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  1. Im new here umm cant right much only have one arm to use the other is holding my pudding (:
  2. What kind of pudding...>_> and Welcome!
  3. Vanilla and Thanks!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku. Maiden of Pudding!

    I am Iliana and I would like to say that now you have entered the doors of Iwaku, you have also entered our "Sharing is Caring" policy. *makes grabby hands for the pudding* >.<

    I hope you find everything well and if you don't, let me know and I'll be glad to help you, mam! :D
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you brought cupcakes..... im jk.....or am I?

    Anyway, enjoy your stay here =)
  6. And thus, you shall be One-Armed-Pudding-Person.
    Welcome to Iwaku, OAPP. I'm Kitti. I am not one-armed, nor do I have pudding. I'm sure we will have something in common despite this.

    I am here to help you find things!
    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!

    If you need any help, please feel free to ask~
  7. PUDDING YOU SAY? Give Big Momma some of that! 8D

    Welcome to the community, Miss Snoopy!
  8. Thanks everyone! I don't have a lot of pudding :p sorry! I feel welcomed (:
  9. Hi there Snoopy, welcome to Iwaku, where everyone wants to steal your pudding... Hopefully by the time you get to the RPs you'll be done with the pudding and able to write more! See you around!
  10. *hands over the title of Minori to the newbie*
  11. Mmm vanilla pudding! You are fine by me !
  12. Welcome aboard, Eater of Pudding. I'm October nice to meet you! Hope to see you in some threads soon, and if you can't find a game to join feel free to shoot me a message, I'll hook you up!
  13. .... Do you happen to have a spare Chocolate pudding that you might not want? *eyes pudding*

    Welcome and hello! What a fantastic way to introduce yourself! Couldn't be any better. *wink*



    My, one is never fast enough today, isn't it? Well, Welcome to Iwaku anyways, Snoopy!
    I hope you have great fun around here!

    I'll steal something edible out of you next time our paths cross.
    I promise.