Nickboom's Search for Extreme Subjects (and people :D) UPDATE 1

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  1. Hai, silly title aside I've been craving something dark and extreme. I'm probably one of the most accepting people you can find so feel free to shoot any idea or changes or restrictions you may have to me and I'll make sure to move around and adapt for that. But in general let me lay down a few rules of my own. My only no go is no scat. Everything else is fair game and I probably like it. My only rule is that if you want to end or leave the rp please just let me know, its not fair for me to just leave someone hanging so I expect my partner not to do the same.

    (Just for kink's sake, if you like any kinks on here let me know! (I'm willing to do any idea involving my favs pretty much) Also warning its a lot! F-list - Warning My big four kinks are Forced, Pregnancy, Incest, Anal.

    Also a little bit about me just so there is no confusion. I will play Male characters and TYPICALLY dont do MxM unless its a bit more specific since there are a lot of things I loath in MxM. I prefer to be a dom in most cases but I can do switch I try my best to post at least once a day but thanks to college I'm typically pretty busy during the week (weekends are usually when I post the most!) I want about a paragraph post minimum (But if you cant muster that all the time I understand, I just mean on average ^.^)

    Now on to the pairings. I dont have any express ideas, I typically make my ideas with my partners instead of just listing them off here! The role on the left is the one I want to fill. *s indicate how badly I want this pairing. Also for these ideas ASSUME THE WORST XD Picture the darkest setup possible or the most corrupt theme.
    StudentxStudent/s****(This one is mult character one!)
    Apocalypse Stuff!***

    Undertale stuff (>.> Just letting you know that I want one of these for some reason, I'd play the main character of the game and you'd play someone else in the game, though for this one I'd allow genderswap (Males are female etc.))

    I'll probably think of more later but really I'm open to suggestions! Anything you can think of we can probably work out a good plot for! Thank you for taking the time to read and hope to see you soon!
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  2. Hii. I'm interested in roleplaying with you. (:

    I'm used to playing dominant characters, so I think being sub would be a nice change. Also, I'm into pretty much all of the kinks you have listed. I'm Diesel, by the way!
  3. I would love to RP with you =^.^=
  4. Go ahead and shoot me a pm @PCHSSOS if you get a chance currently tied up in a bit of work.
  5. Still looking?
  6. Just added 2 more pairings and a little undertale thing. Still looking for a few more people though.
  7. Another brief update. Added more pairings and removed a few taken ones.
  8. Still looking and added a few more things to my pairing list.
  9. omg undertale!! which other characters did you have in mind?
  10. I'd prefer to play the main character while the ones I could see a few scenes for are Torial, Fem Flowey, Possibly Alyphs, and
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    Fem First Child, though I could also play a Male First Child if need be or the plot feels better with him instead of Frisk.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm still searching for probably like one or two more people before I close this out (or at least shut it down for now and reopen it later when I need more people)
  12. Hey buddy, long time.
  13. Hiya! See anything up on my list that you like?
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