile or smirk on her face.
  11. Cass could tell that he had actually upset her and immediately felt terrible. He wasn't a bad person -- though he spent the majority of his time making sarcastic remarks to people, he could tell when he crossed a line and would at least try to make it better.

    "Hey," he said quietly, still using his British accent but adopting a soothing, apologetic tone. "I'm sorry if I upset you, Luna. I didn't mean for that to happen, honestly."

    He understood that their two races were supposed to be enemies -- some of Cass and Ariana's good friends had been killed by a violet werewolf pack in 1946 and Ariana had yet to fully recover. But to Cass, this particular wolf was different. She had actually held a conversation with a vampire instead of shunning him like other members of her race, and she seemed witty and funny.
  12. Hearing him use the nickname hermparents gave her only served to upset her more, but less angry, and more toward the sad, emotional side now, as she was reminded of the people she had lost. She had to be gratedul that she still had her two brothers. She wouldn't be here if it weren't for them trying to help her have a normal life even though they never had.

    "It's fine," she murmured. "Sorry for snapping... I do that unintentionally sometimes. You can guess, since I'm sitting here." She explained, the latter mainly to try and lighten the mood for their conversation had seemed to have taken a drastic turn.

    She reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone, checking it for the time. Letting out a small groan, she shoved it back into her pockets. "Fifteen more minutes," she murmured aloud for him to hear as well, in case he was wondering like she was, how much longer they had to endure detention.
  13. "Does it hurt?"

    The question had been hovering on the edge of his mind and now he decided to ask it, there was no going back. "The transformation between human and wolf, I mean," he clarified. "If it's anything like my transformation than it hurts like hell ... "
  14. At first, Lunaria was confused as to what Cass was talking about, but then he went on to explain, and she shrugged a little, slumping doen in her seat and tilting her head back to stare at the ceiling.

    "Not always, since we get accustomed to it. But on full moon nights it's even worse," she explained, remembering the torturous night she had first turned. It was when she hit puberty. That's how it eas for all werewolves. Once they had a higher pain tolerance, the changes start kicking in, and then come full moon night, they were all wolf.
  15. "How do you communicate with other wolves?" he asked, since his first question had been received well. "You don't mind me asking questions, do you?"

    He had never been able to speak to a werewolf like this before and all Stefan knew about the Children of the Moon was what he had heard from other vampires.
  16. Lunaria nodded. "Nah, it's fine. I don't really get questions since you and your sister are the only ones who really know what I am." She explained, fiddling with the tips of her blonde hair.

    "In wolf form we have a kind of telepathy, but it can only be used in wolf form. Then again, when we're in human form too, we could hear our pack member's howl from miles away, to know he's calling us for something. It only works if you're in a pack though. I'm not. Not really. My brothers are, but they're on the down low about me." She explained to him.
  17. "So your brothers' pack don't know about you?" he asked, frowning. "How could they not know about you? Couldn't they catch your scent or something?"

    If Cass could catch her scent from his and Ariana's house in the woods, he doubted an actual pack of werewolves would miss it. And Cass was barely aware of a pack. They must live a little while away.
  18. "Wolfsbane," she said as if that explained everything. "It's poisonous if consumed, but burning it can mask the scent of a werewolf. And since we live pretty far from the pack, it's more effective and we don't have to use so much, that it'll poison our insides." She explained, remembering that either one of her elder brothers woke up early in the morning just to do so.

    "It has no effect on humans so it's available pretty much anywhere." She added, in case he was wondering how they got the flower. "And it's also why I probably smell horrible to you. Werewolves don't actually always smell like wet dog. When they do, they've been around Wolfsbane, it sort of forces wolfish characteristics into existence."
  19. Cass raised his eyebrows. He actually had not known anything about Wolfsbane. "So what do you smell like without the Wolfsbane? Forests and trees and fresh mountain air?" he joked.

    "I'm kidding. I probably smell like ... I don't know," he said, frowning. "What do I smell like to you?"

    While each vampire could not smell their own fragrance, they each had a signature scent to other vampires. Ariana smelled like roses, clean soil, cinnamon and raspberry-flavoured boiled sweets. She had told Cass that he smelled like pine trees, ivy, the tangy iron found in blood and deep ocean water -- whatever the last one smelled like. Cass was curious to know what he smelled like to the other supernatural species.
  20. "Mostly blood, and iron." She told him with a small smile. "There's a faint smell of trees too, but mainly I smell where you've been recently, so if you tell me you came from the city, there was no way I'd beloeve it." She explained. Werewolves couldn't be lies to that way, but that was pretty much all the sense of smell was adavntageous for.

    "Without the wolfsbane... Well, I don't really know. We can't really smell ourselves, but each werewolf has their own scent, like you vampires do." She explained. However she had never smelled it since she had lived her whole life around wolfsbane.
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