Newbling Kidnapping Contest!


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We need fresh new blood to repopulate our player base. Tasty, juicy morsels with creative ideas looking for a good time. >:D Iwaku is primed and ready - way better than our loser competition! THIS is the place to roleplay at it's finest!

Ending August 1st we'll be holding a NEWBLING KIDNAPPING CONTEST!

Whomever recruits the most ~staying~ newblings will get an award for their own profile AND an award for their newblings!

Rules Are Simple:

1. The newblings you kidnap must become full-fledged members by posting on the forums or joining a roleplay. They can't just register an account and never come back.

2. Obviously, your newbling needs to say you are the one that invited them for it to count!

3. Try not to get yourself in trouble at other sites. XD We can't control what you do to pillage newbies from the competition, but don't do anything you might regret!

Tips and Tricks for Kidnapping!

- Ask fun roleplaying friends and associates first. You already know them and they'll have a familiar face!

- Try roleplay advertising websites! There's forums, livejournals and places that let you spam and draw in new people!

- Talk to people from other sites that are unhappy and looking for new places to roleplay! They'll be happy to be rescued!


Contest officially starts - RIGHT NOW. Any newblings you invite from this moment until Agust 1st will count. >:3