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So, months after I received my invitation, I'm finally here. Whazzap, peeps? I'm Ominous Flare, here to hang at yall crib! Time to shake it loose with the goose and the wavety tabety longman Zeus!

Ahem. Yeah.

I don't remember who invited me, though. Someone sent me a link over at RPGFO some time last year. That was after I left that joint, so I didn't know about the PM until I went back some weeks ago, when I checked my inbox.

So, about me.

I like to express my ideas. Back then, I would write myself as being interested in writing. Then, I realized that it is not what I like. I don't like writing. It's tedious. I write... decently, yes, but my descriptions suck, and those are, like, the core of a good story. Its foundation, if you will. I just like to express my ideas to people. I want to share with them my worlds without having to spend 5 years expressing it every idea. Each.

Oh, and I have a few problems with grammar, too, though that's less of a problem, compared to my descriptions.

Next thing, what's the next thing I wanted to tell you guys... of course. My illness.

Cognitive Distortion, Google and Wikipedia call it. My Secondary School (or Middle School to Americans) counselor called it "distorted thinking." It has caused me to leave, oh, let's see... one, two, three... I lost count, but, I left quite a number of forums due to that... 'condition.' I tend to, how should I put it, blow things up into proportion. Unnecessary proportion. You should know that, along with other symptoms, if you understand cognitive distortion.

In other words, I'm a bit of a nut. Maybe I should just leave. I'll leave eventually, anyway, getting into arguments and all. I'm hypersenstive, too, especially to religious jokes. In fact, I just got out of an argument about that just now. Thankfully, it's not as ugly as it would be 5 years back, but it might as well be. It was enough to leave a dirty kind of feeling in me. I don't feel like going back there, just like me not feeling like going back to all those forums I left.

Dang. 5 or 6 weeks from now, I'll see people telling me, "You were right, you shouldn't be here in the first place." Heck, they might be telling me that now. I'm just that insecure, filled with numerous self-esteem problems. It's gotten better in recent years, my counselor thought, but I just feel like it's getting worse.

Sorry for writing so much. And sorry if I sound whiny. Heh. Apologizing's all I can do. I tried changing, cleaning up, but it always ended up a mess.
Welcome to the site. And don't worry, please just relax. You can call me TK, and I'm one of the staff, all of which are happy to help if you have any problems!

And don't worry about your self esteem, we'll help you build that up, don't worry. Send me a pm or leave a visitor message on my profile if you need any help, ok?
Hehe, thanks, Trance. I hope we could continue a conversation as peaceful as such for many months to come.
Hey there :) Welcome to Iwaku :D

I'm Sakura~ && if you ever need any help, have any concerns, problems, or issues with Iwaku, you can just send me a PM and I'll help you work it out!

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you because most Iwakuans are nice, and the staffiez are here to keep things tame and under control.

I can understand how you feel insecure, but don't worry, we'll try our best to keep you happy here :D If you have a low self-esteem, we'll help you boost it up through awesome roleplays and great friendships!

You'll have fun here :)

Welcome and Enjoy yourself!

If you want the lowdown on this place, check out the GUIDE It's a little long, but the witty humour will be worth it :)

Why not get started in Roleplays right away~ With the Roleplayer's Resume you can tell people exactly what you're interested in and what you're looking for!

Then, you can check out the Roleplay Wall for Roleplays that you'd like to join~

If you get bored of that, there's always our Kingdom Of Insanity but take everything you see and hear there with lighthearted humour and a grain of salt ;]

And our General Board is always full of crazy whack surveys and things we want to know about YOU

So take a look around, go a little crazy and enjoy yourself!
And remember, if there's ever an issue that's bothering you, let me or another Staffu know (People with colored usernames: Red, Blue, Purple)
Thanks for the heads-up, Sakura. :) I actually have a few RP ideas I have in mind, so I might post them soon... after I get my fan fic out of the way. :)
Aha~ For Roleplays-You-Have-In-Mind, I have two options for you~!

One, you can check for interest~ that is, if you think you want to make sure there are people committed to your idea OR you want some brainstorming on a particular part of the story, etc. IN THIS CASE, you post in Roleplay Basics

Two, you can just go ahead and make the RP Ooc thread Here in RP Oocs, get players, and then eventually make an Ic in the proper location. You can use the Roleplay Wall (link in my signature) to advertise your roleplays, too! AND if you're looking for character sheet templates or organizational tweaks, check out the Quick and Dirty Roleplay Guide with lots of quirky things that will help get you started !
So when kin we barbecue 'im?

Ah ain't eatin' human in months.
This is RyRykun :3
He's a little militaristic
and has several different personalities that come in different colors.

Anyways, be wary of him because he's rarely ever serious and WILL NOT HESITATE to blow things up and YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE unless you have some kind of magical wit, that is.

Good Luck ^^
Welcome to the site.
lol I think I'll like this place very much.

And my apologies, Captain! But I'm afraid this private ain't roasted enough for your likings! :D[/failatspeakingmilitary]

Thanks, October Knight. ^_^

As for Sakura, thanks for the links. :) Those look VERY useful to me. :D
Oh, don't worry about Ryker, he's my boyfriend AND WILL BE NICE TO THE NEW PEOPLE OR I'M CASTRATING HIM TOMORROW....



So, having any trouble understanding anything on the site?
lol Nope. I'm having a bit of trouble coping with all these attention, though. I can't stay at the Cbox for 5 minutes without having some sort of reply or visitor message appearing! :P Which, is REALLY sweet, considering my lonely life back then. Just saying. :D
Greetings New Life Form.

I am Daiki, most people call me Rory since that's been my codename for like three years now. I'm one of three dorkfish admins of this forum. Thank you for joining. If you have any questions ask Sakura feel free to PM me.
lol Thanks, Great Dem... erm, Daiki.:amused:

Nice to make your acquaintance. I'll be sure to approach you, too, if I'm met with an problems. :lol:
Oh noes. That means I have to do my job.

Lol. If you do have any comments or concerns I'm generally around a lot because I'm a bum college student.
^^ Hehe~ Daiki Rorehniichan is one of my older brothers! :D
He's funny and nice and he makes great historical roleplays! :)

And he's so not a bum. He's just modest :D

/huggles Rorehniichan/
lol Yeah, it seems I would be a bigger bum than you, Daiki. :P Slacking has been my game for quite a while, and college hasn't changed me. Much.

Yep, I'm a college student, too, currently studying in the "Digital Media Design (Digital Video Effects)" course. Yeah, it's am mouthful, I know. People told me. And it isn't as fun as it sounds. But still. :)
Well seems you got yourself settled in pretty well. I am Pirogeth or Piro for short. My job around here is a monthly Newsletter than anyone can get in on so long as they PM me an article. I also enjoy RP'ing, so if you ever feel the need to just write for fun let me know and I will most likely join anything so long as requested. Enjoy your stay here.

Writing in the Moonlight,