Next time we are picking truth...(MxF looking for F)

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  1. ok so basically the idea is that there are a couple(or friends or w/e) that go into this abandoned house on a dare and enter a room that seemes to take them to another world entirely full or fantasy creatures like demons and fae and angels and stuff....and they are stuck there. luckily the place is still as tech savvy as their old world but there is a catch. the longer they are there, the more they become something other than human. so they have to deal with the ins and outs of this new world if they want to survive
  2. Hmm... Ths could possibly be interesting.
  3. It was fun to do the time i did it years ago lol
  4. Well, if you want to play this we could discuss it in messages?
  5. This sounds interesting. If you're still looking PM me?