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  1. In this thread, talk about some nice/pleasant/agreeable/positive things that have happened to or around you lately. 'Around you' is a loose term. I define Canadian politics as stuff that happens 'around me', so go nuts!

    'recently' is a loose term, too.

    My recent thing is the weather this week: +25 and sunny or fantastic thunderstorms; gorgeous!
  2. My baby developed the ability to hear from the womb this week <3
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  3. Start playing lots of Mozart! Even put the headphones against your belly!

    For me, there was a gentle thunderstorm tonight. I've started working out again. Also, uh... My Nerdblock came with the best T-shirt!
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  4. My department at Walmart has more people, and I was made manager a few weeks ago. The pay raise I got is actually pretty nice and helps pay for college, so. $12 an hour is pretty good for being 19. Ha! My friend has two jobs and I still make more than him. Sorry. That was mean D:

    Passed my one coding class even though I forgot about it for two weeks. It was an online class, and I hardly get on Blackboard unless I'm told the assignment/dropbox is on there. Somehow I pulled through with a B.

    The weather is nice out, though we have been getting rain every day for the past week. But meh, rain is easy to deal with and I can crack a window open to air out the room so it isn't so stuffy.

    My Brother got the diesel truck he has been nagging and talking to me about for the past two years. My Nephew was born 8 months ago. My dad (long story) isn't losing his job anymore. The company he currently works for is not going to be funded by the end of this Month, but now he has a better paying job with the Government. Doing the same work/paperwork though. He hates desk work, but puts up with it because it pays the bills.

    My friend was practically given a house by his Parents. His parents moved to a house in the country side, and their original house was completely paid off and all that cool stuff. So now he lives there rent free and his parents still pay for the Internet/Electricity/Gas.

    So far..these past few months have been good?
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  5. I am still REALLY happy about the positive movement on Iwaku right now. <3 It inspires me both as an admin who wants a happy community, as well as a person who wants to be a better person too.

    Mister Gibs is taking some overtime at work so we have extra money to fix our air conditioner. This is how I know he loves me very much, because Gibs HATES overtime and avoids it whenever humanly possible. >>
  6. The Puppy and Kitty threads. They make me happy. Also I should be able to actually swim at my grandmother's house soon. Her pool is ready but I am not.
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