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  1. "Thanks." Anya mumble.
  2. Welcome to the site. And don't worry, please just relax. You can call me TK, and I'm one of the staff, all of which are happy to help if you have any problems!

    And don't worry about your self esteem, we'll help you build that up, don't worry. Send me a pm or leave a visitor message on my profile if you need any help, ok?
  3. "It is to me."
  4. "OK. I'm going."
  5. "Family and relatives are different, to me. Melody is my only full blooded sibling. Doesn't make Lyra or Melissa any Less."
  6. Aha~ For Roleplays-You-Have-In-Mind, I have two options for you~!

    One, you can check for interest~ that is, if you think you want to make sure there are people committed to your idea OR you want some brainstorming on a particular part of the story, etc. IN THIS CASE, you post in Roleplay Basics

    Two, you can just go ahead and make the RP Ooc thread Here in RP Oocs, get players, and then eventually make an Ic in the proper location. You can use the Roleplay Wall (link in my signature) to advertise your roleplays, too! AND if you're looking for character sheet templates or organizational tweaks, check out the Quick and Dirty Roleplay Guide with lots of quirky things that will help get you started !
  7. i am Cajin-Sama,or tim in real three favorite anime are Full metal alchemist,One-punch man,and Dragonball(every series)i'm a bit of a roleplay fanatic,so i hope people will feed the RP lust i have
  8. >_>
    This is RyRykun :3
    He's a little militaristic
    and has several different personalities that come in different colors.

    Anyways, be wary of him because he's rarely ever serious and WILL NOT HESITATE to blow things up and YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE unless you have some kind of magical wit, that is.

    Good Luck ^^
  9. Welcome to the site.
  10. You called Erika blonde again! DX

    Redhead! She's Irish, so she's a redhead. Simple! Yes, I know not all Irish are redheads, but it's easy to keep track of.
  11. Oh, don't worry about Ryker, he's my boyfriend AND WILL BE NICE TO THE NEW PEOPLE OR I'M CASTRATING HIM TOMORROW....



    So, having any trouble understanding anything on the site?
  12. Anya lean back into his arms.
  13. Greetings New Life Form.

    I am Daiki, most people call me Rory since that's been my codename for like three years now. I'm one of three dorkfish admins of this forum. Thank you for joining. If you have any questions ask Sakura feel free to PM me.
  14. lol Thanks, Great Dem... erm, Daiki.:amused:

    Nice to make your acquaintance. I'll be sure to approach you, too, if I'm met with an problems. :lol:
  15. Oh noes. That means I have to do my job.

    Lol. If you do have any comments or concerns I'm generally around a lot because I'm a bum college student.
  16. ^^ Hehe~ Daiki Rorehniichan is one of my older brothers! :D
    He's funny and nice and he makes great historical roleplays! :)

    And he's so not a bum. He's just modest :D

    /huggles Rorehniichan/
  17. lol Yeah, it seems I would be a bigger bum than you, Daiki. :P Slacking has been my game for quite a while, and college hasn't changed me. Much.

    Yep, I'm a college student, too, currently studying in the "Digital Media Design (Digital Video Effects)" course. Yeah, it's am mouthful, I know. People told me. And it isn't as fun as it sounds. But still. :)
  18. Well seems you got yourself settled in pretty well. I am Pirogeth or Piro for short. My job around here is a monthly Newsletter than anyone can get in on so long as they PM me an article. I also enjoy RP'ing, so if you ever feel the need to just write for fun let me know and I will most likely join anything so long as requested. Enjoy your stay here.

    Writing in the Moonlight,