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  1. Well hello there.
    Name's Neon, glad to make your acquaintance and all that.
    I've been Role Playing for several years now, but have grown up loving the idea.
    I'm an avid writer and reader, and thanks to the wonders of my laptop, have access to Rping sites almost daily.
    Something of a dream come true right?
    Umm. What else. Let's see, they suggest to
    "Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!"
    Well if you insist./lolnonotreally.

    So that's basically it. I'll be around, creeping on Rps that I deem worthy, and obsessing over wonderful plots.
    Probably will join some later on, once I get a better feel for this /awesomesauce/ site and what not.
  2. Hiya!

    Welcome to Iwaku. Where people are really nice awesome!
    Just like Texas people...unless they're behind the wheel. Zomg.

    Wanna roleplay? My door is always open. While you lurk roleplays you should join some threads in the General Chatting board. Some interesting things in there :)


  3. Hey~!
    Wow people are really friendly here ^^ Actually, I would love to do a roleplay with you ;u;
    Thanks so much for the offer~! Would you like to do a 1x1?


    /Jumps out of box and hugs back/