Newbies are out to get me D:

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    Well, at least her username isn't like, Darkness dies in seven days out of a skinny jap chick coming out of your monitor to kill you, right?

    Thank god names can't be that long.
  2. Old news, bloody hipster.
  3. This was resolved in her Welcome thread when she first came.~
    - w-

  4. Dorkness is always late. <3
  5. Fuck would I know? I just come here to troll on the cbox and post shit in the Asylum.
  6. :D
    And you're a good troll.
  7. Shut up, gringa. >:(
  8. Could be worse, Darky.

    And don't ask me how.
  9. At least she didn't think it'd be funny to send me cryptic messages saying I'm gonna die and shit.

    I'd get out of here so fast I'd look like when cartoons are runnning when they're feet are like burning rubber and shit? Like that, sound and everything.


    "Fuck this shit!"
  10. And if Dorkness died...He would be remembered as an hero.
  11. :3 Agreed.
    -nods and sips apple cider quietly in a corner, hiding from Dark-san.-
  12. No, but he would be remembered as a rusty old troll.
  13. Darkness died?

    *munchkins celebrate*

  14. He had a boner that lasted for more than four hours. Lost all of his blood flow. Newspaper says so.
  15. I thought it got stuck on a bathroom door after the toilet lid fell down on my boner.
  16. [video=youtube;y_ffq419C9Y][/video]

    If he's dead...Then let's celebrate with DANCING.