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    Transfiguration: the event or process by which an Original character from fiction is folded over onto a new life, guiding the Transfigured in accordance to the Story: toward a newer or greater purpose.

    Transfiguration means that the old stories never die. Fictional characters, the ones that everyone writes stories about, their live are continued into modern day, into new people, into the Transfigured. The Story drives the Transfigured onward, pushing them to accomplish great things, to fulfill their destinies. However, the Transfigured can push back, can express their freedom of choice and will. Their Stories are in Your hands.
    • A brand new, active, fast-paced Rping site
    • A recent swell in the Transfigured means rearranging of the Asylum and Mayberry as they struggle to adjust and the groups fight to make themselves heard.
    • Any canon can be Transfigured, from a popular cartoon character to a mythical legend. Characters from Harry Potter, Twilight, Fairy Tales, Disney Films, video games, and much, much more are all available!
    • A new look at the personified genre!
    • Groups, rivalries, and Stories in place for members to participate in, or forge their own!
    • PG-13/2-2-2 on the RPG-rating scale.

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    Come on; get going, you don't want to wait for NexTime Around.