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  1. I'm posting this here because I wouldn't mind some naughty stuff, but it shouldn't revolve around it either. Also, the language, which I get into a lot... in what I'm looking for.

    I'm in the mood for fairy tales. Romantic, but not as fake as they really are. In other words, they come to life. It can play out in two different ways.

    Either the story is replayed with realistic characters, for example Rapunzel is a girl locked in at home by some abusive parent and some guy from down the block just happens to run into her trying to escape or whatever. Something reasonable, but still somewhat the fairy tale story.

    Or... A character from a story comes to life, dazed and confused by this new world where they meet someone and they need help merging into this new world. In this case, the story wouldn't have to be the same as the fairy tale. For example, instead of cursing Aurora into sleep, Maleficent banishes her to a different dimension.

    I'd be happy with any traditional fairy tale, if you have any preferences. I would prefer the classics from Disney animations, but that's only if you prefer the first scenario. I can play male, so if you're a girl and prefer playing one, I don't mind either. If you're can play male, awesome, I don't have many female characters.

    Message me if you're interested, thanks for reading.
  2. Hello,

    I am definitely interested in this aspect for a role play.

    As for Fairy Tales, how about Rapunzel or The Little Mermaid?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.