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Nealy all
Hello, hello, hello! Uh, so first things first...this is my first ever forum on Iwaku so I have little idea what the hell I'm doing...you have been warned.
Now on to the point of this bloody forum. I want to make a RP based on the events of Nier: Automata. To be even more precise I want to make it based on the Ending C: meaningless Code. To jog your memory in case you forgot...Is it the ending to YoRHa (By the way is the based around Yonha? Nier's daughter/Sister?), where the Bunker blows up and all YoRHa Androids are infected by a powerful Logic Virus if they are synched with the Bunker. That's ending C.
I'd like for some of you to help me flesh out a more clear idea for a RP based on the idea. I just have a few qualifications I want from you.
1. Have a good knowledge of at least Nier: Automata. If you haven't played it through B2, 9S, and A2's story or at the very least watched it this isn't the place for you. If you got further knowledge to Nier, excellent.
2. Join a discord I will make if I get a few people to say they want to join.
3. Be active at least most of the week. I'm not usually on the weekend's cause of IRL, things happen but try to make an effort, please.
4. Don't be a damn stiff, have some fun.