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  1. Ok, I'm not good at introductions and I'm not good in english so please bear with me.

    At first, reading what roleplaying is i was curious. Why some people are interested in rp? Then when I tried it, i find it cool so i continued roleplaying. But not so often coz i don't go online that much. And i'm still new in roleplaying . Actually, I just learned it a few times .
    Uhm i don't know what to say anymore. Lol. Well, i hope someone could teach me more about roleplaying, though. ^^
    questions or something? Just drop right there~
    that's all :) thanks for viewing :D
  2. Greetings Tsolmi! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. thanks Miss Diana :D
  4. Welcome May u have wonderful adventures
  5. :bananaman:
  6. thank you Miss Lucy :)
  7. Uh, hi! I would like to be that one friend that gets you started off and end up your best friend!
  8. oh, hi! :) i like how you copy and paste ^^ lol :D
  9. lol XD
  10. Welcome to the Madness xD. Enjoy your stay here..~
  11. Um, thanks? Cool? Anyway, is it okay if I PM you?
  12. thanks :)
    sure, i don't mind ^^
  13. -Kisses your hand- My lady welcome -looks at you smiling-
  14. *smiles*
    Thank you, monseur.
    *bow elegantly*
  15. -bows head- anytime my dear.