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    Recruiting & Chapter 1 Information
    I'm alive and around! I'm not the most persuasive GM around, but thank you to those who have stuck with me so far. I do still intend on running Golden City and have announcements to make as a proper GM.

    FieryCold has stepped down as a Co-GM for Golden City. He has been a great help with proofreading and providing background support, however ultimately we came to the conclusion that it is for the best if he focuses on smaller projects first.

    With that I’m officially putting up a notice to look for moderators to help me out with some of the behind the scenes in Golden City. I’m looking for members who are willing to help me out with approving characters and brainstorming. Any enthusiastic members can come and apply and perhaps gain access to the secret channels where all the fun happens. To apply just send me a PM with your motivation of why you would like to be a mod.

    Onto the next piece of news. I had promised everyone that I would release some information for Chapter 1, so here goes.

    Originally I planned to have three plots running parallel to each other across the layers. Players would be allowed to hop between the layers and participate in the stories taking place there, taking hints of the other with them. However, it may be obvious that I don’t have the manpower to keep that afloat as well as the activity. Instead we will continue on as we have done with Chapter 0 where the Main Game takes place in one thread that runs across all layers this time with more of a story. Once more, participation isn’t required, but it will help up boost the experience of all and yourself! Of course you're also allowed to create new characters, should you wish for them. However, if you have been struggling with activity I would suggest to take a look at your load first before creating any new ones.

    Genre: Mystery, adventure, thriller
    Main Location: The Land
    Release Date = ( Nemo's brain speed * Nemo's free time ) / Life is a bitch

    A string of murders has held Golden City in a tight grip. Gruesome in their nature and random in its pattern the citizens and authorities are puzzled over who is behind those murders and what their motivation is. The Cloaks are hard at work to solve the case, but all of their leads have come to a dead end so far. To make matters worse the murderer seems to be littering the crime scene with all sorts of cryptic clues, as if taunting the Inquisition into a game of cat and mouse. This doesn’t do the reputation of the mysterious group any good and citizens have been mocking them, while also hiding in fear. Paranoia is settling in as anyone could be next with no clue on who the culprit is. As the murders continue and more puzzle pieces are left behind a few decide it is time to play detective themselves...
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