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  1. Hey guys, I'm just on the look out for a few more people to rp with, people who can deal with my someone infrequent (as of late) posting. It just feels like I've cut down a bit too much...and if you're one of the people I cut out I'm really sorry. I was having a tough time and a lot of the rps I had felt really stale and I have a hard time just you know letting someone know that I've lost interest. Anyways if you're willing to give someone like me another try I'm more then open for it.

    Please be able to post at least a paragraph per reply. I will always do this but normally I post far more unless I'm in a slump. But I just cant get use to an rp which has a really short reply X_X

    A few things to cover before I get on to the pairings and ideas. Firstly, I'm a busy guy, I get a lot of work from my college classes (I wanna be a surgeon yay!) and it can swamp me down preventing me from replying or being active. However I try to be around as much as I reasonably can. Second, I like rping dudes, and in most cases I like my partners to rp ladies! (Your actual gender makes no difference to me) Third, if I dont reply just boop me! I have a tendency to be an idiot and forget or think I replied to things, just like poke me a few times and I'll realize my mistake.

    Alrighty, first thing you gotta know about me friends is that I like almost everything! My big four kinks are forced, incest, anal, and pregnancy. I also quite love dark stories. Ageplay type things are also totally fine with me. My only limit (And I do mean only) is scat, none of that in an rp and we'll be fine.

    On to the pairings. Roles I want are on the left. The number of stars ranks my interest/excitement for the rp, higher ones mean I'm more likely to provide a lot of writing and very detailed and interesting plots.

    This one for the most part goes without saying. Humans have captured elves and while the men go to the work camps women go to the officials for "Training" The idea behind this one is fairly plain, and pretty smutty, so if your looking for that sorta set up this is the rp for you! Some additions could be, it could be two elves (Sisters, twins, etc), a princess or queen, or a warrior.

    Ratio: Very Smutty
    Tone: Serious

    A scientist has made a breakthrough, he has created life! Or at least as close as man will be getting for the next few centuries. This plot involves either a modern or sci-fi setting of a scientist creating something (To be decided by us if its a human, neko, or something else with different traits) he raises her dotefully or perhaps with some other motives in mind. Some additions could be, mult creations, the creation being utterly in love with her creator (though he isnt).

    Ratio: Plotty
    Tone: Quite Serious, includes Lighthearted Moments

    The inverse of the idea above, just with a male creation and female scientist. Could go along the routes of the creation breaking free and capturing the scientist to do his own "experiments on."

    Ratio: Plotty or Smutty
    Tone: Quite Serious, includes Lighthearted Moments

    HumanxSlave ****
    One day, for whatever reason something arrived at his doorstep, a large box, once he had struggled and managed to get it inside was a woman, sitting there glaring at him, whether it was lust or hate remained to be seen. This plot involves a slave being sent from a relative of my character, she'll either fall for him or hate him to start, which will dictate how the rp goes, which is either a some what strange romance with a slave girl, or the breaking of a tough one into the perfect model slave. Some additions include, surprise!-Its his cousin from long ago, perhaps she pissed off the wrong person in the family but for whatever reason she was here now in the cage, double girl- one is loyal and doteful the other angry and spiteful, can he manage both at the same time.

    Ratio: Mixture, or Smutty
    Tone: Comedy or Serious

    Being a hunter that gives those rich folks a good show pays quite well, sure he has to ham it up every now and then but the benefits far out way the costs. However one day he gets sent a strange letter, an invitation from an admirer, they want to see his skills in action. When he arrives at their home he's presented with a shocking and insane choice, animal human hybrids exist...and he wants the hunter to prove his worth by taming a wild he up to the challenge? This plot is gonna be with a feral sort of neko being broken down and taught how to be a slave. Some additions, Dont got any for this one sorry! Let me know if you think of any.

    Ratio: Mixture, or Smutty
    Tone: Lighthearted with Serious Moments

    I dont have a good plot for this one, I for whatever reason have some serious trouble creating plots for these types of rp, if you think you have a good one feel free to let me know.

    Ratio: Undecided
    Tone: Undecided

    A monster has been terrorizing a local town for the past few months, taking food, water, causing chaos, one brave girl tries to stop him...and indeed does. But only because she got herself caught and is keeping him...quite "busy" in the mean time. (Other idea is monsterguy just kidnaps a traveler or peasant for this purpose if you for some reason dont like the plot above.) Some additions, more then one peasant, she was a hunter trying to catch him.

    Ratio: Smutty, or Very smutty
    Tone: Serious, or Lighthearted

    A knight arrived! The town cheers and points him towards the home of a dangerous powerful monster, after a long fight he's just about to slay the beast when all too suddenly the body shrinks down to reveal a strange looking girl...seeing a new opportunity he takes her back to his hold and decides what to do with her. This could be a more forceful plot or a romancy plot if you like. Additions, dragon girl, girl falls for the powerful knight, she can only leave if she beats him in a fight, but if she loses she gets plowed.

    Ratio: Plotty or Smutty
    Tone: Semi Serious

    These two have found themselves at odds recently, going for each other's marks, hunting in the same area, clashing heads, they decide the other has to go and finally go to handle them once and for all, however to the victor goes the spoils and once won wins they decide killing the other would be a waste... No real additions for this one.

    Ratio: Smutty
    Tone: Serious with Lighthearted Moments

    A dark knight is struck down by a valiant hero, a blade or three driven into her body she lay on the ground dying, her vision fades just a man wanders into view. This plot is kinda...interesting in my opinion, its one of the few that I would say I dont particularly want forced in it. A peasant (or something similar) finds the black knight as she lay dying and manages to save her, nursing her back to health at his home, when she finally wakes and learns of her savior she falls in love with him, quite hard. Seeing it as destiny she wont let anything even his own will get in the way of them being together.

    For this one I may not be the dominant in some cases, though having both characters be Switches would be fun :D Basically the black knight is a bit of a yandere wanting to be with her newly found love over anything else. She's bigger, stronger, and more capable then he is and could lead to a story where they start adventuring together or get into trouble together.

    Ratio: Plotty (but with frequent smut)
    Tone: Lighthearted with Serious Moments.

    The above ideas are still open but as of late I've honestly been craving more of like...people in survival situations? Like people trapped in a zombie invested city. That sorta stuff.

    That being said I totally wouldnt mind doing like a harem style guy who kidnaps or captures women in a sort of Apocalypse setting. (Gives them plenty of food and surprisingly treats them rather well if they listen) I'm open for like...really anything anyone can think of!

    Now Introducing! Random Ass Pairings I Kinda Like or RAPIKL (We are working on the title to be honest!) In any place where applicable I really dont mind being the other as long as they have the possibility of being male, otherwise if a role is more expressly male (or the other is expressly female) that one is the one I'd prefer.

    Red Riding Hood/ Wolf~ (Anthro or not)
    Demon/Demon Hunter
    Fallen Angel/ Human
    Elven Princess/Human
    Elven Queen/Elven Warrior
    Elven Queen/Human
    Pirate/Sea Goddess
    Greek Goddess/Human
    Warrior/Shrine Maiden
    Monster Girl/ Human
    Twin x Twin
    Brother x Sister
    Twin x Friend x Twin
    Father x Son/Daughter​

    If you have an idea or want to suggest something please go ahead! Communication is key with me.

    Well guys thank you for reading my stupid ideas! If a few of you are insane enough to give them a try let me know with either pm or on here! I can provide whatever additional information you might want or need simply ask or check out my rp resume on my profile. See ya soon and thank you for reading friends. ^.^
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  2. Still searching for a few more people actually! IF anyone has an interest please let me know! I'd love to hear back from ya :D
  3. I'm interested in Roleplaying with you. If your interested, I have an idea I'd like to try out ^^.
  4. Hmm...still looking for a few more people since a few things didnt pan out!
  5. Looking for...maybe 2 or 1 one person to rp with. A few more fell through or just have been suspended so if anyone is interested let me know!
  6. //
    I really like your forced incest concepts! Hit me up if you are still available and or interested in finding more people to role play with :D​
  7. Welp, time to necro this since I'm looking for partners again and this is not a half bad search thread! Anyone wants to rp this is once more open!
  8. *Shows interest in the neko plot line :)
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to say if anyone is still gonna give this a look, I need one or two more people since things are slowing down greatly and I have a feeling a few rps are just gonna be put on the backburner or just ended.

    If anyone who checks this had an rp with me in the past and I had to decline due to time constraints feel free to apply again. I'm just honestly bad with managing time and rps sometimes. Its either too slow (as it is now) or too fast (Which stresses me out.)

    But if you are new! I hope we can have a nice fun time together ^.^
  10. I would like to rp with you
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