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Have you guys ever been given a wacky or crazy nickname?


Was it by a girlfriend/boyfriend? Was it obnoxious or embarrassing like Dinkleberry or Assmaster? Do you still answer to this nickname?

Let us know!
Some people at my old job used to call me Bones. I liked that name a lot.
Blueberry. I actually received that nickname cause my friend's boyfriend only ever saw me wearing blue. c_____c EVERY time I saw him, for some reason the only color I was wearing would be blue. So he started calling me Blueberry. It ended up being my first online nickname too. XD
I'm sure you all can't possibly guess my nickname...
But, my family used to call me things a lot like it, when I was little.
KitKat, KittiBitty.
No one actually called me Kitti until, like, Jr. High. Oddly.
My boyfriend calls me Mad Dog. It's my bounty hunter name.

That's the only 'weird' one I can think of. All the rest are just standard pet names people give me or things like Andi Pandy. >__>
Nathan. (we gave eachother opposite-gender names)
Tigersaurus Shark (which... Makes no sense xD)
Of some reason my best friend called me stupid/dim litle mosquito (But in swedish: Korkade lilla mygga) out of the blue when we sat on the buss, she had no idea why she said so but she have kept calling me that xD hahah

And one of my roleplay partners here have called me baby girl and something else that I don't remember right now, it feels like all my friends are trying to bully me xD But I'm bullying them back so it's fine xD
Never was given a nick name by family, classmates nor coworkers....
It all started with the nickname Monkezee.~
I liked monkeys A LOT when I was little, so eventually someone gave me that nickname in grade school, and it stuck. And then left me once I hit like third grade. So.. xD

A LOT of family members and friends use to refer to me as Stacer (Stay-ser). Which makes sense..
And Stace a lot (Stay-ss).

And a past boyfriend's friends would always call me Stan, and call my past boyfriend Kelly, because since I'm the nicest kid they know, they liked to make the story that I probably wear the pants and beat Kenny, past boyfriend, when alone. They would say "KELLY, MAKE ME A SAMMICH -smack.-" and laugh and laugh.
.... HMPH.

A lot of online forums I have been through liked to refer to me as Staci-chan. -shrug.- I can see why. xD

My music director in high school liked to call me every S name EXCEPT Staci.
Sherry, Sandy, Shirley, Susie, Shannon, Shelly.
And then he one day called me Stencils. And that stuck throughout high school in band til I graduated. Everyone in the drum line liked to call me that. xD <3
I miss the Boys. T ^T

Stacisaur came from my bestest friend ever Corey.
I would call him Corey Bear and he said since I saw RAWR in texts a lot, I am technically a Stacisaur, which is a rare species of dinosaur that survived the extinction in the past.

I had/have an oxymoron for a nickname. It is still carried on by one person... I am Mellow. XD
I have a lot of nicknames, but right now it's "Pillowpet" and "Foxxy".
My nickname was given to me by my grandpa and it was Toady Toad cause he would always see me hopping around the house. He doesn't really call me that anymore but when he does I answer to it lol
Idk why....but I have many standing nicknames that at least 6 people call me by them (each).

Hot Dickens

I am not sure which one I like most. xD
Well, from the day I was born (pretty much) my family has nicknamed me "Tori". Honestly not much of a difference from my birth name :P

Then back in highschool my first ever chat name was "Ninja-Girl" (waaaay back in my weeaboo days), so my friends started calling me by that or by just "Ninja". Aaand then there was a time where I was known as "The Supreme Order-bringer of the Universe" ..... Honestly I have no idea where that one came from >_>;

Currently though I don't think I have any other nickname than "Tori" :P