INTEREST CHECK NextGuard: The Search For High-Den

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  1. There once was a regal military-police force that had been born in the flames of a chaotic universe engulfed in warfare. From all walks of life, they had came forth to serve in united causes, taking on celestial crimewaves one solar system at a time, before setting up a base of operations on the secretive unnamed planet at the center of the universe, which holds the colony called Stronghaven, a base, city, and educational center for the Intergalactic Federation.

    Speaking of the educational center, said center contained some of the most advanced universities around, boasting high scores and all kinds of successful beings that have gone on to make names for themselves in the cosmos.

    But perhaps the most important part of all, was its Academy for future StellarShield agents, consisting of all kinds of dedicated volunteers, to gifted young alien life forms spending their adolescent days preparing to become the next intergalactic protectors of the universe.

    That is until the faithful day when they had realized there was foul blood among the elites.

    The Titans of the Cronos Corps were the best of the best. The big guns, AND the black ops division of StellarShield. And it was filled with traitors, who had assisted with a full frontal invasion of Stronghaven. There was even a last stand, if you could call it that, by the staff and students of the StellarShield Academy.

    Entire groups of students were sent aboard small ships in a last ditch attempt to escape the destruction of the StellarShield HQ, the local city, and the Academy. Among them was group - 016X, which is the one group among the rest tasked with a special mission: The NextGuard Initiative. The NextGuard Initiative was a failsafe created in the event StellarShield were to fall, tasking any and all survivors with the task of beginning a brand new Military Police Force.

    With a limited array of firearms and other such weapons, their limited extra-normal abilities, and each other, they'll have to gather all the resources they can find in the quest for justice...


    Episodes: This'll be an episodic series that deals in different events and goals and such. So far, this is what I have.

    Episode 1: The team is all together. They have in their possession a decent, but small ship. They are armed with their individual powers, each in possession of great and useful abilities and skills, but not to a ridiculous level. There's some supplies, and a few StellarShield standard issue weaponry, along with a small amount of Federation credits.

    But those supplies will be limited.

    With the badges that shall present them as NextGuard Project operatives, and the authority that comes with them (which will more often than not be none whatsoever), they'll have to get their grubby appendages on whatever they can pool together, as they search for 'High-Den,' a vast space battleship that serves also as a safehouse and space station, known only as a rumor due to the fact the ship randomly teleports throughout the universe at random to defend against invaders, the NextGuard team given only a limited amount of time to utilize the coordinates they had been provided prior to leaving Stronghaven.