next encounter after long time. OOC

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  1. [[ Is everyone still interested in continuing this? this comment will be deleted when someone replies ]]
  2. [yes, i was just waiting for someone to note my presence before adding another response. i've been checking back on this RP every day or so, whenever i get an alert.]
  3. [Sorry I thought I had left a reply. I'll get one out as soon as possible.]
  4. [ So, are we continuing or what?]
  5. [Again sorry I've just gotten a bit busy with work and family]
  6. (( It's understandable Joeymicl. It's Christmas xD people want to spent time with family and might be busy with things.

    I would ask however that those who have done posts OOC [[ like we have been ]] are deleted when the next reply is made. Have fun :D ))
  7. Hi guys! No need to delete these posts, because now they have been moved to your shiny new Out of Character thread. You can use this for any OOC comments. Keep it clean and have fun RPing!
  8. Cool haha! I think we needed this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.