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  1. OMG yes

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  2. I have zero fucks to give

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  3. Ew no

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  4. I used to like them

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  1. Curious where Iwaku sits on this
  2. When I was much younger and desperate to look like one of those 'cool Emo skater kids' I listened to whatever rock music I could find, so Nickelback just came with it.

    I find them a lil cringy now.
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  3. Their first album was good.

    Everything else was a major shitsnack.
  4. His voice makes me wanna kill things.
  5. I loved them. ;___; Then the more and more songs they released, the more I realized they all sound the same. And now I am just sad.
  6. His voice make me want to do things too, but killing isn't one of them ;D
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  7. Shit teir band
  8. They have some good songs~ They're not one of my favorites, but I'll hum along when they come on the radio.
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  10. what concert only costs 45 cents?

    50 cent ft. nickelback

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