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  1. I don't have that many RPs going on, so it comes down to finding a partner or several who would be interested. Well, I'd like to create some OCs too. It's been a long time since ive graced that department with my spirit.

    Bold is the role I want.


    Matt's son x Foggy's son (( Not romantic in anyway as I would rather see the RP as a friendship. And I feel like Foggy's kid would keep Matt's more in line. Basically a social filter. I do have an idea for this. ))
    Matt's son/daughter x Non canon parents with a kid. ( Basically a complete OC family.

    Clint's kid x Thor's kid
    Tony's kid x pietros kid

    Kibas kid x Complete OC kid/family
    Naruto's kid x anyone's kid. ( Non canon for Naruto. I can't stand his son and I'm not into the newer stuff that is being put out.
    Sasuke's kid x anyone's kid. ( again non canon. )

    Wolfs rain:
    Kibas kid x anyone's/Complete OC

    Deans kid x Anyone's kid/Complete OC
    Castiel's kid x Gabriel's kid

    That's all I can really think of. Hit me up with a PM if you take interest in any of these.
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Thread Status:
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