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  1. Yea...I just want some partners who'll stick with an rp. I'm getting tired of getting super invested in my characters only to have the person drop the rp a short time later. Really I can write just about anything, excluding m/m. I'm normally dom and like to play male but I can change things around for my partners. I like a few posts a day, and I have a fetish for forced. I can post from one-liners to about 3 paragraphs depending on how long you want my posts to be, I'm kind of in the mood for longer posts as of late.
    Plots I want to do: (Around what I want to do)
    MotherxSon (Son)
    AngelxSinfulHuman (Human)
    WarriorxPrisoner from Village pillage(Warrior)
    FatherxDaughter (Father)
    BrotherxSister (Brother)
    Childhood Friends *This one is special as it will be romance rather then forced
    TeacherxStudent (Either, provided I am male)

    I'm willing to do almost any pairing of Phoenix Wrightxfemale character from phoenix wright. I can do a few of the other male characters but those are limited.

    I also have a plot regarding a Time Traveler who travels to the past and using his tech takes over a tribe using them as he pleased and building them up, making himself a sort of god...however he isnt a kind god....Anywho if that one interests you send me a pm and we can discuss things.
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  2. I would love to rp with you! I wouldn't mind doing the princessxbandit one although I was kinda hoping to do a furry rp but we do not have to but I still would like to stay in the anime area.
  3. I wouldn't mind doing one with you. I've been looking for a decent partner of late myself and have been in the mood for a roleplay like this.
  4. (Damon! I remember that actor in lost :P He died so fast in that one XD Anyways I'll send you guys pm later)
  5. I'm interested in the AngelxDemon one. I can post anywhere between 1-5 paragraphs and I tend to be on mornings and nights. ^_^
  6. Sorry about the wait guys! I had to clean out my PMs
  7. Hii! I will rp with you!
  8. I'm interested in the Nun X Demon.
    PM me?
  9. I would be interested in an angelXdemon pairing or a warriorXprisoner pairing.
  10. I am VERY interested in the DemonxNun because it was one of the ideas from my journal of RP ideas! I noticed that someone already dibbed the idea, but I was wondering if I can also RP with you ><'' If not, I'll try another time I guess ;-; If I can, Please do PM me!
  11. Its still open, just shoot me a pm.
  12. The BanditxPrincess one could be pretty interesting if it's not taken yet.
  13. Sorry Psysnail I had that filled as well. However THERE'S BEEN AN UPDATE!!! Check it out in the first post.
  14. Okay. Just wondering did the WarriorxPrisoner one get taken?
  15. Oh no it didnt! That one is open, just shoot me a pm when you get a chance and we can sort out the details.
  16. Hey I updated again and I just got a question for anyone viewing this, is Shotacon and Lolicon style smut allowed on Iwaku? I just want to make sure before I put it up on the list.