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  1. I guess this is where it goes.

    I'll place my characters here and stuff
  2. Felix Jayden Grant | Wizard for Hire


    AGE: 18
    GENDER: Male
    WEIGHT: 200lbs
    HEIGHT: 6'0"
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Golden
    SCENT: Cinnamon and Burnt Magic
    OTHER: Felix has no distinguishable accent, though if he stays near someone with one he picks up it's dialect.

    TELEKINESIS- He can manipulate objects/matter with his mind. It causes him to have headaches and dizzy spells if used too much.
    MAGIC- Felix has a wide control over magic. He can create magical barriers, read tarot cards, control the elements to an extent, levitate, enchant weapons and use hexes.
    POTION MAKING- Felix is an exceptional potion and medicine maker.
    CANINE COMMUNICATION- Felix can talk to dogs, this is his least favorite power and will probably kill you if you made fun of him for it.

    Hand claws they are specially made to channel Felix's magic so he can fight with blade and magic. When not in use they turn into twin silver rings that are engraved with moons.

    Felix is cold and stand offish, he's always full of quick wit and sarcasm. Though beneath that icy exterior is a warm hearted goofball that all his close ones see in him. He's a protector, he would put his life on the line for those he loves. He's very lazy and nonchalant about quite a few things. Felix is someone who is powerful and quick to anger. He is intelligent and is quick to come up with plans and solutions. He has a twisted side, a side where he wouldn't be above cruelly maiming someone to get a point across. Felix is quite a joker and he only cuts up and makes people smile if he can trust them. If one could get close to Felix they would find a loyal and reliable friend.

    -Electronic Music
    -The Night
    -Rock Candy

    -People Who Touch His Things

    Claustrophobia -The fear of closed spaces
    Acrophobia -The fear of heights

    His Raven, Miri

    His Potion Belt
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