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  1. Well I came here with the rest of my shinigami friends because our Shinigami club was closed on our old website -shrug- doesn't matter anymore , we're here now to chat , though I think unlike the rest of my group I'm interesting in getting to know the rest of you people on here , and roleplaying here.
    Well I'm an .. experienced roleplayer I suppose you could say , I've been roleplaying for almost my whole life , though only online for the last ... um three or two years.
    To be honest I'm picky when it comes to choosing roleplays to join , and will mostly sit off to the side of things unless invited to roleplay c: I in most cases always accept every request to join roleplays <3
    My favorite thing at the moment to roleplay are things having to do with the anime / manga Black butler , even more so when it has to do about shinigami's , though I'm open to most any roleplay~
    Hehee~ Now how about I tell you about me and not about roleplaying-
    Well I'm a girl~
    I live .. um well somewhere in California to keep up vagueness c:
    I own a dog named Charlie , he looks like a mini rotty / dobby , and I can link you to a picture of him on my dA if you wish <3
    I have five out door cats , though I rarely get to spend time with them sense my mom is allergic </3
    I wear glasses , even though it's unnecessary for me to do so , only in my left eye , but my special made glasses that were going to fix my left eye were stolen , so now eventually I'm going to go blind in that eye , oh joy. -cough- anyway~
    There's this demon* that comes over to my house often if you want to know more about him and such then ask , I do love to rant about how much I dislike him vnv;; and how much of and arse he is to me.
    *Not really a demon ... I don't think >_>
    Um let's see ..... well .. hmm , honestly if there are any other question you have simply ask me I love meeting new people c:
  2. We have already met by accident. >:3 I am Diana, and I host a lot of the chatrp events! Hopefully you and your shinigami friends will join us for some of those. >:3 You'll see them posted up in the Calendar!

    ... I also have abad smilie habit. >>; and >:3 And D:<. And this is after getting BETTER about not posting a million smilies per post. *cough*

    So welcome to the site!