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    *It had been a while now sense Hiru had last heard from the new people that he had met, curious as to whether they even bothered to see him. He was not exactly a hard person to miss but maybe they feared him and his demon again. It would not surprise Hiru as, it has happened enough times for it to repeat again and again for a long time. It was strange however that the one person that he was interested in hearing from again went quiet. Was she in trouble? or maybe she was just too busy. Either way he would try his best not to dwell on such ideas as, they were not healthy at all.*

    *It was the middle of the day now and Hiru had been sitting in the park for a long time now, reading a few books while glancing over to everyone around him. This was the town where he spotted a few interesting people and it would be interesting to spot some more. It was interesting to think that there was one guy who wanted to fight him just for fun as, it was rare for people to want to fight for that reason. It was windy and Hiru disliked the feeling of the wind blowing against his black jacket and black jeans. He was never a person for cold wind but some people would assume him to be cold hearted because of his past. armies have been destroyed and hokage's had also been killed by Hiru's hand but still, people walked past as if he was a stranger.*

    *Hiru always glanced around as he did not like surprises on him, almost a habit to know his surrounding at all times. Some people would call it paranoia but he was simply keeping his surrounding in check and also making sure that no one from his past made an appearance on him or ambushed him. Even though Hiru was a wanted man in loads of cities, he also had people following him and wanted him dead. There was a phrase that he was reminded off quite often. "" It is the way of men to make monsters, and for monsters to destroy their makers."" This phrase was a popular one, especially to other mutants.*
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  2. Fane had just been informed by his dragonoid friends that an acquaintance had resurfaced. Before he could ask what aquaintance, they had transported Fane to the world he would find him on. #Oh come on! You can't just expect me to find whoever it is like this!# He thought to himself. He walked around for a bit and found that he was on the outskirts of a town. He walked into it, putting up a sensory shield to try and find a familar energy. Many people probably felt Fane probing their energies, but he didn't care. :Energy at 99%: #I really, really hate you when I'm not fighting. Why didn't I have Alex upgrade you when I had the chance?#

    He kept walking and his sensory shield finally reached a familiar energy. #Hmm....yes I remember fighting this person....and some others were there as well....but what was his name?# Fane dropped the sensory shield, but tagged the familar energy. :Energy at 99%: #Wait what? If it didn't go down, why did you inform me?! God why am I talking to you, you can't even talk back....# More than likely this person felt the tag that was near him as it was made of energy, but Fane again didn't care. He jogged at a brisk pace as he was in no hurry, especially since it seemed they were not planning on moving anytime soon.

    Finally Fane came around a corner and saw who he had tagged. He dropped the tag and if he remembered correctly this person was, "Hiru!! Long time no see!" He said loud enough for Hiru to hear. He walked closer, hoping he wouldn't be attacked by the man who had a demon inside him. If he remembered correctly that fight wasn't exactly in his favor. At least he had gotten out of it with his life. #I wonder if he even remembers me. I don't think I ever said my name back then....#
  3. Suddenly, a luscious black man with an afro, donning a pair of slippers, khaki slacks, and a sleek, purple komono robe appears, with little knowledge as to what's even going on, for he was practicing his jive magic when these two squares started meeting "What're you two up to, yo?" He said in a smooth tone of voice.
  4. Tom watched as his previous location slipped out of focus and into the haze of the space between universes, and then back to a solid location, as the QVEs accelerated his molecular vibration and lifted him out of one universe and into another. he let out the breath that he'd been holding, though Camolot had insisted that it was safe to breath during the traveling, and pulled in a fresh breath of this new world's air, relief flooding through him as he realized that it was an oxygen-nitrogen mix, and not methane or some other gas.
    he looked around and realized that he was in a park of some kind, with benches here and there, and a small group of odd looking people nearby. he sat on the closest bench to him, glancing at the strange trio as he did.
  5. *The day had gone quiet and people started to leave the park, probably had plans or wasn't in the mood for the park. Hiru had kept quiet on the bench and was mentally having a conversation with Nosfentor. Even though it was a forever fight for control mentally, they could sometimes be civil and speak.* What do you think of this park demon? lambs to the slaughter perhaps if you were out. *Hiru said as even though he liked training, he knew that not many would be able to fend off well against Nosfentor.*

    They are simpletons puppet! Why you let them live when you could kill or overrule them is beyond me. The only way to live is fight! As you people put it. "Fight for survival" *Nosfentor said with a disgust tone, thinking of how trivial it meant to some people. He never really understood the benefits for peace but then again, not many demons do.*

    We fight for peace as our lives don't delve in combat. peace is what some people will fight for. me and you are for survival but I don't go on rampages like you do. I only attack if necessary. you attack for fun. *Hiru said in thought as, Nosfentor wasn't actually out so the conversation was all based on thoughts to each other. It stopped there as Hiru heard a familiar voice, thinking who it could possibly be. Once he stood up and look in the direction it was coming from, he noticed instantly who it was. It was someone from one of Hiru's training session, surprised Hiru was that he was able to walk to Hiru without fear. Hiru didn't know his name however as, he was never told but he raised his hand up as a wave while fane came closer. once he as in speaking reach, Hiru smiled.* It is good to see you again. No hard feelings from training before. *Hiru said before hearing another voice from behind him.*

    *Hiru then turned around to notice that a black man with an afro was walking towards them as if he was going to speak to them. Once Hiru heard him, he chuckled.* I am hanging here for peace but my friend have arrived. Do I know you? *Hiru asked the man with an afro, curious as to why a stranger would just walk up and talk to other stranger, unless he was an outgoing person. *

    *Hiru kept his ears out as his senses started picking up on something different, as if another special being was nearby. Hiru was slightly paranoid now because the company that was trying to kill him used different species in order to get him so, Hiru kept his ears out in case someone was after to kill him but still kept his calm and listened to Fane and the guy with an afro.*
  6. Fane finally got some feet in front of Hiru and gave a slight smile. "No hard feelings at all. I was just glad it didn't turn out worse, because I know it could have." He looked at the man that Hiru was looking at. He was dressed quite oddly, Fane didn't think he had ever seen something like that. Hiru answered and Fane thought it only polite to answer as well, "Like he said I had just arrived. Oh, by the way my name is Fane. Glad to meet you both."

    He looked around wondering what Hiru was doing here besides just hanging out. Was there a reason? He looked back at Hiru, "So Hiru are you really just hanging out, nothing special? It just seems odd haha."
  7. while he sat near them, Tom's curiosity grew as he sensed large and relatively powerful electromagnetic fields around them akin to some of the more powerful beings that he had encountered. trying not to bring too much attention to himself in case these people were hostile, he slowly slipped off his long, black coat that inhibited his abilities and laid it across the back of the bench, then stood up and casually closed some of the distance between him and the strange group, noting locations of various benches, trees and other obstacles just in case this park became a battleground, which he doubted, but... well, in past dealings that he had with various beings of this nature, it had been better to be prepared for an outcome that might never occur than unprepared for a fight, and he certainly didn't want the embarrassment of being backed into a corner and having to call for help.
    still, he did sense a certain amount of tension from one of them, and had a hunch that that particular person- or being, as the case may be- probably was aware of his presence, even if he wasn't directly aware of him. again, better to be cautious than dead...
  8. *Hiru looks over to Fane and chuckled as there was nothing special really to do but, he had different things to do within the next few weeks.* I had nothing to do for today. I was only here because I met a few different people and was curious as to whether those people were still nearby. Do you have any plans? I have to go soon to make sure that I am not being followed. You can come follow me if you wish but, can't guarantee that you will be safe. *Hiru said before remembering that Fane mentioned his name.* It is good to hear your name old friend. If we train in future, it is advised not to include my "Friend" as, he doesn't understand the term training. *Hiru warned as when Nosfentor was involved, nothing good came out of it.*

    *Nosfentor simply laughs at the idea of fighting them again, confident that it wouldn't take long to finish. because it's in thought, only Hiru could hear him. He would continuously edge Hiru but it never worked as, Hiru kept pushing it back so than it did not interfere with this meetings.*

    ( I seriously have writers block. will be short posts for a little while. )
  9. *Slow paced steps walk through the park. The cold harsh wind pushed sky's slim purple coat, along with her bright red hair, sending waves and waves of hair and coat everywhere now and then. The weather was already irritating her, along with the odd person here and there which would give her that similar look off "your from out of town arn't you!" Although she was used to it, it was still annoying to see day in and out,but at the same time she couldn't blame them. The huge gourd sitting on her back would surely turn quite a few heads here and there. It was over sized for a women to be carrying such a massive thing. But since the age of 5 years old (maybe slightly younger) she had been trained like a solider to be a shinobi. A weapon for the dark filled city. Well she was once that weapon, before running away that was.*

    *The park was emptying further and further into the day she noticed with a occasional glance from her book. Every now and then fewer people had disappeared back to their homes she guessed. Lost in her book, her steps had slowed to a calm pace her mind in a castle.A haunted castle becoming worse and worse through the day into night. With no little possible success for the hero for the story. Then her mind snapped back to the park once more, voices interrupting her story. Instantly one face caught her eye and a half smile appeared. Her friend Hiru Wong was also in the city as well it seemed.*

    *Snapping her book shut she started approaching closer and closer, glad to see her friend. They got on well, sharing common things. He was also a wanted person like herself. Any place she went too, the risk that her home, the hidden sand village was close by. The kazekage wanted her back home, to do his dirty work. Kill kill kill...They shared something powerful inside too. The demon inside him, and the tailed beast inside herself. Although...The biggest difference for them both (besides their personality's and interesting being different) she had befriended her powerful being inside. It had taken all her life so far to do so (21 years!), but the hard task had been completed. It didn't mean everything was easy peasy now, they shared arguments now and then. Narak disliked new folk greatly. He would give out a almost "back off if your gonna try something" aura around sky sometimes. But for now everything was calm on her face.*Well well well, if it isn't hiru wong?! I seem to run into you alot it seems.* She stopped looking at her friend, then everyone else. Calm strangely bright turquoise eyes piercing into everyone.*
  10. *Hiru was curious as to why everyone was quiet but it didn't take long before he heard someone else make an appearance, thinking of who that could be. He didn't actually expect people to appear because he thought they were elsewhere but as he turned around, he knew who it was but was confused as to what the strange energy was.*

    *He spotted Sky Dian walking towards him slowly, surprised to see him as well. It always riddled Hiru how Sky seamed to always be around whenever he was traveling. One thing that was off putting however was that, She had a different energy than he last remembered, almost as if something had changed about her. He let it go seeing as he couldn't figure it our and when she was close, he chuckled at what she said.* I was about to say, how strange it is that you are everywhere. You not stalking me are you? *Hiru stated in a jokey manner, thinking of how long it must have been sense he last saw sky. He looked at everyone who actually made an appearance, even the Afro man and smiled.* If you are all free, let's go get some food and plan what to do. I have a few ideas but I'm sure that some of you are hungry so, let's go get something to eat. *Hiru said and waited to hear what everyone else would say, keeping more attention on Fane in case he was going to say something.*
  11. Fane looked at the newcomer, a woman who emitted an energy he has not felt before. He put up an invisible sensory shield around her to figure out what that was. All he could tell was that something strong was sealed inside her. Something he'd rather not have to deal with anytime soon. Although he has his trump card safely sealed away and undetectable, it took a whole 24 hours to recharge. He took down the sensory shield and greeted her, "Hello there, it's nice to meet another who knows Hiru. My name is Fane, may I know yours?"

    He then remembered Hiru mentioned getting food. It would be a good idea to get something to eat. Fane looked at Hiru, "I'm up for discussing some plans over food." He looked at the others hoping they would want to go along.
  12. *She smiled and laughed towards Hiru's light joke, also joining in with it.*I could say the same thing as you, maybe you followed me here?*Playfully she punched his arm lightly, then her attention turned towards the man iintroducing himself. She scanned him in her own sense, so far he seemed a well mannered man, something hard to see now a day's. Even though manner's were priceless, they always gave a good impression towards any good folk. Drawing forth her right hand towards "Fane" which she had just learnt. She smiled warmly.*Im Sky Dian. Ah yes it is always a pleasure to meet more people, from friends.* She stared warmly for another longer moment, then she heard a whispered voice inside her mind, which grew louder into a low darkened voice."Hehe where's my introduction?" Narak spoke jokingly, watching everything through Sky's eye's."You know how Human's act my friend, ill give you that they are unpredictable. I could, but he may run off scared. Pretty annoying most the time, its nothing like Haiven is it?" herself felt irritated, it's a shame Human beings couldn't at least try and talk to Narak."No, not really. For hundreds and thousands of years, i thought that Humans couldn't accepted myself. Hmmm my mind has changed, which i thank you. Atleast there is "someone" here who accepts that besides us." He thought of hiru, while he said that. His darkened low voice still calm as the sun."Well you never, we will watch what happens shall we?"... She was cut off now, looking at Hiru, a small half smile appeared.*A plan? And food sounds great to me, im starving.*

    (( If you want to know more about sky, go on my page and go into information. I have a bio for Sky Dian and Narak ))
  13. *Hiru walked towards the nearby Restaurant as he was looking for a proper meal, knowing that if any plans were to be made, whether they be traveling, fighting or training, he would need the energy to work at his best. Perhaps nothing will happen on this day but he wanted to keep track of his meals anyway. He saw a woman who looked like she was working here.* A table for 6. More friends will arrive later. *Hiru said to her and as she moved to a table, Hiru follows and looks back to the other's.* Order anything you want. I'm buying. *Hiru said before arriving at the table and taking his seat, looking at the menu while thinking of what to order.*

    *Nosfentor chuckled in Hiru's mind and spoke but only he could hear, unless other psychic beings could listen in which wouldn't help them.* Just don't forget that you have training today! whether it be with this lot or with me later on puppet!! *Nosfentor went quiet after that and Hiru carried on reading the menu's, keeping in mind that he did have that on his schedule so, he would have to fit that in at some point.*
  14. Fane quickly shook Sky's hand, "Good to meet you Sky. After you?" He gestured towards Hiru as he walked towards a restaurant. He couldn't hear either beings inside the two but he still felt their energy. He did and didn't notice their small spikes in energy to talk to their hosts. He would definitely notice when the spike was to take control or lend strength, but reacting was another thing.

    Fane followed after Sky and once into the restaurant he was glad he wouldn't have to pay. #Being broke really sucks. I guess I should become more of a mercenary and earn some money.# He thought to himself as he sat down and read the menu. "Wow this menu is actually pretty diverse. Hopefully that means it is a good restaurant." He said more to himself but loud enough for the others to hear.
  15. *Narak let his energy flow when he spoke to Sky, not caring if anyone felt him or not. His energy was ancient, lost and forgotten in many places of this huge planet now. But it wasn't full of hatred, fear and dread as it once was, only when he truly was infuriated did that energy run wild like fire. But even then, Sky had to be that angry also for his energy to grow that terrible. As they were linked, their soul's (like two jigsaw puzzles) had connected together ever since they had been placed together, by her very own father in hope they would both survive. Now not even a sealing jutsu would break them apart.*

    *They walked to a restaurant, a nice warmth inside. Not too hot or too cold, a lovely temperature then outside she noticed ,feeling better instantly. She sighed sitting down, glad to take the weight off her feet, and to take her huge gourd off her back."That thing must be a pain to carry." She noticed the casually curiosity, mixed with a slight joke in Narak's tone, his energy flowing out now, for a moment."It used to be i guess, but since i had to do such..."intense" training, and i do carry it around everywhere. I actually forget its on my back." She picked the menu up, started scanning it. Then looked at Hiru slightly surprised, but gratefully he had said so.*If your sure my friend.* She did have money, since she did a lot of missions in Haiven. But if he was sure he was okay with it, she would take his word. The menu was diverse, already a nice sweet cold with a pasta dish seemed a nice filling meal for the day. But she scanned the menu a little more, until someone would come over to take their order's.*
  16. *Hiru simply chuckled as he thought about what to get on the menu, thinking of whether to get a curry or a chicken burger with extras. The design of the menu reminded him of another store he went to. ""Weatherspoons"" which also had an extremely good menu. deals and food that was cheaper because of the day. Today seamed to be curry day so, they were lower price which caught Hiru's attention. He looked over to everyone and smiled.* I'm sure it is nice to just sit and relax. Some of us are extremely busy throughout the day so, when it comes to actually sitting down and enjoying a meal, it's rather rare, well for me anyway. * He said as he didn't know what other people did through out their lives.*

    *He waited a few minutes before a waitress arrived, prepared to take their orders. Hiru pointed to the double chicken burger before speaking.* I want a large version of that burger, along with any fillings there is, like lettise or tomato's, etc. Also with a side of chips and onion rings. Also a coke with that for drinks.*Hiru said before looking to the other's and checking on everyone before speaking again.*
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