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What were your childhood nicknames, did you love 'em or did you hate 'em?

We're all (kinda) friends here so don't be shy. (says me, hur hur)

I'll start.... In order of use

First Nickname from birth onwards.

Fufu (yes as in little bunny, finally got it to be Foo) HATE!!!!

Nodder (was super into Noddy as a kid)

Hairball (I have no idea why though puberty might have something to do with it)

Hair breath (Also no idea.. me dad called me this)

Ebro (My sister calls me this.. a joining of emo and bro, not sure if i like it or not)
Shaebear. My grandmother called me that. All the family calls me by my middle name, and Shaebear was always so lame. t___t

Through middle school and high school I had a friend call me Blueberry cause he only saw me wearing blue clothes. I ended up using Blueberry Princess as my online nick for a couple years. .__.;

NOW my nicknames are all forms of Diana. XD Di, Didi, dia, Dian, Dananananaa.
Gunnar - I was really young, I dunno why, I was called it at school. It's just an odd norse-name.

Veslerud - Given to me by one of my aunts. As a kid i spent a lot of time at my cousins place with my older brother. Being the younger and smaller, she gave me this nickname thats sticked with me. Vesle = meaning "the small" and "rud" is the last part of my surname.

Vesla - Derived from Veslerud, best english translation would be "shortie".

Torsty - Just like with Gunnar, some girl at school all of a sudden started calling me this. I guess you could say it's the "cuter" or americanized version of my real name.

Tort/Torst/Tortunia - People here on Iwaku like to mess with mah name :P
DIANANANANANANAN is a great nickname Dia.

My only nickname has been Britty. 'Cause I'm just SO awesome like that.
Julez/Jules/Jule/JuleZ- All nicknames given to me. Even the one with the capital Z.

Kit - Because of my affinity for foxes

Jujubear- My dad's nickname for me

Jujubee- Grandpa's nic for me.

"That-Crazy-White-Chick" - From Ohio

"Texan" - From Ohio

"Spastic" My Psych class.
Little Princess Happy Feet -- when I was a baby

Duckles -- my dad's nickname for me when I was a kid

Litlle Big Girl -- my dad's nickname for me now

Liselet -- Since I was step-dad still calls me by it and I love it. It means "little elise", his definition, not mine. (note: my real name is Elise)

I also went just by my last name my entire junior and senior year, but only in particular classes...the one's which had the same teachers that my brother and sister had. And that was because it was either that, or be known as my older brother's and sister's little sister.

(My brother is 8 years older than me, and my sister is 7 years older than me...I just happened to go to their highschool my junior and senior year)
Booger, boog - my mother is literally insane and i have no idea where this came from

"the Nazi" - "affectionate" nickname from a couple of pricks that lasted me from 6th to 10th grade. apparently always having short hair and wearing combat boots while hanging out with jews, gays and blacks makes me a nazi (wtf?). they have since been dealt with, i loathe nazi's.

Frogger - fresh-sophmore years. apparently i looked like a frog(?) when i ran in converse (high tops all the way!!)

Stein, Steinlich, Schlappenstein, VonSchlappenstein - nick's my crazy boss gave me because "i got mad skills! (at who we don't know)" (2008 - present)

Marius, Gaius, Gaius Marius, Gaius Arturus Marius - tag i picked up from my (slight) obsession with the study of vampires, courtesy of Anne Rice.
For my real name:

Jalopy - when I was in elementary school. Have no idea why they thought it was cool to call me a nonfunctional car.

Jill - the main nickname I prefer to go by

Jilly/Jillie - nickname my family calls me

Jill Jill the Ice climber - was called this in High School when I had this white coat with this giant furry hood. Whenever I put it on, I looked like an ice climber lol.

Jill Jill - just cause...

Jilly-Bean - my cousin and best friend calls me this sometimes

Online name:

Nec/Nes - shorten version of Necella

Neccy - I guess to make it sound cuter

Neccy-Burger - Anne Bonny (some of you may remember her =P) called me this cause there's this restaurant called "Nessy Burger" where she's at.

'Celly - Idk, seiji started calling me this one, lol.
I'll post all the online names I've had..

Sniperban (counterstrike and some forums)
Hungryguy (Empires, Battlefield and some forums)
Vay (here and escapist)

Lurker accounts:

Silent Watcher, Lon3r, Silhouette, Lurk, EyesInTheNight

My parents tried to convince me that my real name on the birth certificate was heathen.

And apparently I was called doll-baby cause I was a preemie and so small.

Then...I had a dumb moment in middle school and cut my hair up to the top of my ears and people called me freaking slim. Yes it was a stupid ref towards slim shady. Stoooopeed name. :/

Online names I've used:

Corvus Corax. Corruptedmagnet. Panthera Tigris Tigris. Panthera. Pestilence. Mr. clean. Sillystringfromhell. Corra Lerato Venenum. ...Odd. Sekhmet. Charade. De profundis.

-Whistles innocently at a few of those names.-

Lame alt accounts:

~Thief~. Com3 Wh4t M4y. Moria.
King Spittle, Lord of the Mist.

When I was a little-er kid, I would run about the house, smiting enemies, making my own sound effects and such. The backyard was slick with my enemies blood, most of the time. My Dad would notice that I was quite loud about it, and in producing the oil depot explosion on Kars IV, I set fly a torrential deluge of saliva.

I liked it. My Dad is original like that.

I still do it, to this day, except now I'm a tall lanky-haired teenager with wild eyes, and so it's much more creepy. I keep sound effects to my imagination most of the time as well.
J.B. - Because my best friend in middle school decided I looked like Junie B. Jones.

Seka - A shortened version of my-real-name-that-I'm-not-telling, that I adopted when I was little because it sounded more Samoan than my-real-name-that-I'm-not-telling, and since I was the only palagi (white) kid in our huge extended family of Islanders, I needed all the help I could get fitting in.

That Weird Kid - Everyone who worked in the buildings behind my mom's store or even just visited there. I... have an over-active imagination, and used to have this habit of going into the parking lot behind my mom's health food store while she was working, and acting out various scenes from what ever story ideas I happened to feel like enacting at the time, be they battles, chase scenes, or what have ya. (A lot like Krom, actually, except it wasn't restricted to just smiting enemies, and, you know... I still do it.) Unfortunately, those people in the building behind us didn't know what was going on in my head, so if they happened to look out their windows, they just saw a kid walking/skipping/running around in circles in the parking lot, talking to herself. It became especially amusing when a church moved back there.

Jani Rieme - My first internet pen-name. And no, it's not pronounced "Johnny", or "Jah-nee"... The J is pronounced like the X in "Xiao". "Jani". And don't ask what it means, because I haven't the faintest clue, I just made it up one night.

Kuro Shinzui - My second internet pen-name. This was spawned when I went through the *ahem* obligatory "weaboo" phase all writers of fanfiction for anime seem to go through.

Psychosis/Psy/Psychosis L. Neurotica - My longest standing nickname and the one I still use. Started as just Psychosis, eventually tacked on the "L. Neurotica" just for shits and giggles. And the short version is NOT "Psycho", it's "Psy" for all you lazy people that can't be bothered to write "Psychosis"!

Strayscream - A very recently developed nickname. This one came about when I joined the Transformers fandom and started RPing with this one chick- she introduced me to her friend, who, for no apparent reason, called me "Strayscream". I pestered my partner for the story, and finally she explained that they have a group of RPers, and their former Starscream-player was, er... troublesome? Moreso than the character she actually played, anyway. *snickers* So they've been looking for a new Starscream player, and she was starting to despair of ever finding a good one, when one day her friend said "Hey, don't worry, I'm sure we'll find a little stray Starscream roaming around sooner or later!" And then the next day she met me, and the nickname "Strayscream" stuck.
my online ones:

Well, other than just the abbreviated version of my first name, I really haven't picked up too many nicknames:

Sloth: Grandparents gave it to me, because I used to be very slow and methodical about things. Has since transferred over to my brother.

Applejacks: A nickname given to me Freshman year of college. All because I use an apple computer, and the person who gave me this name hates macs. Makes me sound like a gay stripper, Ihate it T_T.

I've also been called Xander by 1 person due to their favorite show being Dexter, at least I believe that's why. I also have the Kami and Kaze for online nick names.
Online nicks work too?

Hippopotomogoatagaganurkey Prime: I forget.

Scornocerosaurusidillapedon: Ditto.

Shaggon: Shark Dragon, what else?

Toast: My BFF is "Pancake" and so I am Toast. Together we would survive the Zombie Apocalypse on Killing Floor. Still do, sometimes.
I never had any nicknames until I joined the Army... they have progressed for various reasons over time.

Harry Potter: Because I came to reception with beat up and taped together glasses not to mention messy moppish hair.

McLovin': Because somehow I resembled him... I wonder why. Got it during Basic and stuck till I got to my first duty station.

Goggles: Got it for arriving at my first duty station with nothing but my BCGs. It took a while to come up with, but so far its been the sticker. I even bought a pair of goggles at a con because of it.
My friends call me Nads... >.>;'' Which makes more sense when I tell you my real name is Nadia.

.... *smirks @ Torsty* TORTUNIA!!!