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    Do you have any unusual nicknames that you go by? Are you someone who is always coming up with nicknames for others? Maybe you dislike your name and came up with a nickname for yourself?

    My name is not a common one, and over the years I have picked up more than a couple nicknames. Some have stuck, others not so much. Maybe I'll share a few if enough people post here!

  2. Sasquatch, I got REALLY trashed one night and started hooting like a monkey for everything.
  3. Hmm, well, Kitti is my most common nickname right now, stemming from another nickname I received. I used to have several nicknames, but it's mostly just down to the one now. I am, however, constantly making up nicknames for others, or adding to them, etc.
  4. Andi is preferred over my real name, so that's just what I go by. It therefore has a lot of add-ons since it has catchy rhymes and...stuff. @___@ Andi Pandy, Andi Pants, Andisaurus Rex, Andi Candy, Andicake, Andirew... For nerdy Star Wars nicknames, I have An2di2, and Andikin. lolol

    There are of course the special ones that only certain people are allowed to call me. Like my Mom, who calls me Pumpkin or Pumpkin Head. XD Anyone else calls me that, and I threaten to hurt them. Boyfriend calls me his Andi Bear. Little sis calls me Yaya. All of ya'll call me Fluffy and...whatever else you make from it. Fluffy-kins, Floofy, Fluffy Puffy. XP Seiji calls me Andiboo, along with another list of namez.

  5. I have no nicknames irl.
  6. For some reason I have accumulated several nicknames throughout my life, they vary from group to group.

    Thai-stick, Taibo, Tieone, Bones or Huesos.

    Those are the ones that stuck. Never liked Taibo much.
  7. Negro.