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    Abigail Clark had just woken up when her alarm clock rang. 'Early as always' she said to herself. She was always early. If it was for school, cheer practice or even football games. She yawned and stretched her thin, tan arms and sat up pushing back her plush purple comforter. "Another day closer to graduation." she said out loud. Walking over to her stereo she turned it up on full blast to wake her up. She washed her face and dressed for school in their school uniform. She slipped on the burgundy plaid skirt that barely reached her thighs, a long sleeve white dress shirt and red blazer with the school emblem sown on the left hand side. Walking into an empty kitchen she noticed a small folded piece of paper with her name on it laying on the counter. She opened it.
    'Abby, Your mother and I have gone on a business trip. We will be back this weekend. Be sure your brother doesn't burn the house down. ~Love you! Dad'

    She crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash. She grabbed an apple and munched on it. After brushing her teeth and applying the minimal amount of make-up she slipped on her small red tennis shoes and walked out of the house. She walked to her shiny black Mustang, got in, and drove off. After seven hours of torture, and two hours of cheer practice she finally pulled into her driveway. Getting out of her car she walked to the mailbox and retrieved the mail. Though one thing stuck out. Two envelops were labeled with her neighbor's name and address. She walked through her perfectly manicured lawn and straight to the door of the massive home. She climbed the staircase and rung the door bell standing, and waiting for them to answer.​

  2. The neighborhood was new. The fresh smells of grass had subsided though, and the cold would eventually begin to creep in. The changing of the season meant the change for so many other things. No longer was it football, or hockey, time – but it was football time. The cool crisp air had always done wonders at signaling that. Ari Varenkov slid out of bed, rubbing his eyes briefly before blinking blearily at the clock. Four-thirty. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gotten up this early. His wife Catherine grunted at his alarm, not even needing to be up until closer to ten. He slid from the room, and showered.

    It was the first day he would be making an appearance teaching, and the following day, he would officially be coaching the football team as well as teaching a few math courses. The orientation had been given online, and was only done so that way because of his big move. He and Catherine had come from halfway across the United States for this job, and for Catherine’s new job. If nothing else, everything they were experiencing, and the lack of family around them, was entirely new. The pair was on entirely different work schedules too, which was never very pleasant.

    The first day went without a hitch. He could tell that the kids were gauging him first, to see what they thought he would be lenient with, and then the following week would be the grace period, where they would need to be punished harshly for acting out, and after that, smooth sailing. Ari was sitting at home with his feet up on an ottoman watching a rerun of a football game when he heard the doorbell ring. The noise was still new to him, he had been accustom to a generic old knock on the door – and this really was a fancy placed compared to what they had been stuck with. Ari ran a hand through his thick hair, tousling it in confusion. It was around three in the afternoon on a Monday? Who the heck would be knocking – girl scouts, Jehovah ’s Witness? The first he could deal with the second he wasn’t in the mood for. Peeking through the tiny hole he took in the image of a younger girl, whipped his head back in confusion, before checking one more time. This time he took in her outfit, and knew at the very least she was in highschool.

    Ari straightened his deep blue dress shirt, and wiped down his face – just in case some of the chips he had been eating were still sprawled there. Opening the door he cocked an eyebrow up, and one down. Luckily that little peep hole had prepared him. “Hello,” his deep voice sounded plain, almost curious – which really he was. Finally he took in the papers in her hand, and figured it might have something to do with that. ​
  3. Abigail smiled as the door began to open. Suddenly her jaw dropped. Her new neighbor was smoking hot. She closed her small mouth. She fidgeted slightly then spoke. "T-they put your mail in our box by accident. " she stretched her arm out to offer him the mail. She swallowed hard. Something about this man just made her hot. Saying a quick goodbye Abby ran off forgetting how short her now flying skirt wasn't she slipped in the house and locked the door. "Dear Jesus. He's sexy! "
  4. The young girls mouth fell open, a look of shock was spread there, but he tried to ignore that. Ignore the short skirt, and her big green eyes. Where was his wife when he needed her? Ari’s face fell soft when she offered her cause for being at his house, and a side smirk rose to his lips. “Thanks,” he took the mail from her. Within a second of him latching onto the mail she had let go. She had turned on her feet, and was off towards her house, without another word. He looked at the mail for a mere moment before looking back at her, at the skirt she wore, at the smooth exposed skin leading up to the top of her short skirt. “Wow, okay then,” he turned slightly, before glancing across his lawn to his neighbors house. Quickly he glanced to see if anyone had seen the odd endeavor.

    That night Catherine arrived home, a grin sprawled across her face, “Ari, we are having a house warming party, I know we don’t know anyone, but we have my work, and your work, and why the hell wouldn’t we? We have a beautiful house, and a well behaved dog, and cat,” she side glanced at the large black cat, “we can make friends!”
    Shrugging Ari smiled at her, “Alright as long as you’re planning it.”
    “Of course,” she clapped her hands together and scurried off. She worked later in the mornings into the late nights. Ari worked the opposite early mornings to the afternoon, putting them on opposite sleep schedules. Her job was complicated, lawyers, always had one thing or another to do, and their work was never really done.

    The halls were crowded but Michelle found her way through them, shoving and pushing as quickly as she could. The bell would ring soon which would mean she would be ripped away from her friend, and she simply had to tell her about the new coach, about the new teacher, who all of the girls were talking about – usually it was the opposite, the boys in school finding some teacher hot, but this year, the girls had lucked out.

    “Ab, Abigail,” she waved her hand, the opposite holding tightly to her books as she huffed next to her friend. “You should totally get your fourth hour class switched before it’s too late, there’s a new teacher, and my god, he is so hot. You should see him, sneak in, or by my class – at least it’ll go faster.” She giggled softly.
  5. Walking to her second hour class Abigail hear a familiar voice calling for her. She turned and saw Michelle running to her. "Hey!" She smiled and hugged her fellow cheerleader and best friend. "Ok! I'll put the transfer in tomorrow. She hugged her friend goodbye. She walked to her Spanish class. Suddenly a tall brown haired figure walked past her quickly. As it past Abigail turned to see the face
    Her heart stopped. It was her hot new neighbor. She began to get hot and she took off her thin scarf. Watching as the slim but muscular form walked away she imagined running her hands over his body. She flushed and shook her head removing the thoughts from her head.
  6. The invitations had been created that day, and Ari was sent to work with a flyer and small stack of invites. He rushed around the school putting up a flyer and invite in each of the individual teacher designated areas. Nearly making himself late to his own class. The rest of the day went by without a hitch. There did seem to be an unnatural buzz that followed with the females in his courses but he took no real note. Instead he looked forward to football practice that evening - and the party was just a few days away. Football practice came and went, only Ari noticed something off. The cheerleaders were practicing too, and the strawberry blonde girl looked familiar. Then it hit him, a soft red rushed to his cheeks, his neighbor... man she was good looking if nothing else - he had to remind himself he was married, and working.
  7. After school Abby changed into her booty shorts and red tank top. She gathered her hair and put it into a high ponytail and grabbed her pom poms and radio. Practice was held at the far end if the football field. She met the other girls out there and began stretches. Watching the boys practice for the upcoming season . "Watch your back Ryan! " . That voice. It couldn't be. She glanced over at the sideline. There he was. Not only her neighbor, and the football coach too??? She turned red. Standing she and the other girls began there five minute run around the field. Receiving rude and annoying whistles and comments from the boys. She rolled her eyes and lengthed her stride pulling away from the pack. She noticed the coach watching her. Nearly tripping she tried to focus on running.
  8. Some of the boys offered comments to the girls, or whistles. Others just watched much like Ari was. When he snapped out of it, he turned back to his players, and shook his head. Ryan the quarterback walked up beside Ari and patted his back, letting his hand settle on Ari's shoulder, "That Abby is a looker ain't she coach, and a good runner." Ari glanced at him, grabbed his hand, and dropped it from his back.

    "Alright boys, get back to practice, I'm sure this will improve our playing skills for Saturdays game," he said acidicly to his players.

    Practice went faiirly smoothly after that. He noticed 'Abby' once or twice again after that, but refrained from making it noteworthy. She had dropped off his mail... He tried to shake the feeling that he wanted to know more. Instead he settled on doing other things, distractions.
  9. After practice Abby drove home and immediately stripped off her sweaty clothes and got into the shower. She got clean then dries her hair. Jumping on the couch she relaxed under a warm blanket and watched an old movie. However one person couldn't escape her thoughts. His amber eyes looking down at her, his deep voice calling out orders. She wondered if he was married. Hearing the front door open and close signaled her brother was home. "Hey Trevor." She said. She walked by throwing the mail on the coffee table. Not speaking a word he silently slunk into his room. Abby rolled her eyes and skimmed through the mail. Asmall envelope caught her eye. 'A house warming party?' She flipped the envelope over. 'No way. Not him!' It was from her neighbor. Her heart raced.

    'It's on Saturday. Dad will be back which will mean we will have to go.' she thought. Walking to her room she slipped on some yoga pants with a t-shirt and headed to the mall to find an outfit.
  10. When practice was over Ari headed home, a slight ache had formed in his body from all of the work of the day. Luckily for him it meant it was time to relax, finally the end of his day. Thumping through the door he put his gear down on the ground, or say, spare gear for his players, and his own pile of things that needed tending to for school. Catherine was all dolled up, and Ari had a thick layer of dirt which had settled on his skin.

    “Ughh, I didn’t miss that,” she said with a little of discord on her face.

    “Man’s work my dear,” he smiled softly.

    “Well, get ready we’re off to the mall, got some stuff for the party to tend too,” she smiled.

    “Babe, no way, I got homework to look over, and,” she was looking at him, the way she did when she wasn’t getting her way, “I can’t I’m sorry, but I can help set up later.”


    It appeared that the majority of Ari's classes had filled up father quickly after the first week was up. The first week signaled that kids were done moving courses and that it was really time to start getting to work. A number of teachers had already declined coming to the party due to their own loads of work, and only a small handfull had agreed to arrive. Catherine's end of the party were certainly much larger compared to his. The party was in two days, and he was dreading offering to help his wife with it.
  11. Abby had been shopping all afternoon noon until she wanted to give up. Ad she walked towards the mall exit when she saw the perfect dress. It was along sleeved purple dress which hugged her every curve. It showed her cleavage just enough. She found a matching pair of heels and headed toward home.

    When she arrived she got out smiling as she carried her bags but the frown feel when she saw a woman exiting the home next to hers 'so he is married.' She thought.
  12. She left and he showered, and slept. The following two days went on without much excitement, and the day of the party his wife had everything set up early on. All of the food was special ordered, and the doorbel rang right at twelve. People filed in, chit chatted with both of them, and headed for the food, as more and more people filed in. It wasn't long after twelve when the call came. Catherine had a client who was having difficulties and had to leave the party - she informed her husband she'd likely be gone all day due to it being in the inner cities. She wasn't happy and neither was he, but that was her job... he did his best to meet and greet everyone explaining where his wife had gone, and what not.
  13. Abby greeted her parents when they arrived home. After a small lunch they began preparing for the party that night. Abby decided to really make herself look good. She slipped the dress on it ,then the heels. Applying just enough make up to complete the outfit, she knew something was missing. Her hair. It laid limply on her shoulders. Ten minutes later her strawberry blonde lock were curled. Looking at her reflection in the full body mirror she smiled. Moments later her parents and she exited the home and headed next door. Climbing the stairs her parents rangs the door bell. She stood in front and waited for the large door open. Her heart raced.
  14. Ari had been rushing all over the house tending to people, and trying to keep everything his wife had purchased stocked. People seemed to be bringing all sorts of gifts, from liquor to small gift baskets. Ari thought it was best that he left all of the sorting having to do with that up to his wife. He was never one for really organizing or, whatever it was she did with the stuff. Though the liquor was something he could make use of. It was about a half an hour after the party started when the doorbell rang again, and he bid a small group of his wifes friends goodbye to greet the joiners. He was shocked once again when the pretty girl arrived before him, this time two others stood behind. There were slight resemblances between both, and he smiled widely. He extended a hand, "Hello, I'm Ari, unfortunately my wife had to leave for work," he shot a sad smile. He shook her parent's hands first, got a few names, and then directed his attention towards her, "Your name was? You dropped our mail off right?"
  15. Abby gave an award winning smile as she saw the door open. "Abigail, but i go by Abby. Yes, I did." She shook his hand softly. When he invited them in she looked around the beautifully decorated home. "Wow" She said out loud. She noticed pictures of what she guessed to be his wife. The same woman she saw leaving earlier. Seeing a few teachers she knew she went and talked with a few. All the while she watched Ari. 'He's so handsome and seems kind.' She thought to herself. Saying goodbyes to her teachers she walked around until she found Ari standing in the kitchen. She decided to be bold and strike up a conversation. "So, do you like it here? You seem to keep the boys in track on the team, even if my cheerleaders distract them." She leaned against the small island in the middle and watched and he placed small horderves on a plate.
  16. Ari nodded his head, "Well thanks for that." He then shifted his attention away from the stunning girl, "Well please, come in, make yourself at home, we have food, drinks, the works." When all of them entered he introduced them to a few people, and scurried off to the kitchen. Some part of him knew that he would be the one stuck doing all of this crap. That she would disappear and leave him to tending to her friends, coworkers, and clients while she worked her other job. It never ceased to amaze him how she got out of things whether by fate, or accident. Ari had dumped a case of sprite into another cooler, as he headed to refill, some bacon wrapped cashew things - he hated them, and quite frankly wanted to make sure none were left over. Or else he would get stuck eating them. It shocked him with the girl showed up. A smile was given, and she shrugged his shoulders, "It's okay, we don't know that many people, don't let all of them deceive you." He continued swapping the appetizers over to another plate, "As for the boys, yea, they are easily distracted by you girls." He smirked halfheartedly knowing his comment wouldn't appeal to her, but he spoke it with a bit of humor in his voice "I think it has something to do with those short skirts, but who knows."
  17. She.smirked. "We know how to use them to our advantage. ." She walked to him and stood close enough to almost whisper in his ea. "Especially me." Turning on her heel she walked back to where her parents stood. Swaying her hips sexily.
  18. While Ari had been joking the girl took it a step farther. Her words causing a crimson to rise to his cheeks. He was a seasoned male, with many women in his younger years but this surprised him. She walked away her hips moving for his eyes, and he looked. After he made sure no one was looking before he returnes to hos chores of keeping the party running... he'd deal with her later though... he was still unsure what he'd do or how he'd react but he had time for that
  19. Abby stood with her parents for a good while until she got curious. Seeing no one standing bygthe staircase she asceneded them and started poking around.
  20. Once all of the kitchen was fully stocked again he headed back out to the masses. The girls words still heavy in his head. Heavy in a controversial way. She knew he had a wife, but she still seemed to be taunting him. While in most cases this wouldn't be an issue there was something odd about the girl, something he didn't know, and something that drew him to her. It wasn't just the fact that she was overly cocky about her body, or herself, it was something more... something he sensed about her that threw him off. He glanced towards her parents socializing with others, and she was standing off to the side of them. Five minutes passed and he checked again for her, but didn't see her. He did a quick sweep of the room, and lower level before he got suspicious. He went upstairs quickly scanning each of the rooms before he went to the room at the end of the hall. The room with no windows, which was painted a stark black. He saw the door cracked, and pushed his way through it. The door was quiet as he entered, and let the door click shut.