Nicknames For Other Members

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It's as simple as it sounds:

What do you call people on here?

Diana: Dianananananana. I can't help but keep pressing the "A" and "N".... it's addictive.... I'M ADDICTED!

Rory: Rorykins. Do not question.

Inane N. : Impy/Mamzer. I like both nicknames. I'll probably interchange them a couple times. Mamzer is yiddish for Bastard. I sometimes call some of my best friends in RL this word because it's actually kind of a praise for me to call them that, seeing as I'm a bastard child.

Corvus: Cor/Pudding. Shortened version of her name, AND a word that is proven to make her laugh.

Asmo: Greggy-Poodle. You don't want to know. I came up with it when I had too much coffee and now I can't stop calling him that on MSN.

Jumi: Jumikins/Steve/Jumikins (with added chirps and trills). The first one is usually said quickly over the phone, when I'm happy to talk to him, second one is a nickname he already has, and the last one is an option when I'm REALLY excited to hear his voice, usually this is used when I haven't talked to him in a while and I have a lot to tell him.

Darkness: Darky. This is already a widely used nickname, but it's fitting.

Sakura: Destroyer of Worlds. ......I'm joking on this one, but I probably will end up calling her that eventually for shits 'n giggles.

Kitti: Kichaama, Kittiroth (during Halloween- It sounds kind of evil. o_o)
Sakura: (Saki-chan, Super Hyper Saki, Imouto-chan, Super Saki)
Pirogeth: (Piro, Onii-san)
Diana: (Danana, Dananaramalama, or as a visual reference.... Da:nana:)
Darkness: (Angryface man XD)
Trance Kitsune: (Madame Fox, TK, Tranceh!)
Wow. So I actually have to a make a condensed list of this, huh ? x)
/rolls up sleeves/
Yosh~! Let's do this!
>insert Pokemon Advanced Theme here<

Razilin: Oniichan, Batmaniichan, Razzumatazzuniichan, Batman, Oniisama, Dr.Oniisama

Asmodeus: Asmupuu, Asmodeus-sama, Asmo


Miru: Miru-kun, Miruniichan, Miru x.X (HERE TOO)

Pirogeth: Pironii, Piro-kun, Pironiichan, Oniichan

Diana: Danana-chan, Dananuu, Danakins (when she calls me Sakukins xD)

Rory: Roreh, Roreh-niichan, NausicaaValleyoftheWindniichan

Paorou-sama: Palolochan, Pao-chama, Paorou-sama, Paosama, Thingamajiggersama (this one's old, if you remember it, KUDOS TO YOU <3)

Orochi: Orohic, Orokun, Ororororochiii

Palonis: Palo-sama

Psychosis: Psychan

Chaos: Kaoskun (this is how I pronouce it, I always write it differently XD)

Torsty: Velsuu, Torz, Torritee

Jack Shade: (my personal favourite xD) Jackyboy

Necella: Elmo-chan <3 You'll never know why ;]

Ryker: RyRykun

Myrondyn: DynDynkun <3 Myrnokun

Tuxedo Mask: TuxedoMask-kun <3 (LOLS)

CoffeeCakeSadist: Feekun <3 (used to be FeeCakeChan HAHAHA x)

I'll add more as I see people around the site. xD I can't think of them all at once. x)
Let's see -
Miru is Mikun.
Diana is Dia.
Asmodeus is Assmo....
Rory is general Master, unless I'm yelling at him.
Celcius, who is never here anymore, is my poppet.
Lord Frost, no matter what he renames himself, will always be Frosty or Frostikins.
Kura is Kuu.

Only ones I can think of...
We could call you Yavyav Vay, remidns me of a dog for some reason. Anywho.

Don't really have any nicknames persay just the generally used ones.
Diana: Di
I wouldn't' mind calling Asmo "Stairslover" now and again. Or something to that affect.
D: I don't have any?

I'm too scared to call TK "Julia".

The only nickname I use is for the Kernal Arkhetiep and her Three Stooges, Screwball, Psycho and Round-The-Bend.

Might start calling Ryker "cowboy" because even though I know different, whenever he says something about weapons with lots of letters, numbers, X's, and acronyms, I imagine a little kid dressed in a cowboy costume, shooting thing's with plastic revolvers, making his own sound effects.


and Myrn is Captain Doodieface
I don't really have many..

Mags or Maggie for Magentara

Dia or Dianapants for Diana

Jinxers, Jinxie, or Jinxiepie for Jinx

Kitters for Kitti <3
Vay - Xeno scum, refer to my first few posts in anirune forest

Trance Kitsune - Mastress, TK, you may become the new squeaky after raven's skype party.

Odd- Corvus, Raven, Beer Buddy

Krom, Victimus Vulnrablus

Darky, Venezuelan Viking,
If someone has a name that doesn't sound like a name, I always smashed the words together and rename them. >>;

Corvus is Corra. :D Or lately, Corrod. >>;

I call Trance Tikay. XD

Sakura is Sakua or Sakualua or Sakukins!

I can't remember anyone else... t__t
Darkness - Angie (Real name Angel, nickname taken from the Rolling Stone-song with the same title)

Isabella - Pan (He's not a girl and he's not Russian)