Nexus Crossing, A Magical Life

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    `~} Nexus Crossing{ ~`
    Technology has been a part of our world for so long. It's strange to consider being without it. However, there is a part in the world that has gone without it for so long, separated from what we consider 'our' world. Though it's right in front of our noses, it shows on no maps. It's within viewing distance of a highway, but no one seems to take notice.​
    The village was nearly abandoned once, but you and a few other people have just re-discovered it, ending up here for the first time. Perhaps your car broke down and you ended up walking here for gas. Perhaps you were taking a hike and stumbled into it. Maybe you listened to one of the strange men telling of some sort of paradise, and came here. On the other hand, you might have ignored the warnings of crazed fellows telling you to stay out of the area.​
    It's your first day here, but you can tell that something is off. The only people here seem to be the others that wandered into the town, the mayor, and a surprisingly high amount of animals. The bizarre ghost town's crisp clean air and energetic feeling inspires many different feelings.​
    You may have spent your life traveling the world. You may never once have thought of settling down. There's just... something about this town...​
    ~Premise: You are from our world, modern-day Earth. You somehow make it to the town of Nexus Crossing, finding yourself staying a night at the inn. There's a mystery in the town - the town itself. The secret? Well, only those with the potential for magic can find it. You and the others have been the only folks that have appeared here for years. After this revelation, what follows is a magical drama and slice-of-life story. While defending the town from magical threats... there is also the pull of the modern world, perhaps family left behind. It's up to the players to determine the story, accompanied by the strange mayor...​
    Character Sheets:​
    Name: (Your character's name.)​
    Gender: (Your character's gender.)​
    Age: (Your character's age, or a descriptor if you desire.)​
    Career: (What your character did before finding the village.)​
    Description/Picture: (A physical description of your character or a picture.)​
    Finding the Town: (Write a little blurb of how you came across the Nexus Crossing.)​
    Magical Theme: (A single concept in which your magic is based. Darker or destructive powers will not be tolerated, so you may not play someone with 'death/undeath', 'demonic', or similar powers. Those powers that can be used for beneficial ways such as 'fire' might be accepted. You do not start with knowledge of these powers or the ability to use them, not until they are revealed in-game. Simple concepts are preferred.)​
  2. Name: Seth Wood.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 22
    Career: College Dropout.
    Description/Picture: Seth hasn't been taking care of his appearance for a while. Stubble's grown into a full-on beard, and his hair is an absolute mess. His black hair is still clean, it's obvious that he's at least been showering. The gray shirt he's been wearing over the last week has a few mustard stains near the bottom of it. The word 'No.' is written upon it. His jeans are properly-fitting and are held up with a belt. He's wearing a pair of worn running shoes that look rather comfortable. A messenger-bag is slung across one shoulder.
    Finding the Town:
    Seth sighs, hands in his pockets and iPhone in his head, listening to something to distract himself from the cars almost hitting him. He was walking as far off the side of the road as he could, but he could swear these assholes were trying to see how close they could get to him. It was as he crossed a bridge that it happened. Someone actually got close enough for the car's passenger-side rear-view mirror to clip Seth's shoulder.
    The speed in which it hit caused him to spin as he instinctively jumped back, "YOU SON OF A BITC-" He stopped his curse mid-yell as he fell over the railing of the bridge, turned instead into a scream: "AAAAAAAAHHHH!"
    He didn't see what happened to the car that hit him - and at the moment, he was a little busy falling several stories into a little trickle of a river. He passed out before he even hit the water. To his surprise, he woke up - washed up on the bank at the bottom of a hill, buildings nearby. Sopping wet... and only slightly injured... he pulls himself up and limps into town.
    Magical Theme: Travel.
  3. Name: Aurora Marsh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Career: College student (studies to become a teacher, mainly in history)
    Description: Aurora has long black hair, and vermilion eyes. She doesn't wear make-up, but sometimes she has an accessory in her hair, like a ribbon or a pin. She wears casual and pretty standard clothing, but rarely any dresses. At the moment she is wearing tights, a black skirt and a white shirt. Her shoes are white pumps with barely any heel, with one small, decorative yellow flower on each shoe.
    Finding the town: For some reason, her class has taken a trip out into the wilderness. They were on a boat riding down a peaceful river when she fell off in the middle of the night, without anyone noticing. Thanks to her life-vest she floated onto the riverbank next to the town, where she is laying unconscious.
    Magical theme: Space/time manipulation
  4. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you pick something significantly less powerful than 'Space/Time Manipulation' as your Theme. I assure you, there are impressive things you can do with a single-word theme.

    For instance, Seth's "Travel" power includes flight, teleportation, time-travel, underwater breathing, horsemanship, and driving. With that simple concept, a lot of things open up.

    With a clever head, you'll rarely need any of that sort of thing, and a simple power can often be used for more. Plus, this is intended to have at least four people in it, each with powers. Teamwork will get you through (and it's supposed to), while powering through every problem with magic alone isn't viable in-game. It's a bit of a drama, after all.
  5. What? Space/time manipulation doesn't have to be that powerful.

    I'm thinking about being able to stop time for a certain amount of, well, time, and then being able to change stuff in your surroundings during that interval.
  6. Hrm, alrighty. That does nicely.
  7. I guess space/time manipulation is a bit of a wide expression, though. I just thought it sounded nice :P
  8. Yeah, I was sort of imagining the last time I saw that in a freeform game. Someone used it to go back and time and negate a character from existence. I had to leave after that, after a rant telling them what that would actually do to the time-stream, as that guy was the villain who affected everyone in the group and got them all together. Logically, the game couldn't continue because none of us knew of each other, and thus never got the powers, so the guy could never have been defeated from the powers... it was a mess.

    Speaking of a mess. The Mayor NPC's "Magical Theme" is Magic.
  9. Lol, I can't even imagine. I hope someone else joins this soon, though. It would be nice to get started.
  10. Yeah, I want to see where this goes. :D I think Faulkner's coming into it.
  11. Oh, goodie.

    Speaking of which, I hate it when people try to god-mode. Like when you create an NPC who's basic role is to be the most powerful, and someone STILL tries to win over it in a fight. You're like, "Umm, I'm sorry, but my story does NOT end there" XD
  12. Seriously, it's like: "Listen, this guy was supposed to be our Gandalf or Dumbledore, he's supposed to be a part of this for a while".

    Or "This is our Voldemort, you're in like, the first book. He's not going down permanently, at least not yet."
  13. Character Sheets:
    Name: Lilith Dale
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Career: High School Graduate and Graphic arts intern whose preparing for college.
    Description/Picture: A ghostly pale, slim girl with light freckles and a gap in her teeth, whose about 5'7". She has bright ginger, curly short hair that's similar to a bob cut which reaches half way down her neck normally, but nearly reaches shoulders when straightened. At the moment she's wearing a white quarter sleeve button up, a green jacket, navy skirt, grey leggings and navy converse.
    Finding the Town: Lilith was listening to her iPod on a bus while reading a book and she fell asleep, she wakes up on the bench of an old, rusty bus stop in the middle of the forest. Confused, scared, and without a cellphone signal, she follows a long trail as night falls, gets lost, and stumbles upon Nexus.
    Magical Theme: Sight.
  14. Would this still be happening? I'd like to show my interest..
  15. If the others are still up for it, I'd still like to run this.
  16. I still want to.
  17. Any room for another person?
  18. Oh yes, we can start as soon as your characters are up!
  19. Aaaaand here you go:

    Name: Arthur Terrell
    Gender: Male
    Age: Mid Twenties
    Career: Short Story Writer
    Description/Picture: Arthur is a fairly slight man, standing at around 5' 8". He has unkempt dark hair kept at a fairly consistent medium length and a pair of square glasses that he wishes he didn't. He has a fairly tired look about him which isn't helped by the lack of sleep he currently is running on. He wears a long detective style jacket with a slim cut shirt and jeans with sneakers. The whole ensemble would look pretty neat were it not for the tattered bag he has slung over his shoulder, the faded image of a dragon holding a quill and the various patchwork attempts to repair it meaning the whole outfit looks a little too much like an amateur trying to look professional.
    Finding the Town: It had been a pretty frustrating day and a rather awkward night. A meeting with a publisher to find about all the reasons they didn't want to publish a book of short stories he'd written followed up with a visit to a castle for research purposes, which of course had been booked up by a group of born again naturists of all things, who have vehemently refused to allow him to even explore the grounds let alone the historical exhibits he'd actually travelled there for. After all this Arthur had found himself sitting in a scummy little diner drinking a scummy little coffee while he waited for the clock hand to roll around enough for it to be time for his night-train to arrive. As the seconds rolled over to 2 am he'd grabbed his messenger bag, but not the coffee, left the small building and headed towards the station. The route took him down a small alleyway composed almost entirely of a long flight of steps that probably traversed around 2 stories of distance before opening up onto the street beyond.
    Arthur had blinked as he'd emerged however, as the street didn't look like the street he'd thought it should be, no.. more than that it didn't look like it belonged to the same city. He'd rounded on the spot to find the flight of stairs looking considerably shorter than it had felt climbing down and that the buildings themselves were looking much smaller than those of the city. It took a bit of determined walking and a lot of quickly decided turns for him to come to the conclusion he was not in Edinburgh any moreā€¦

    Magical Theme: Pulling
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